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This is an article about Matai-Mobi, a location created by Minato Arisato00.

Matai-Mobi is a primitive island home to a diverse collection of Azimians that control various elements. It was rediscovered by Ridas Huo where it then became the home to the Espirits de Brume religion and elemental Azimians. There is also an on going stalemate between Igna-Tribu and Hielo-Tribu that has the island split due to issues between the tribes.


The island is home to lots of vicious insects and territorial animals. The island has various cultures of Azima. Many rare species are only native to this land. As for vegetation, it has luscious fruits and vegetables that are incredibly healthy.


The island is large and has polarizing temperatures, but it has a normal tropical climate. Its common weather is 80°F, but the island can get incredibly warm in some areas and in others it is below average temperture. The climate temperature commonly varies with tribes and parts of the island.


Early History

Matai-Mobi is a pre-historic island. It was an island that was for a long time, inhabited by fungus's, insects, and various animals (Most commonly wild cats/dogs and a vast breed of birds). It was discovered in 2925 by young explorer Ridas.

The explorer created a village, and then countless other immigrants moved to the land and created specific landmarks in specific regions.

Thirty years after the island was found by Ridas, there was a verbal disagreement with the Ice tribe and the Fire tribe. It became a short war, the Ice tribe then separated from most of the island to become a partially independent side of the island. Since then the Ice tribe has kept a strong loathe for the Fire tribe and most of the islands inhabitants.


Matai-Mobi is usually a peaceful land, however it did have its wars.

War of Burning Ice

The first sign of of the war began during a small quarrel between the presidents of the Ice and Fire tribes. The argument was about what was right for the land. The Ice tribe president Helada, suggested that the land should be ruled by one ruler who would have very strong, almost power hungry sounding rules. Ridas denied the rules of Helada and told him to quit his actions. Helada constantly brought up the topic in various meetings. This infuriated Ridas and the other head counselors.

Eventually Ridas booted Helada from the meetings. This aggrivated the desperate Helada, and he then threatened to attack every tribe had they ignored his word. Ridas angrily shoved Helada and hit him across the face after making such threats. Helada smirked and grabbed his face leaving the area, an attack on the Igna-Tribu's palace took place afterwards.

The war was incredibly bloody and they usually fought around the Icelands to lower Sten-Tribu. After the two year war ended, Helada was defeated by Ridas during a sword fight. Since then, Hielo-Tribu has disconnected itself from the island and has become its own country.

Significant Populations

The island is home to vast breeds of rare and scarce animals and vegetation. The most notable population is the Hawk and Aegean Cat. The island also has lots of bears, moles, and various other mammals. The island inhabits no humans. Mammals are the highest population on the island, second to insects, and third to fungus.


A notable feature among the populous is religion. Most of the islands religious views go off to a god of the same name of the island, the Goddess Matai. The religion is a strong view point on the island and there are churches across the land, except for a very small amount in Hielo-Tribu.

Another strong feature about the people is that they are never seen lazing, through out the island there is always some one working or doing something of importance.

Another fact is that each tribe has their significant colors, for Fire they use the colors Yellow and Red, for Water they use Silver and Navy Blue, for Air they use Lime and Dark Green, for Stone they use Dark Brown and Silver, for Earth they use Black and Emerald Green, and for Ice they use White and Sky Blue.

Each tribe also has their specific parades and events as well.


The island is known for having a strong belief in the Goddess Lori. The religion created, known as Espirits de Brume (Protecting Spirits of the Mist). The spirits were represented in three different branches; Honor, Dignity, and Selflessness.

Lori represented Honor, she was written to be the warrior representative of battle. She was brothers with Arboo and wife of Ithaar. Lori was known to not kill her adversaries, instead she kept them living and inspired them to do better in life. She reflected honor because she never cheated her way to anything and treated others with respect.

Abroo represented Dignity, he was known as the teacher. Abroo taught people to respect themselves and those around them. Abroo also reflected seriousness and a stern demeanor, he wanted his followers to be mature and serious.

Lastly, Ithaar represented love and selflessness. Ithaar was known as the mother. She was intelligent and loved to give to others. The blessing of Ithaar is what gives Matai-Mobi all the holidays it has.


Matai-Mobi commonly trades natural materials found in their lands to gain and receive money.


