" If you ever get stressed out or you can't go on anymore, just chill out, then move along!"

Blizzard is a cyrokinetic hedgehog hailing from Glacier Plains, and the boyfriend of Akiza the Wolf.

Matoro " Blizzard" the Hedgehog

Matoro newest
Age Physical: 16

Chronological: 15

Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Description N/A
Attire Black sweater with gray sleeves, hand bandages, blue jeans, brown belt, and brown work boots
Relatives Unnamed mother and deceased father
Affiliations None
Nicknames Blizzard, Blizz
Quotes See bottom of the page
Romantic Interests Akiza the Wolf
Weaponry None
Abilities Cryokenitic, super speed, Nova Blast
Super Forms None


Blizzard was born and raised in Glacier Plains by his parents. After finding out that he had cyrokenitic powers, the town had a week long party for him, as custom in Glacier Plains. One year later, when he was wondering on the outskirts of the town when he heard a girl screaming for help. Of course, Blizzard ran to help, without thinking what was going on. When he got to the source of the screams, he noticed a hand sinking in the water. Again, without thinking, he plunged in the cold pond, trying to save her. After swimming down to her and bringing her up to the surface, he brought he to the side of the pond, and gave her his sweater, not caring if he froze or not. After thanking him, the girl intruded herself as Akiza. He didn't tell her, but he had a crush in her. After learning that it was Akiza's fourteenth birthday, he had organized a surprise party for her on the same pond he rescued her from. Once she got there, he and the others jumped out from behind the trees and shot confetti at her. Once the party had died down, Blizzard led Akiza over to the same edge of the pond were he had brought her after saving her. It was there he confessed that he liked her, and she did the same. After a brief moment, they kissed. At the age of 15 after his father died because of cancer. After this, Blizzard decided to leave Glacier Plains, planning to travel around the world. Because his relationship with Akiza, he convinced her to come along. He and Akiza have been traveling around the world ever since.


Blizzard is strange and normal in many ways. For starters, he's always making jokes, even in the darkest of times. Also, he can be a bit paranoid, mainly because of his bad luck. Since his always getting himself hurt and running into wall, and even sometimes setting himself on fire, he believes some one is out to get him. But despite his paranoia, he is quick to lend a hand, and to help out complete strangers, for nothing in return. Although his good nature, he has a darker side as well. His rage takes over when a foe taunts him to much or someone innocent gets hurt. Blizzard cherishes his love with Akiza, believing that its his duty to protect her. Although Akiza is constantly telling hin she doesn't need protecting, he doesn't listen to her.

Blizzard is quick to rush into things without thinking, almost always ending in something bad. Lots of people he's met believe he is an escaped mental patient, that's only because he laughs at the most unfunniest things. Blizzard also takes great pride in his cyrokinentic abilities, often believing he can take on the whole world, just with ice. Blizzard is a heavy procrastinator, often not getting things done when he wants them to. He also loves pudding, often going out of his way just to find more. He frequently references things such as old movies and T.V. shows. When ever Blizzard jumps of something from a great height, he will scream " HUZZAH!" and attempt to land on the nearest person. Blizzard has a never ending quest to make every one forget their troubles and move along, and to have fun.

Blizzard is willing to put his life on the line for someone else, always to make a sacrifice for the good of the world.


Blizzard is somewhat skinny, and is somewhat tall, being a little taller than Sonic. Along his quills, he has light blue stripes running down them. On his chest, he has a patch of snow white fur. His hair is blue, covering his left eye, and having four large strands of hair sticking up. His fur is a jet black, and his eyes are, strangly, red.


Blizzard prefers light clothes, such as T-shirts and jeans. Blizzard wears a black hoodie with gray sleeves, and a plain black T-shirt underneath. he wears a pair of light blue jeans and an accompanying brown belt with a gold colored buckle. Blizzard wears brown wookboots and, on his hands, bandages.

Powers and abilities

Blizzard is a skilled cryokinetic, being able to throw icicles a considerable distance, or making something such as an ice table. Blizzard is a great ice skater, being able to jump and land without any effort, or doing something really hard, such as downhill skating. One more thing that Blizzard can do is run for an extended period of time. Although he can't run as fast as others, he can run longer. Blizzard also has an extended resistance to cold, being able to work in freezing temperatures without feeling barely anything. Due to his cyrokenisis, has can create, control and absorb ice and cold, and can create solid platforms out of ice, and even use a giant icicle as a sword.


Because Blizzard has cyrokinect powers, he his especially week to fire and extreme heat. He is also prone to get headaches and other nagging body pains. Blizzard is quick to run headfirst into things without thinking, often ending in Blizzard getting hurt.

Character Relations

Akiza the Wolf

Blizzard absolutely loves Akiza, and will do anything for her. When ever Akiza gets depressed, Blizzard is the only one that can cheer her back up. Blizzard protects her with his life, often making deals that put Akiza out of the picture, and himself in her place. Blizzard spends most of her time with Akiza, and is often very bored without her.

Chell the Wolf

Blizzard respects Chell, and treats her nicely. However, Blizzard can get on her nerves, leading to fights. Blizzard enjoys taking and/or breaking her things, often ending with a giant monkey wrench to the head. Over all, Blizzard and Chell are good friends.

Lien-DOS the Holographic Echidna

Lien-DOS and Blizzard work well together, and can organize things quickly. Blizzard enjoys joking around with Lien-DOS, mainly because she takes most of his jokes seriously. Blizzard is amazed by how efficiently she works, and how smart she is.


  • " Puuuuuuuuuuudddddddddiiiiiiiinnngggggg..........."
  • " The sign is nigh."
  • " What was that sandwich? Kill them all? Good idea!
  • " Nope. Chuck Testa"
  • " You know what? That makes no sense at all! And I love it!"
  • " Freezerburn!"
  • " I'm Mr. White Christmas, I'm Mr. Snow! I'm Mr. Icicle, I'm Mr. Ten Below!" I'm too much!"
  • " HUZZAH!"
  • " Blasphemy!"




None as of yet.


None as of yet.


  • Blizzard is, somehow, always broke.
  • Blizzard has the worst luck of all. He gets chased, runs into walls, and set on fire alot.
  • Blizzards name means " hero" in Ancient Echidna .
  • His quote on him being Mr. White Christmas is taken from The Year Without A Santa Claus.
  • His " Huzzah!" quote is a reference to Cave Story. In Cave Story, a suitcase looking person named Balrog jumps down from the ceiling and crushes the player, while sreaming " Huzzah!"
  • If Blizzard were to have a voice actor, it would have to be Stephen Merchant. You may know him from The Office, or the voice of Wheatley from Portal 2.
  • Blizzard's personality represents the random side of his creator's personality, and this guy represents the more serious side to his creator.



Move Along, by The All American Rejects.

thumb|300px|rightConnections to character

The song is centered around Blizzard's cheerful and optimistic personality, and his never ending quest to cheer every one up. It also describes Blizzard's ability to convince people to " move along", and forget their troubles and enjoy their lives.

  • " Go ahead as you waste you days with thinking" - Blizzard prefers to act first and think later.
  • " Hands are shaking cold" - Blizzard having cryokenetic powers.
  • " And even when your hope is gone" - Blizzard will never give up hope.
  • " Move along, move along just to make it through" Blizzard always wants to convince people to forgot their troubles.

Endless Possibility, by Bowling for Soupthumb|300px|left

The song reflects Blizzard's adventureous personality, and his nack to come back to any place he's been to before.

  • " I'm running through this world and I'm not looking back" - Blizzard doesn't regret leaving home to travel around the world.
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