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==== Palesina ====
==== Palesina ====

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Known Locations


Dautegan Ocean


One of the largest countries in Mater'Ciela, it is the third largest country to exist, and is located in the east of Mater'Ciela, at the southern borders of the Shelastina Continent. The country is divided into several sub-states, each with equal land given.

Ar Tonelico

  • Blastline
  • Ion Corridor
  • Ku: A location at the top of the tower, it holds the Maintenance Pod that grants access to the Mainframe's (Liarsha's) Binary Field.
  • Rinkernator

Elemian Sea


  • Solinfalss Plains

Sol Ciel (Shining Sky)

  • Lelentas
  • Platina

Sol Cyurio (Shining Logic)

  • Infellia
    • Kanakana Pier
  • Mt. Metafalss
  • Pastalia (Song of Revolution)

Sol Drakna

  • Archia
  • Blue Canyon Hamlet
    • Eternus Shaft
  • Ciela Gate
    • Ciela Gate Reservoir
  • Clustania
  • El Nemesys
    • Moocheriel Forest


The main sub-state of Elemia, it rules and guides the other sub-states. It is located in the border of Elemia, nearing the Elemian Sea.

  • Aethalaya
    • Augustinia Tower
    • Celusylia Templestige
    • Sopholognia Librarkive
  • Solumina Forest
  • Vallis Tolsphera (Valley of the Heavens)
  • Havedenalla
    • Haveden Plains
  • Zognalast
    • Zognalast Wall

Tower of Origin


  • Felion
    • Rootron Tower: A tower that contains the Song Server Rootron, which is equipped with REON-4312's Cielaserver. It is constantly on high alert and security is always active there, and only high authorized personnel can access there.
  • Laflensia
  • Manjusara
  • Quanturv



Lasch is a country known for being a place for terrorists and such people. Under its rule, the lower class of Lasch suffer under a harsh social class system, while the nobles (who are usually terrorists) have a life of luxury.

Northern Lasch

  • Erinis
  • Goltar
  • Laschia

Southern Lasch

  • Led'Axia
  • Nifellius
  • Rumme



  • Chronologia Library


  • Almetica



  • Necronum


El Duel


Sol Marta (Shining Mother)

A Song Server Satellite located in Spacium that acts not only true to its name and functions, it also acts as a relay station for those connected to Sol Marta, which gives them the capability of being easily compatible with most Notes. At the start of its creation, it was originally meant to act as a relay station to easily control and create Energy Waves (mainly D-Waves) in order to easily create and build Song Servers. Only 3 Song Servers were created (2 left incomplete): Technoliarsha, Yulerian and Pantha Rhei. Unfortunately, Sol Marta was suspended due to the cost of the project, and only Pantha Rhei was complete, while Yulerian and Technoliarsha were left incomplete. It was later reactivated when the RACTA crisis began, and Sol Marta's functions were changed into that akin to firewall defences in order to protect the Song Servers (and furthermore in depth the Hymmnos Clan) from being corrupted further, or from irreversible damage. After the crisis passed, Sol Marta was soon equipped with a Cielaserver, becoming a Song Server.



Another Hymmnian country, located across Elemia in the northern borders of the Shelastina Continent. Unlike Lasch, Syestine is on friendly terms with Elemia, and is a country threatened by Lasch's desire for conquest. Unfortunately for Lasch, Syestine is not only able to protect itself, since it is an independent country, but it is also under Elemia's protection.


  • Colkapa
  • Dimiatt
  • Gallarond



Regarded and seen as an ancient and sacred region, it is inhabited by the Eoligons, the sister and twin dragon races of normal dragons. It is also inhabited by Dragonians -- half-human, half-dragon (or Eoligon), -- and Dragons.

  • Neolica




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