D'vors are Matai-Mobi's form of currency. They are coins with small figures on them. However they do vary in appearence. Copper D'Vors are the cheapest and most neglected, whilst Silver D'Vors are actually quite good to have economically, and Gold D'Vors are basically the highest form of currency. D'Vors are only used in Matai-Mobi and commonly created Igna-Tribu as well as Vatten-Tribu. Hielo-Tribu uses outside currency.

Economical Worth

As stated before, D'Vors have three variations in prices and appearances. First, let's start with a comparison to the USD.

  • 1,000 Copper D'Vors = $1.00 USD
  • 500 Silver D'Vors = $5.00 USD
  • 150 Gold D'Vors = $15.00 USD

D'Vors are so expensive because they are backed up by the golden shoulder armor worn by Ridas' father. That specific piece of armor is worth a vast number of D'Vors, and if translated into USD, it'd be up in the billions, if not late millions. The Armor is burried in the archives and those who attempt to steal such a thing are killed on the spot as it is protected by the strongest forces in the island.

Notable Areas

Matai-Mobi has several locations of interest.


Presidential Palace

The presidential Palace of Igna-Tribu is a major location in the island. This very palace is where Ridas first settled down and created a home in Matai-Mobi. Ever since that day and as time pushed forward, it's become the location of politcal affairs and law making discussions between the mobian civilians and the islands leaders. It is also the largest building across the entirety of the island stretching over most of Igna-tribu and challenging the height of Abroo's Gaze, Igna-Tribu's volcano.

Abroo's Gaze

Abroo's Gaze is the largest mountain/volcano in the entirety of Matai-Mobi. This very mountain happens to lay at the heart of Igna-Tribu and stretch from Sten-Tribu to Hielo-Tribu. While the mountain is an active volcano, it rarely errupts; though it does push out a healthy ash over Igna-Tribu and some parts of Hielo-Tribu. It is also rumored that Abroo's Gaze's interior is very magical, this has lead to many attempting to climb the active volcano for prosperous virtue.


Arts of Lori

This museum holds a massive amount of art from each and every tribe. It combines the cultures of each tribe, from Igna-Tribu's passionate art style, Vatten-Tribu's serene beauties, Luft-Tribu's energetic technology, Sten-Tribu's amazing clay formations, and some ancient fossil formations that originated from Terre-Tribu. The Arts of Lori is completely made of art, the walls have symbols on them with pattented drawings and elemental insignias all over the location. For the right amount of D'Vors, this museum is quite the trip.


Emperor's Track

Luft-Tribu is known to be energetic, this entire racing course is the definition of such a thing. The course stretches through out the five regions (previously six when Hielo-Tribu was connected). It's absolutely massive, with many twists and turns through out the journey. Emperor's track is very dangerous to navigate as well, this is because there are a number of different terrains to navigate through and each having their own little obstacles to them. It takes a total of four weeks to beat the Emperor track and there are breaks every twelve hours. Completing the race in two weeks is considered gold level achievement, while completing it in sixteen days is silver, and bronze would be in eighteen days. This event usually takes place once during every yearly season.


Coliseum of Renegades

Just as the title reads, this battlefield is definitely not to be toyed with. Azimians from all over compete in this coliseum to test each others strengths. It was once a private militarized sparring area to test the deadliest of combat arts, this was changed as the sparring area was moved to a more descrete combat grounds in Igna-Tribu. Not only does the coliseum test sparring skills and have grand fights, but it shows off many popular sports that Matai-Mobi celebrate. It even has a small obstacle course made for those looking for a high amount of D'Vors. Speaking of D'Vors, entrance here isn't cheap! It'll easily cost you 200 Gold D'vors for entrance. These events are always held in the beginning of summer.


The Archives

The Archives are a major location in Terre-Tribu. Sadly the location is only for the eyes of leaders, as most of the material inside is very delicate for the hands and eyes of any normal Mobian. The Archives contain years and years of history within itself. From lost documents, to unfathomable fossils; this place has it all. It is even rumored that below it, rests the catacombs where Ridas' body lays along with Helada's.


Igna-Tribu (Fire Tribe)

The fire tribe is the most political and most militarized of the islands landmarks. It is home to large active volcanoes, open caverns, and lava lakes. Vegetation is scarce in Igna-Tribu, but it makes up for it by its large coal production. The best trained fighters are born from Igna-Tribu. The gender population is mainly men, but woman are found through out the tribe same follows for other parts of the island (Except the Air Tribe and the Water Tribe, whom lean on women far more than the other tribes).

