Master School is a fan show about Cyclone the Hedgehog , Jewell the Hedgehog and Irma Hegine the Hedgehog exploring a mysterious School which goes by the name Master School leaded by a rabbit named Miss. Erens. Miss. Erens and the other teachers try to keep the students from finding out that Rank S former students have snuck into the School. Unfortunatly, certain students do find out and Cyclone, Jewell, Irma, Kaelin and Luna start to interfere.


Main three

Cyclone the Hedgehog

One of the only sane rank S students (The others being Kaelin and Shadow). She can get a little bossy or arrogant but she tries her best to hide it from the others (Mostly fails) so she doesn't look like "The second Mia". She can also act like a leader. She has a running gag that when she's surprised, her hair springs out straight and then curl up back to normal. She is secretly hiding in her emotions.

Jewell the Hedgehog

Jewell is a new student. She is also a galaxy traveller. She is a gadget battler who uses bombs and grenades as her weapons along with a teleporting device and rocket shoes which she earns from Vanessa. Amber, when she was forced to be evil, implanted Mary's soul/ power into Jewell to keep Mary alive. This has made Jewell have visions of her getting scratched in the eye and the body of Maria trapped inside of a pod. Jewell is a very strategic fighter aware of openings and surprise attacks.

Irma Hegine the Hedgehog

Irma is a friendly girl who is the least mature of the main three. But she still is mature. Some people think she's an idiot but she's actually pretty smart. She can just have random thoughts. It's also that she likes positive stuff. She also has a major crush on Shadow. She is suspicious on the kangaroo girl who attempted to kill Kate named Lady.

Other main characters

Kaelin the Hedgefox

A rank S exactly in line with Cyclone. She has the power to shoot ice, fire and average magic beams. She is sometimes used for comic relief but can do something plot wise. She can act like a cousin to some characters but she can still can be immature at times.

Luna the Skyhog

Kaelin's best friend Luna is secretly a skyhog. But in Master School she acts very confident and energetic to fit in more and accomplishes to do so. She's a rank A and has the power to shape blue energy beams and throw them at others. A running gag is that she eats Kaelin's food like yogurt and cake and then Kaelin either pulls out a hammer or transforms into her dark form and chases her.

Supporting/ recurring characters

  • Amber the Hedgecat- The leader of the safety crew. She was formally a rank S but joined the safety crew therefore she isn't aloud to compete in battles or actually take classes based on battles and gaining ranks. For some reason, it is hinted she is working for Lord.
  • Terra- Also a member of the safety crew, Terra is Amber's partner. She also hints that she works for Lord but she's less suspicious. Terra is a friendly outgoing and inspiring girl who can turn her finger nails into claws.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog- Irma's roommate and love intrest. Shadow had a dark past causing himself to show less emotion besides in front of Irma just so he can make her happy considering she is one of his only friends (the others being Rouge and Omega, Rouge being best friend). He is also the strongest student in the entire school.
  • Lord the Bat- A mysterious man who is responsible for missing students. The more he appears the more the girls find out and then have more questions about him. They confirmed him Rank S considering he is able to defeat Cyclone and Kaelin.
  • Vanessa the Cat- A (quoted by Kaelin) Tsundere. Vanessa refuses to love someone and shuts out everyone. Lord also resembles the guy who she was working for before she became ally to Knight. She calls everyone "acquaintance" and never says "friend".
  • Cassie the Rabbit- A quirky, girly, bratty bunny who is often seen around Vanessa being her personal follower. Due to them being paired as roommates/ Partners, Cassie thinks she can no longer leave her side and will go on any mission/request with her no matter how dangerous.
  • Mia "Mialeena" the Hedgehog- A princess/damsel in distress who shuts out from emotions such as depression, sadness, embarresment, despair, anger or any negative feeling. This leads her to be very stuck up and obnoxious towards the main heroes.
  • Velvet the Cat- A former alien who was eventually considered a citizen. Finally in the school, she hangs out with Mia, who she has grown a close friendship with. Unlike Mia, she is very friendly and isn't afraid to express her emotions to others.
  • Roland Diaty- Mia's boyfriend who carries all of her stuff around. He doesn't do much to the actual story. He only just hangs around Mia.
  • Trinity the Hedgehog also known as Tracy for short, Trinity is an arrogant girl who judges people by how powerful they are. She, at first, hates Jewell and tries to rematch the fight from exams with her. She fights with her weapon of choice: An oversized scythe that is almost bigger then her (Not including the blade). Trinity is a determined girl who is seen by the others as a Tsundere at first but then the others get to know she's a nice person inside.
  • Kate Ice- Trinity's roommate. She doesn't do much except hang around Trinity a fair lot.
  • Miss. Erens- The principle of the school. She is very aggressive (Especially to Irma) and never holds back on harming a student. a lot of students are actually afraid of her but she is actually being strict for their own safety. She doesn't care if the student if hurt, she just cares if the student is alive.
  • Bubbles- Irma's pet Chillarmy.
  • John- A flirty echidna who has the power of immortality. He gets beat up if he does something "perverted" and despite being immortal, he isn't very strong.
  • Lady- A strange kangaroo girl that tried to kill Kate. Irma is very suspicious of her and feels weird around her. Of course, Irma is the only one who thinks this. Nobody else cares about her mainly because nobody knows anything about her.
  • Mellinda- A sidekick of Lord.
  • Pritty- The other sidekick and fiancé of Lord.
  • Elisa- A red headed girl who starts off as a murderous sociopath that doesn't appear until season 2. She is another Rank S.
  • Gabby- A young girl who relies on technology to fight although she doesn't show it much.

Opening and Closing sequence

Opening sequence:

Closing sequence:


Season 1

Episode 1



Jewell TH joins Master School meeting Cyclone, Luna, Kaelin and Irma. The girls are taken into a yearly exam where they are joined by Irma's roommate Shadow. The battles then begin.

Episode 2



Cyclone tries to get along with Trinity but she's too mad at losing to her once she put her gaurd down. Later, they have a substitute and Luna and Kaelin start acting wierd. When suddenly, everyone has purple eyes.

Episode 3



Jewell goes through her first fight. She then learns more about how the fights work. Meanwhile, Irma is invited on a field trip where she befriends a young girl.

Episode 4



Miss. Erens is told about Irma's attacker and the main students eavesdrop hearing that rank s creatures are invading the school. Jewell also meets Vannesa who tells everyone about students going missing.

Episode 5



Luna and Kaelin investigate the students acting immature. This starts to drift them apart.

Episode 6



An episode focused on Mia. She is trying to get stronger then Cyclone with the help of her teacher, Mrs. L. There's a subplot where Jewell has a fight with a girl named Ebony.

Episode 7



Vannesa is going on a request where Cassie, Luna and Kaelin join her. Vanessa is also thinking about her emotions as the mansion tries to get her to love again.

Episode 8



Shadow has too much detentions so Irma goes to some time travelers so she can erase all of his mistakes aware of how dangerous it is. Shadow goes after her with the help of Amber.

Episode 9



Everyone finds out about Shadow's disapearence and try to see if Lord has anything to do with it. They also investigate Amber who has been acting wierd.

Episode 10



Cyclone, Jewell and Irma go to Lord's headquarters to help Amber and save Terra so they can release them from enslavery.

Season 2

Episode 1



The girls go back to School and find a creepy Rank S

.Episode 2



Irma finds a ghost while Jewell invites the others to an anime convention.

Episode 3



Trinity the Hedgehog trying to figure out her mistakes but fails.

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