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Massacre is a monster created by Chaos, he has in intent for destruction and he was created by Sonicstar3000

He is seen as one of the primary Antagonists in SS3K's Community, next to the Gaiaphage.


Unlike Chaos, Massacre has the ability to talk. This gives him a much wider personality. Such as him insulting people and angering them, or using Spells to put them under his control/damage them/etc.

He want to kill anyone that would disagree with him in has plans to absorb all the energy from Mobius.

However, after his return, he'd completely changed and was willing to give the heroes a hand with anything he was needed for.

Friends [Only Applies before rebirth]


[Any Enemies that are on Friends only apply before Massacre's rebirth]


[Before rebirth] Joseph the Wolf - Joseph, like many people, hates Massacre, but to a level where no-one else is at with him. Massacre needed strength after being attacked by Flame the Hedgehog (Boombomb) and teacher Stacy (Gurahk) when he snuck into a burning classroom at Hareta Asa High School. He decided to absorb Makoto [see Jokoto], this angered Joseph, so much that his anger raged into his Yiao blood, causing him to transform, and eventually slicing Massacre in half.

Makoto the Dog - [See Above] Makoto was running out of the school with Joseph to escape from the fire, until they were blocked by Massacre, Makoto stood back, hoping Joseph would win, eventually, Massacre Approached her and absorbed her and her Gaia for strength, Angering Joseph. [See Above]

Maya the Echidna - Massacre wants Maya to be his, he constantly wants to win over Maya's affection even in times of extreme crisis. He also tries to kill Drake to win her over.

Drake the Hedgebat - [See Above] Massacre wants Maya to be his, but, as she loves Drake, Massacre tries to kill him.

James the Blue Jay - When Makoto was absorbed, Joseph was determined to get her back, and James decided to give him a helping hand, during the battle, James shared his Hyper Energy with Joseph in order to kill Massacre.

Maybe More?


Massacre looks much like his "father" Chaos, with a few differences

  1. He has pink-red eyes
  2. there are no visible organs inside him
  3. he wears shoes
  4. he has batwings

He is an all-around type because of these minor differences from Chaos, if he runs, he will not tire easily because he wears his boots, they also could be used as foot protection (Which shoes pretty much are). His batwings will help him to fly, to pursue victims who will get airborne, he flies very swiftly and has not made any crash landings at all.


  • He is seen as one of the primary antagonists in SS3K's Community next to The Gaiaphage.
  • His Personality gives him an "evil dictator" feel.
  • It is interesting to note he has similarities of character Cell from the Dragonball Anime/Manga/Games
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