The main weapon of Igna-Tribu are Katana's/Broad Swords, commonly infused with hell-fire.The Azimiansof Igna-Tribu are known to be aggressive and hot headed, but they have amazing leadership traits. Members of this tribe tend to have thick soldier accents, some are even known to have Latino related accents.

Structurally, Igna-Tribu is fascinating. It is around the ashier sides of the northern hemisphere of Matai-Mobi. Most of Igna's villages happen to stem from the rather large volcano in the center of the region. Igna-Tribu always has a smoke filled sky because of the massive ash production that the volcano produces, but this actually does not affect the civilians. In fact, the ash is a beneficial ingrediant to Igna-Tribu's populace's empowerment. Outside of the volcano, much of the land is a sort of deserted-like lay out with gray-ish grassy plains surrounding the area.

Igna-Tribu has some of the largest buildings due to the massive construction that surrounds this area. It is literally an industrial city with several lava-lakes and boiling seas. Though it may sound like an area of disaster, Igna-Tribu is actually quite beautiful; especially around night or dusk. It rains often in Igna-Tribu as well, and most of the time the rain adds to the beauty of the region. 

Vatten-Tribu (Water Tribe)

The water tribe is the most artistic and medically proficient of all tribes. It has vast museums and schools taught to teach the young early. This tribe has a unique location, it is under the sea actually. The biggest transport from Vatten-Tribu is medication. The most knowledgeable Azimians come from this tribe, but are rather weak offensively. The main weapon of Vatten-Tribu is spears and staves.

The Azimians from here are known to be temperate people, as they are very moody and shy. Vatten-Tribu's main gender population is women, more so to men. Vatten-Tribu has a standard accent of what is considered of the American tongue, some are known to harbor Asian tongue though.

Vatten-Tribu has a blooming technological prowess amongst other tribes. This is because Vatten and Luft technologies were put combined to make blissful architectural designs. This eventually lead to Vattens fleeing into the depths of the oceans to create better cities. Vatten-Tribu is arguably the most beautiful tribe out of the six tribes. This is because the artsy skills and creative designs of its populace are litterally spread through out the walls and windows of the underwater village.

Cities are huge in Vatten-Tribu but they do lack in size compared to Igna-Tribu. Vattens also live underwater as stated earlier, so they don't exactly see sunlight or night too often. But to contrary belief, they do indeed have small huts and villages around the surface.

Luft-Tribu (Air Tribe)

The air tribe is the most technologically proficient and energetic tribe. They are home to plenty of jungles and wild life, however it is home to most of the islands transportation tech. The main product of transportation is tools and paper. The most agile and quick thinking Azimians come from this tribe. The tribe is not the strongest when it comes to the offensive, but they are quick with daggers and plenty of other sharp offensive items are homed there. The island has a larger male population in contrast to the female population, but unlike the other four tribes; woman are increasingly more common than in other male dominated tribes.

The Azimians of Luft-Tribu are known to be pranksters and energetic people giving the tribe one of its notable names, the Energy Tribe. Luft-Tribu is known to have strong Jamaican accents across its residents, even light ones.

If you live in Luft-Tribu, expect nothing but non-stop grassroots, forestation, and insects. This region is very natural, despite the technological power that the civilians have in this tribe. While there are no huge buildings or amazing "beauties", Luft-Tribu does have some fascinating traits. For instance, high above where the trees branch out; there is many contemporary huts and quite impressive house structures. Laboratories surround the tree-tops and a whole civilization of Azimians live in technological peace.

Luft-Tribu does indeed have its own sector of beauty as well as the other two tribes above. Luft happens to have a beautiful swamp that is said to have mystical benefits at night fall. While most of the insects of Luft-Tribu are harmful, there are some that are plain beauties and even others that can be domesticated. Luft's swamp happens to be surrounded by amazing dragon-flies at night with its reflective murky waters. 

Sten-Tribu (Stone Tribe)

The stone tribe is the most constructive of all tribes, as they create most notable areas. The stone tribe is home to a vast wasteland, full of canyons and open space, as well as small lakes. The main product of transportation in this tribe is sculpting clay. This tribe has the third strongest militarized unit across the island as well as some of the most offensive and dirty fighters.

