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Masuda had lived in a time long ago, and was a, for lack of a better term, nutcase. He loved to hurt himself all day and night since childhood, and loved to hear the screams of others along with his own. This was because of a mutation which caused him to feel pleasure instead of pain and vice versa, and he had continued this dangerous lifestyle for about 35 years. This ended when he had eventually died from a mixture of blood-loss from the stab wounds and infections in those same wounds had killed him.

His spirit was left to wander the planet, unable to harm anybody. To him, this was a torture worse than the deepest circles of hell itself, as he could feel nothing nor do anything other than minor inconveniences due to his intangible form. This was his true punishment, and he was to remain here for many, many years.

One day, hundreds of years after his death, a member of EQuartz had found his wandering spirit and decided to help him. Masuda had told him that he simply wished for a new body, so that he may experience that sense of feeling that he had lost so many years ago. As the EQuartz worker had no idea how to do this, he had sealed Masuda's soul within a crystal and had taken it to Jared, whom she believed at the time could do something about it.

After examining Masuda's situation, Jared had decided it would be best for him to construct a substitute body for the soul. He had built a colorless, generic chameleon body out of aluminum. As soon as it was completed, Jared had inserted the soul-crystal within a panel on the puppet's back, which had given it life, and Masuda a new body.

Immediatly, Masuda had felt a strange new power dwelling within him, and had decided to utilize it for a quick escape. His shadow had begun to segment itself into thin lines and rise up his new body, then leaped off and attached to several nearby EQuartz War Machines, to where his arms split apart to reveal knives stuck where one would normally have bones, which then popped out and pierced his new body, which had given him great pleasure like it once had many years ago and killed all of those who were affected by his shadow-tagging. As it turns out, these abilities were gained because the crystal he was sealed inside was an experimental EQuartz Enhancer Crystal, which had given him new powers from overexposure to the energy contained inside.

After witnessing what he's now capable of, Masuda had ran out into the night to abuse his new abilities for his own personal gain. As time progressed, Masuda became well known throughout the world as the "Self-Inflicting Devil," being pretty much invincible to the common man and even to some of the strongest beings on Mobius. He currently works secretly in EQuartz' Eastern Sector as an assasin-for-hire, where the rules are much looser than that of EQuartz Central, allowing him to kill as he pleases to make ends meet.


Masuda, in his past life, always enjoyed things that normally brough pain to "normal" individuals. This transferred over to his current form via a network of built-in pressure sensors that translates pain as pleasure and vice versa. He also has the ability to basically connect his nerves to another persons through umbrakinesis (where he channels part of his soul into his shadow, then connects his shadow with that of an opponent's) and have them undergo the exact same experience as him, though what the other person feels is normal to other beings (meaning that pain = pain and pleasure = pleasure for them.)

Masuda's pain-split works with nearly any type of attack. It works best with up-close physical/weapon based attacks, as the close range requires little time to transmit the pain to the opponent. At the same time, long-ranged attacks build up the pain within fragments, which are steadily streamed through the spiritual-shadow and gradually wear down an opponent. Higher-level attacks build up more pain, as one could easily guess, which fragments into larger amounts of recoil for Masuda's victim, so it's best to try using tactical chip-damage moves to at least protect yourself.

An ability that Masuda always had was ferrokinesis, or the ability to control metals with one's mind, though could only ever use this on knives and other small utensils. Through this, Masuda learned how to detach segments of his body and still be able to use them perfectly. Being contained in a synthetic body, Masuda has no need to eat, even if he ever wanted to.


As opposed to his ability to feel pleasure instead of pain, Masuda feels pain when one would normally feel pleasure, such as from relaxation or a good tasting food. In fact, Masuda would often try to starve himself when he was younger so that he could avoid the pleasure (translating to pain in his mind and later his body) of eating. Another weakness is that if one can remove the soul-crystal from his body, it will instantly cease movement, as the crystal is what controls the body.


Masuda's synthetic body resembles a blank white Mobian of no identifyable species, though at the same time has a long tail sprouting from his rear, this having a tip as sharp as a fresh katana. His eye area is simply pure emptiness with a light-blue circle to act as his eye. Masuda usually can be seen wearing a worn-down hat resembling those worn by rice workers, with faded brown color and multiple holes, along with a similarly worn-down suit, once clean and white, having been stained black by the blood of his targets, though still retains.


  • The idea of a character feeling inverse affects from combat is an idea that the creator had wanted to make a character around for some time now.
  • Masuda's main name was based on that of Junichi Masuda, a major asset to the Pokemon franchise, though the name was only picked because it sounded somewhat like Masochist.
  • The reason he is referred to as a voodoo doll is that often those are used to represent objects that can cause pain to people with little explanation as to how it works beyond "Magic."
  • Masuda does not appear in The EQuartz Committee until very late in the series.
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