Matt miller


he's a hacker


Matt is a technological god who also happens to be the most obnoxious person you will ever meet. He is very awkward around other people but is able to hack anything he wants. Matt acts like an adult, even being the leader of a gang of hackers called the Deckers, even though he is only 16. He is a bit of a coward but he makes up for that in the deckers, which he uses to his advantage, whether its ordering hit or having them steal a hightech military computer from GUN the deckers will do it. Though he is not good with people he is not afraid to hack their stuff so anyone with technology, which is about everyone, beware. On the internet he thinks he is god though he is only a kid with a keyboard.


Coming when I think of something.


Matt has dark black hair and wears a black leather coat with a neon blue light going around the collar. He also has a neon blue tie that is outside the coat. His pants are black and he has neon blue shoes( the the deckers colors are neon blue and black). Around each pant leg are camera bags to keep technological stuff. His fur is pale white and he has a dark black eyeliner around his eyes.


"Cheers mate :)" -the text he sends to someone after he hacks something of theirs

"That little punk kid is the cyber god that destroyed your helicopter."- what he said to cynder after he called him a little punk.


name: Matt Miller

height: 4:6

weight: 78lbs

Age: 16

species: hedgehog

accent: british

hair: black

eyes: neon blue

fur: white

gender: male

skills: hacking, running thumb|300px|right|matt's theme

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