The Tribe is also home to decently alerting crime rate. Sten-Tribu has a very large male population with a common female population. The Sten-Tribuan weapon of choice is a martial katar. The Azimians of Sten-Tribu are known to be playful and competitive. Sten-Tribuans have country accents appearing in certain sectors of their wastelands.

This tribe is the biggest mix of appeal. While to many, it may appear as a run down region where there is literally nothing but rocks and structures; Sten-Tribu is more than what it appears. Advanced construction and clay-morphing appears in this specific region. Though, this place does lack the beauty of the other environments, but the best thing about Sten-Tribu is its weather. Sten-Tribu literally has the best weather of all tribes. Rarely does it rain, it's always hot and clear in day, while at night cool and sustainable.

Sten-Tribu happens to have artistic canyons and cliff sides that would make even the most daring of explorers have their jaws drop. Sten-Tribu leads to Terre-Tribu in its large underpasses. Hell, it's so open to Terre-Tribu that you could literally jump off a cliff and end up in Terre-Tribu (though it wouldn't be advised).

Terre-Tribu (Earth Tribe)

The earth tribe is the strongest of all tribes, they are even transported to other tribes just to serve as militarized operatives. The earth tribe is underground, directly beneath Sten-Tribu; making it very cavernous and dark with crystalline candles served to create bright lights to illuminate itself. As previously stated, this tribe has an incredibly fierce militarized force, however they are not as coordinated as the Fire Tribe. It oddly has the exact same exact gender ratio as Sten-Tribu.

Terre-Tribu is also known for its vast myths and horror stories, some true some false. The weapon of choice for Terre-Tribuans are war hammers and double bladed axes. The Azimians from Terre-Tribu are friendly and very kind people, who have a taste for the unknown. Terre-Tribuans typically have weak English accents.

Like Vatten-Tribu, Terre-Tribu has an unusual lay out. It is not like the other tribes which have surfaces and primarily do work on land, it's the contrary down there. Terre-Tribu is basically a huge overlapping cave with several oppenings and exits that lead to basically any where. Unlike its surface counterpart, Terre-Tribu is pitch black. Very little things keep it bright and colorful, but what do are simply astounding. Terre-Tribu is surrounded by colorful crystals that brighten up its environment.

Just like Sten-Tribu, it has unique structural design with rock and clay art. The "buildings" down in Terre-Tribu are amazing. Just about everything around this rugged cave is note-worthy. Though it does have a deep secret lingering in it, and that is the deep catacombs that rest in the lower parts of the archives. Many of the other tribes note Terre-Tribu as the connector of both words, basically noting that it is connected with the after-life and the current life. Either exaggerated rumor or truth, one thing's for certain; Terre-Tribu is a mysterious location with beauty indeed.

Hielo-Tribu (Ice Tribe)

The Ice tribe is the most independent and disclosed of all tribes, they even cut off messaging systems and certain bridges. The ice tribe is full of mountains and bottomless pits, and a looming mist. Even though it is independent, Hielo-Tribu transports solidified Ice to other tribes. This tribe has a very unique and strong militarized force, being the fourth strongest followed by Luft-Tribu then Vatten-Tribu.

The tribe has a strong disdain for Igna-Tribu's political views and elemental capabilities. Hielo-Tribu has an equal gender ratio as no gender over populates another. The popular weapon of choice for Hielo-Tribu are ice picks. The Azimians from Hielo-Tribu are very cynical, serious, independent, and stubborn making them very cold to other Azimians. Just like Vatten-Tribu, Hielo-Tribuans don't have accents. Some are known to have weak Russian ones though.

Lastly come the Hielo-Tribu. Hielo-Tribu happens to fight Vatten-Tribu on its beauty and authenticity. Hielo-Tribu has many icicle sculptures across its lands. These sculptures vary from soldiers, to armor, to its leaders. A huge statue of Helada is at the center of the town. Just like Terre and Sten-Tribu, it has a unique structure. Hielo-Tribu has clear skies on most occasions and at night it's a beauty in it of itself.

Many mountains appear in this region, it is literally an isle. This is because Hielo-Tribuans disconnected themselves from most of the island, it still does have certain bridges and land-like structures that keep it as a neighbor of the mainland. It appears on the northern-western hemisphere of the island of Matai-Mobi.


