Mason the Cougar, also known as Mason the Mountain Lion and Mason the Puma, is a character set to appear in the upcoming story Reign of Terror. He is a cougar from the Mountain Lion Clan who helped Rogue Tribe free The Tribes from Scourge the Hedgehog, and afterward, he joined the Storm Fighters as a warrior.


Mason is a Mobian mountain lion about as tall as Austin. Like all mountain lions, he has mostly tawny-brown fur with a white underside, black ears with white insides, a black tail-tip, two black streaks on his face(on either side of his muzzle, similar to a cheetah's), and amber eyes.


Unlike Lightning's initial arrogance, Mason started out as a stern and stubborn fellow, but eventually thawed out with help from the children. Like all Tribe groups, he cares deeply for the children.


Mason's past until Reign of Terror is unknown outside of the fact he grew up in the Mountain Lion Clan. Mason became interested in the Storm Fighters when Austin's Rogue Tribe came by his Clan to free them from Scourge, and he traveled along with them when they left. After the first big battle with Mephiles the Dark at the Storming Base, Mason became a warrior alongside Lightning.




Mason is the second cougar to appear in the series, after Neal, who was forgotten and officially removed.

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