Mater'Ciela was predicted and theorized to have begun 1,000,000 million years ago by research.

U.T. (Universal Time) Began in 1100100 A.A.

Mater'Ciela's main form of year term, it started and began in Miterria, and is now used widely by all regions and countries.

A.A. (After Accomplishment) Started in 1100000 U.T.

A year term that began on the year that marked the Hymmnos Clan colonizing and inhabiting Elemia, it was the first year term to have been created. However, when the Universal Time Term was created 100 years later, the A.A. was soon forgotten by most of the Hymmnosens, and their time term was replaced with U.T. Nowadays, this term is only used during school studies, and is rarely used by society or Hymmnosens.

B.T. (Before Transgression)

A term for the years that happened before the Transgression Wars (1520600 U.T.), it was created after the event and used for events that occurred before the War.

A.T. (After Transgression) Started in 1520600 U.T.

A.R. (After Return)

A term that was created in 1521500 UT (900 A.T.) by Altheumelia Precielm, who decided that create this new year term to mark the reunion of Mater'Ciela and Mobius' populations and society. This term was approved of by the Mobian Government and the Kosmirius Government, and is now used alongside U.T., now replacing A.T.




Known Locations

Holeria Continent


  • Palumpolum
  • Sol Dimaya


  • Ar Tonelico
  • Dautega
  • Rhaplanne
    • Dragonia
    • Sol Etheria
  • Sol Ciel
    • Platina
  • Sol Campania
    • Infellia
    • Mt. Metafalss
    • Pastalia
  • Sol Drakna
    • Archia
    • Blue Canyon Hamlet
    • Ciela Gate
      • Ciela Gate Reservoir
    • Clustania
    • Eternus Shaft
    • Moocheriel Forest
  • Tindharia
    • Aethalaya
      • Cellusylia Templestige
      • Sopholognia Librarkive
    • Sol Infel'Hashya
    • Solumina Forest
  • Vargiria
    • Felion
    • Laflensia
    • Quanturv
    • Sol Ciellenne

Elemian Sea




  • Colgeris
    • Colkapa
    • Norstrik
    • Reltel Defence Outpost
  • Sol Cluster
    • Soerfel Military Outpost


  • Neolica
  • Sol Tolsphera


  • Empheyna
  • Palesina
  • Sol Dilete

Mujala Continent

Rokkanyo Continent


  • Northern Lasch
    • Goltar
  • Southern Lasch
    • Rumme


  • Fushina
  • Terraheim
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