The island is entirely connected, so it is easy to just walk around the island (though very time-consuming). The quickest way around the island is through transport shoots scattered across the island. The island also has connecting vines civilians can swing from to get from place to place. A new device is being created that allows easier travel so that transport tubes can be mainly used for messaging/trading.


Matai-Mobi has two kinds of living.

Districts of Republic

The districts of Republic contain the original five tribes. These include Igna-Tribu, Vatten-Tribu, Luft-Tribu, Sten-Tribu (Currently), and Terre-Tribu. These lands are included as the Republics because all the power is in its civilians. Each leader must also show or prove something to their civilians in some form or they are completely removed of all power. As long as the civilians are content with their rulers, they can remain in power.


The only tribe known to associate with this practice is Hielo-Tribu. Everyone is equal in the world of Hielo-Tribu and so everyone must abide to such a thing. Really, Communism is the only thing keeping Hielo-Tribu alive, and in bad condition too. It is associated to dictatorship too, as the only one with power would happen to be the leader. And the only way to gain another leader is only if they are assassinated and the public chooses another, or if the leader themself chooses some one to take their place.


Matai-Mobi actually has several leaders in its providences, many of which were actually good friends with Ridas. Others though were replaced over time, while others remained as leaders.


  • Previous Leader: Ridas Huo, the Bobcat. (Leader for almost a century of not only Igna-Tribu, but most of the island entirely. He was leader until his innevitable death.)
  • Current Leader: Tyrone Drapour, the Lava Salamander. (Leader post-death of Ridas, he gained the throne of Huo and is widely respected as both a military power and a presidential leader. He got his popularity by standing as Ridas' disciple for several decades. His experience in military work has also lead him to be quite favorable of this role.)


  • Current Leader: Aria Vatou, the Cat. (Leader of Vatten-Tribu for three or so decades. She rose to power because of her gifted intelligence and popularity among her peers. She is known to be the most genuine, yet blunt leader across the island.)


  • Current Leader: Drago Hara, the Gecko. (Leader of Luft-Tribu for almost five decades. He rose to power because of his kindness and ideas. It was because of Drago why Matai-Mobi has transport shoots that not only serve as a way to travel the island, but to travel cargo and gifts across. Before he became leader, he was merely a scientist for Vatten-Tribu.)


  • Previous Leader: Nordis Grado, the Bull. (Leader of Sten-Tribu for two decades until his assassination. He rose to power through brute strength and manipulation of his populace. This however did not last long as he was assassinated and hunted down by Ridas.)
  • Current Leader: Giordo Basto, the Porcupine. (Leader post-death of Nordis. He gained power by liberating the laws that Nordis placed on the land. He was a popular freedom fighter with a gifted tongue, not to mention a popular philosopher and an incredible writer. He had great strength and great wit, and it is because of that why he was accepted as the leader of Sten-Tribu.)


  • Current Leader: Wendel Oris, the Bat. (Leader of Terre-Tribu for five decades. He rose to power through his military achievements and humbleness. He indoctrinated the Gathering Law, which ended wars between tribes after the assassination of Nordis. Despite his military prowess, Wendel is quite the peace maker. He's incredibly kind and soft-spoken, never does he show or attribute to aggression.)


  • Previous Leader: Helada Frio, the Arctic Wolf. (Leader of Hielo-Tribu for seven decades. Helada was widely regarded as one of the best leaders of Matai-Mobi and was even best friends with Ridas at a time. He rose to power because of his incredible intelligence and courage. None could scare Helada and few dared to fight against him. Though despite his greatness, he became corrupt after the death of his children and wanted more power to sustain himself. He eventually wanted to get rid of the republic that Matai-Mobi had and replace it was a dictatorship. These ideals were dangerous and he suffered for them, he was killed during the War of Burning-Ice by Ridas' blade of Huo.)
  • Current Leader: Siege Ardin, the Lynx. (Leader post-death of Helada. Siege rose to power through his ideals and seperation laws. He paid great tribute to his civilians by catering them in a communistic like society. He was popular because he managed to sustain Hielo-Tribu after its departure from the other main-land districts. Not much is known about Siege's personal life.)


