Mater'Ciela was predicted and theorized to have begun 1,000,000 million years ago by research.

U.T. (Universal Time) Began in 1100100 A.A.

Mater'Ciela's main form of year term, it started and began in Miterria, and is now used widely by all regions and countries.

A.A. (After Accomplishment) Started in 1100000 U.T.

A year term that began on the year that marked the Hymmnos Clan colonizing and inhabiting Elemia, it was the first year term to have been created. However, when the Universal Time Term was created 100 years later, the A.A. was soon forgotten by most of the Hymmnosens, and their time term was replaced with U.T. Nowadays, this term is only used during school studies, and is rarely used by society or Hymmnosens.

B.T. (Before Transgression)

A term for the years that happened before the Transgression Wars (1520600 U.T.), it was created after the event and used for events that occurred before the War.

A.T. (After Transgression) Started in 1520600 U.T.

A.R. (After Return)

A term that was created in 1521500 UT (900 A.T.) by Altheumelia Precielm, who decided that create this new year term to mark the reunion of Mater'Ciela and Mobius' populations and society. This term was approved of by the Mobian Government and the Kosmirius Government, and is now used alongside U.T., now replacing A.T.




Known Locations



Vaarkens Bolefetir


Dautegan Ocean

Merthorem Marshlands


One of the largest countries in Mater'Ciela, it is the third largest country to exist, and is located in the east of Mater'Ciela, at the southern borders of the Shelastina Continent. The country is divided into several sub-states, each with equal land given.

Ar Tonelico

  • Blastline
  • Ion Corridor
  • Ku: A location at the top of the tower, it holds the Maintenance Pod that grants access to the Mainframe (Liarsha_XP) and Subframe's (Liarsha_Vista) Binary Fields.
  • Prism Garden
  • Rinkernator

Elemian Sea


  • Solinfalss Plains

Sol Ciel (Shining Sky)

  • Lelentas
    • Altar of Nohiar
    • Lhasyarin Bridge
  • Platina: Sol Ciel's capital city.
    • Solseirei Courtyard
  • Sol Selena

Sol Cyurio (Shining Logic)

  • El'Duel
  • Infellia
    • Kanakana Pier
  • Mt. Metafalss
  • Pastalia (Song of Revolution): Sol Cyurio's capital city, it is situated in an area of Mt. Metafalss.

Sol Drakna

  • Archia
  • Blue Canyon Hamlet
    • Eternus Shaft
  • Ciela Gate: A city port situated and posted in the main path that connects Sol Cyurio to Sol Drakna, it is known to acts as a sentry base and merchant trading post.
    • Ciela Gate Reservoir
  • Clustania: Sol Drakna's capital city.
    • Solshin Court
  • El'Nemesys
    • Moocheriel Forest
  • Lake Manacelle
  • Sol Cielene


The main sub-state of Elemia, it rules and guides the other sub-states. It is located in the border of Elemia, nearing the Elemian Sea.

  • Aethalaya: Tindharia's capital city and the main capital city of Elemia.
    • Augustinia Tower
    • Cellusylia Templestige: An ancient templestige (a building/site that functions as both a religious/magical library and a temple) created in honour of the Imperial Eight, it is a temple that is filled with shelves of books that contain ancient knowledge of magic and history. It also serves as an observatory for astronomers and astromancers. However, little do people know, the temple also serves as an Oversight Checkpoint Area. Also, most of the books written directly by the Imperial Eight, and Ra'Cielic and other languages that seems undecipherable. So far, only Saaret Zzectir Zza and Jjiiztee PriiOmNa have been fully translated, while the rest are either half-completed in translation or are yet to be translated.
    • Diaseethus Palace
    • Kaphyria Academia: A famous academy-university site known for its highly-renowned subjects in all forms of racial, magical and universal subjects, but mainly in Hymmnian subjects. It is also famous for being ranked as the 2nd best academy in the world.
    • Lunis Citadel
    • Seirei Citadel
    • Soleia Citadel
    • Sophrolognia Librarkive: The largest archive-library in Tindharia, known for being a massive source of knowledge relating to Seliphology (Wave Science), Song Magic and more types of Magic, and many more.
  • Lake Ethelisica
  • Phylapedra Plains
  • Sol Tolsphera (Shining Heavens): A sky region located above the entirety of Tindharia, this atmospheric region has been found to contain unusually strong magnetic winds composed of H-Waves, Vx-Waves, Z-Waves and Tz-Waves. Despite the intensity of the magnetic winds, it does not seem to affect or disrupt any technology. However, there have been sightings and readings of magnetic storms that occur once every 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Solumina Forest
  • Vallis Tolsphera (Valley of the Heavens)
  • Havedenalla
    • Haveden Plains
  • Zognalast
    • Lake Syecelei
    • Sol'Anpu Station
    • Zognalast Wall