  • This is how the tribes feel for one another. Not in specifications, but in generality.


Igna-Tribu has a very questionable outlook on the masses of the island.

Vatten-Tribu considers it to be a very dependable and lovable nation, despite its ill temper and non-chalant nature. Vattens find themselves marrying Ignans more than any other tribe. They are literally noted as being the lovable duo amongst the rest of the island.

Luft-Tribu has a controversial outlook on Igna-Tribu. Most love and respect the tribe as a super power in the island and would not interfere with it, but to the hard core pacifists of Luft-Tribu; they're just left scared for what Igna-Tribu will do next. While relations between the two tribes aren't an issue by any means, Luft-Tribu is incredibly careful around Igna-Tribu. However when collaborating, these two tribes are known to make masterpieces and are easily noted for having great team work.

Sten-Tribu is on odd terms with Igna-Tribu, especially with the rise in power of Giordo. These two tribes are known to bicker about many situations. Where Igna-Tribu may be impatient, Sten is not (etc), the list goes on about these two tribes. They are in minor dislike of one another, but they tend to share more of a rivalry than deep hatred. The two are known to compete in several fields and regardless of dislikes, respect each other heavily. The two also typically joke about one another, always quick to judge each other's accents.

Terre-Tribu and Igna-Tribu are the father tribes. Both of these tribes respect and love another wholesomely. At times of ill, Terre-Tribu will stand for the often insulted fire tribe. These two share a very grounded and mutual relationship with another, never really tense. Their militaries are very close as well. Really, the two tribes share a very likeable relationship built on equality and respect.

Lastly, Hielo-Tribu. Hielo-Tribu hates and fears Igna-Tribu for no reason other than the outcome and death of Helada. These two tribes were once incredibly close. They were brother tribes in a way, with a deep respect for each other's leaders and confidence in its peoples. Both regarded as the super powers of the island, Helada and Ridas lead nations that were not to be toyed with. But after the War of Burning Ice, relationships became tense. The two nations had a deep hatred and loathe for another and could not be contained. This lead to the brainwashing of children to be raised young with a loathe for the two tribes.


Held as one of the most neutral tribes, Vatten-Tribu is known to be quite likeable. It is also known as a melting pot of sorts with a vast majority of other tribal cultures surrounding this Water tribe.

Relations stated above about Igna-Tribu. The fiery tribe loves this tribe with much of its heart. Most Igna-Tribuans get sent to Vatten-Tribu to learn better academically. Nothing but praise comes from Igna-Tribu when it comes to Vatten-Tribu. Most inhabitants of Igna-Tribu visit Vatten-Tribu quite often for art and cultural learning as well. And as stated before, both tribes have a deep love for one another.

Luft-Tribu and Vatten-Tribu are technological geniuses. These two tribes are the main reasons why the island had medicinal coverage, transport goods, and several other technologies. They are also known to be advocates of education and pacifistic ideals, feeling that love should over power war. They share a brother-sister bond, one that has replaced the one they shared with Hielo-Tribu once.

Sten-Tribu has grown to love this tribe quite a bit. Finding the interests in art and style similar, many of the gifted artists from Sten-Tribu go to Vatten-Tribu to create buildings and find a calling in life. Just like Luft-Trbiu, these two tribes are brother-sister relation. Their bond has actually lead them to sharing the color silver on their flags as a sign of connectivity.

Terre-Tribu and Vatten-Tribu share almost no form of contact. They are easily the most disconnected of most tribes, only because of a lack of communication. Vattens feel they have better historical teachings while Terrians argue that their historical texts were stolen from Vattens. Really, the two don't hate each other, but they don't like one another much either; they're stuck in a sense of neutrality if anything.

Hielo-Tribu misses Vatten-Tribu dearly as an ally. They are considered the closest to any form of contact that Hielo-Tribu shares with the mainland any more. Both shared a history of quite prosperous and loving of another's ethics. Just like Igna-Tribu, the two tribes were considered romantically compatible with a large majority of marriages between the inhabitants taking place quite often. Really they share only a portion of their past relations now, and Hielo-Tribu blames Igna-Tribu for it.


Just like Vatten-Tribu, this tribe is quite liked among neighbors.

Igna-Tribu considers this tibe to be the single most prodigious tribe in the very island. When it comes to intelligence, Igna-Tribu doesn't even try to combat that of Luft-Tribu's. Igna-Tribu likes this tribe very much and treats it with genuine respect and gratefulness. Igna-Tribu truly wants Luft-Tribu to drop its pacifist like nature and become a super power like themselves. Little did Igna-Tribu know that this was actually causing some strain in the relationship the two tribes shared.

With out Luft-Tribu, Vatten-Tribu would have a flawed economy and a huge assortment of failed medicinal experiments. Really, Vatten-Tribu has come to the reality that with out Luft-Tribu they wouldn't be able to do anything right. These tribes hold each other very closely, never straying from their partnership. In many ways, they've patched and replaced the initial relationship Vatten-Tribu citizens had with Hielo-Tribu. They are considered to be inseperable.

Sten-Tribu views Luft-Tribu as a frail and miserable excuse for a tribe. They insult most of the ethics made and formed in Luft-Tribu and find their pacifistic life-style laughable. Tense relations of intimidation have come from Sten-Tribu towards Luft-Tribu. Often in Sten-Tribuan bars, there is an insult written in bold noting "No babies allowed, this includes YOU air-heads". A typical form of welcoming between Luft-Tribuan citizens into the mainlands of Sten-Tribu is a brutal fight.

Terre-Tribu, just like their relations with Vatten-Tribu; they don't exactly care about whatever Luft-Tribu does. These two tribes practically ignore the bare existence of one another at some points. With little interaction with each other, relations are usually tense because of the grounded approach that Terre-Tribuans have and the free attitude that Luft-Tribuans share.

Hielo-Tribu resents Luft-Tribu for filling the gap they left on Vatten-Tribu. These two tribes never really interacted much, due to the fact that they were literally across the island from each other, so a common reputation from each tribe is just curiousity. Though Hielo-Tribu does not hate this tribe in any form, in fact they are quite jealous of it.


Sten-Tribu is commonly regarded as a violent tribe with primitive activities and aggressive folk.

Igna-Tribu feels shaky about this tribe. They find that the jealousy that Sten-Tribu has for them was something that was just uncalled for. Igna-Tribu does not like the rise in crime/brutality that happens to be common in Sten-Tribu. But besides this, Sten-Tribu's military is highly respected by Igna-Tribu and most often than not, the two tribes do have their militaries team up. Igna-Tribu loves a good competition with Sten-Tribu as both tribes never really give up for what they feel is right.

Vatten-Tribu finds itself quite attached to Sten-Tribu as a force of protection. These two tribes have a very good relationship and often work together in various fields. Many women of Sten-Tribu find themselves moving to Vatten-Tribu to create clay art to post in art clubs. Many male Sten-Tribuans find themselves at home with the male populace of Vatten-Tribu, finding their calmness to be a breath of fresh air. Vattens are over all grateful for the protection that Sten-Tribu offers them.

Luft-Tribu hates Sten-Tribu with a passion. They find this tribe to be a huge bully in the field of things. With terrible treatment of Luft-Tribu, Sten-Tribuans get many criticisms about how they treat the other tribes. Luft-Tribu finds their moral ethics, culture, and weather to be very displeasing and as such most Lufts never set foot in Sten-Tribu. And to the response to Sten-Tribu's insults on Luft-Tribuan culture, Luft's have posted a welcoming sign specific to those from Sten-Tribu. "Here in Luft-Tribu we value love and wholesomeness, something de famers can not appreciate." is what the sign reads.

Terre-Tribu and Sten-Tribu share a very close brotherly relationship. Originally, the two leaders of the tribes (Wendel and Nordis) were best friends and partners in the military arms of both tribes. This established a very good relationship for the two. Since both tribes are located directly next to (or under), Terre-Tribu finds their close relative quite exciting to interract with. Since Nordis' abuse of power, the two tribes sort of seperated themselves, with Terre-Tribu feeling shaky of trusting the wasteland tribe that is Sten-Tribu. The two still maintain a relatively tight relationship to this date.

While Sten-Tribu and Hielo-Tribu did not interract a lot, Hielo-Tribu does accept Sten-Tribu as a brother tribe. This is because of Nordis' power abuse, they felt that it was Sten-Tribu's stand against the norms of what Matai-Mobi's used to. They felt that Nordis was going to defeat Igna-Tribu and was thus silenced. These two tribes are known to message and trade with one another. Giordo feels as though he shouldn't trust their icy brothers however.