Tower of Origin


  • Clemeqna Asylum
  • Felion: Vargiria's capital city.
    • Rootron Tower: A tower that contains the Song Server Rootron, which is equipped with REON-4312's Cielaserver. It is constantly on high alert and security is always active there, and only high authorized personnel can access there.
    • Solphira Clinical Facility
  • Laflensia
  • Manjusara
  • Quanturv
  • Sol Plains



Sector Harvestasha

Sector Liarsha

Sector Maoh

Sector Myuu

Sector Maoh

Sector Rhaplanca

Sector Ryugg

Sector Sieryek

Sector Xhileryna

Sector Zaliqoro


Gerong Mountains

Known to be a vast and invaluable source of precious and useful minerals, and a large source of precious ores and gems, the mountains hold a fairly high magnetic field.


An icy island region located in the southern areas of the world. In the past, Kenteron's habitat and climate was too violent, razed and submerged in constant snowstorms. 95% of the island was unsuitable for living conditions, and the other 5% were usually or mainly cavern areas. However, in 400BR


Yoljuff Ruins


Lasch is a country known for being a place for terrorists and such people. Under its rule, the lower class of Lasch suffer under a harsh social class system, while the nobles (who are usually terrorists) have a life of luxury.

Northern Lasch

  • Erinis
  • Goltar: Northern Lasch's capital city.
  • Laschia
  • Stylfe

Southern Lasch

  • Firefly Alley
  • Led'Axia
  • Nifellius
  • Rumme: Southern Lasch's capital city.



  • Chronologia Library


  • Almetica Institution Facility
  • Solmana Port


  • Anvlees Farmlands
  • Imperial Astronomy Quantum Wave Theory Laboratory


  • Necronum
  • Temple of Morthetl
  • Trespyn Park


Cromther Ruins


  • Haggis Academy
  • Lambyel Institute
  • Terraheim



  • Solfori Hotel

Sol Campania

Ruat Hel Desert

Sol Marta (Shining Mother)

A Song Server Satellite located in Spacium that acts not only true to its name and functions, it also acts as a relay station for those connected to Sol Marta, which gives them the capability of being easily compatible with most Notes. At the start of its creation, it was originally meant to act as a relay station but was suspended due to the cost and the scarcity of materials essential to completing it. It was later reactivated when the RACTA crisis began, and Sol Marta's functions were changed into that akin to firewall defences in order to protect the Song Servers (and furthermore in depth the Hymmnos Clan) from being corrupted further, or from irreversible damage. After the crisis passed, Sol Marta was soon equipped with a Cielaserver, becoming a Song Server. As an independent server, it creates its own energy by absorbing excess D-Wave energy from Reyvateils linked to it, and converts it via a virtual Mainframe into energy. It also does not have to rely on Ar Tonelico.


Flask Sea


Star Singer's Platform


Another Hymmnian country, located across Elemia in the northern borders of the Shelastina Continent. Unlike Lasch, Syestine is on friendly terms with Elemia, and is a country threatened by Lasch's desire for conquest. Unfortunately for Lasch, Syestine is not only able to protect itself, since it is an independent country, but it is also under Elemia's protection. Since it is located near the northern parts of Mater'Ciela, its climate is moderately to highly cold.


  • Colkapa
  • Dimiatt
  • Gallarond
  • Reltel Defence Outpost
  • Venela

Hibashira Plains

  • Mt. Helyen

Sol Cluster


  • Chaolyl
  • Liann Fortress
  • Lupulum
    • Solequera Psychology Medical Centre
    • Temple of Ledaziem
  • Soerfel Medical Outpost
  • Veiln Citadel


Regarded and seen as an ancient and sacred region, it is inhabited by the Eoligons, the sister and twin dragon races of normal dragons. It is also inhabited by Dragonians -- half-human, half-dragon (or Eoligon), -- and Dragons.



  • Sol'Eitao Institute

Sol Etheria

Sol'Azuyal Outpost



  • Court of Evidelo
  • Imperial Genometrics Synchronization Mediation Institute


Sol Dilete

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