Often very solitary, Terre-Tribuans get a very misunderstood view among its neighbors.

Looked upon heavily by Ignans, Terre-Tribu is loved by Igna-Tribu. Because the tribes share a very influential role on the island, the two tribes share the fathership title of the island. Literally everything Igna-Tribu does involved Terre-Tribu in some way. Their militaries work hand in hand, Terre-Tribuans work as special operatives in Igna-Tribu, and vice versa. There was an undying amount of trust shared between Wendel and Ridas, the same bond is shared with Tyrone now. Terre-Tribuans fear the anger and power seizing characteristics of their brother tribe, but still find them to be dependable people.

Vatten-Tribu and Terre-Tribu have little to no bond. This is because they are almost parallel to each other. When togther, Terrians and Vattens argue profoundly. Whether it be about who teaches history best, how to represent the island, their differing natures couldn't be any more obvious. Despite this, Wendel is known to have a crush on fellow leader Aria Vatou and when the two are together they silence their tribe's naivety of each other.

Terre-Tribu finds the often reckless free thinking of Luft-Tribu to be very dangerous in future. They find that the technological progression in Luft-Tribu will only do harm to the island and feel that Drago Hara is a bit crazy. These two tribes try to refrain from interacting as much as possible and will stand at opposite ends when there is a huge island meeting.

Sten-Tribu is Terre-Tribu's little brother in terms of relationships. While Sten-Tribu loves and respects Terre-Tribu, the same can not be said about Terre-Tribu. Terre-Tribu loves Sten-Tribu, but most Terrians find that the primitive and aggressive actions of their surface counterpart to be very disheartening. Trust between the tribes was crushed when Nordis went against Wendel and abused power. Ever since then, it's been shakily awkward between the tribes.

Lastly, Hielo-Tribu. Hielo-Tribu and Terre-Tribu are neighbors as there are some openings from Terre-Tribu that lead straight into the solitary tribe that is Hielo-Tribu. Despite how close both tribes are, interaction as always been low. Wendel thought that Siege was too upfront as a leader and knew he was bound to be corrupted as time progressed. Terrians often wonder what became of their lost tribe.


Often hated to the point by all other tribes, most forget what Hielo-Tribu once was; a honorable tribe that always worked for the better.

Hielo-Tribu and Igna-Tribu down right hate each other. This is because of the murder of Helada. Many citizens are taught to have hateful sentiments of Igna-Tribu. There is even a holiday where the people dance around frozen pictures of Ridas in celebration of his death. The mere mention of fire and anything relating to Igna-Tribu is punishable by death. Sadly though, most elders remember a time when the two tribes were brothers in arms and would honestly wish for the war to end.

Vatten-Tribu and Hielo-Tribu were once very close. In Helada's own words, "The sister tribe was sometimes even more supportive of us than Igna-Tribu." This sentiment is true even in present times as both tribes still secretly communicate with each other. Often Vatten-Tribuans will flee to Hielo-Tribu to plan illegal engagements between tribes. Despite this, Aria Vatou is strongly against Hielo-Tribu and tries to shut off contact as best as she could. She limits the contact to only messaging and trading, nothing else. This heavily angered and hurt Siege and his people, this anger fueled even more hatred to Igna-Tribu.

Hielo-Tribu resents Luft-Tribu. They feel as though Luft-Tribu took away what made Hielo-Tribu so significant in the first place. They are not a fan of the technological prowess the tribe holds as well. But, they do not hate Luft-Tribu. A deep envy of the tribe is shown in Hielo-Tribu media.

Hielo-Tribu has a deep respect for Sten-Tribu. They feel they will be brothers in arms against Igna-Tribu in future. Siege messages Giordo constantly. Gifts are exchanged between tribes as well. Sten-Tribu does try to make sure both tribes don't get too friendly however. Therefore, contact between the tribes is limited.

Hielo-Tribu never had a true bond with Terre-Tribu to begin with. Helada rarely spoke to Wendel and Siege took after Helada in that respect. Hielians try their best to close all exits and entrances to Terre-Tribu in order to enforce the fact that they want no relations with this tribe. Siege hates the fact that they are boot lickers to that of Igna-Tribu and comments that they are just "slaves".

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