The Mask of Nightgrasp is a powerful ancient relic more then 25000 years old. It was created by the Kami of Nightgrasp, adrak magic user of Godlike status. It has been stolen twice, changing hands from owner to owner. It has many dark aligned powers, and can be used to cast many spells.


The Mask is pure black color, a deeper shade than the blackest obsidian. A red aura emits around it from the sheer power of the mask. It is 15 inches tall, and 10 inches wide. It is lighter then one would expect,  being barely a pound. There seems to be a replica of Nightgrasp's face carved into the structure of the mask. Scribbled into is edges seems to be numerous arcane sigils, seals, and demonic markings etched everywhere.


The mask has many powers that it gives the user. These include:

  • Extreme Arcane Magic Amplification:The owner of the Mask of Nightgrasp has the power to amplify his or her arcane magic and its attributes tenfold using simply the focusing power of the mask. By gathering enough energy, this can be amplified further, potentially allowing a spell to affect an entire planet in a "World Spell".
  • Power Granting:The mask gives the user an aura of Divine power. This power cannot be directly accessed by the user, but it can be channelled to any other person the owner so chooses. The targeted person then has each of their thoughts and actions unkowingly monitered by the owner of the mask. However, they aquire the ability to cast Divine magic spells granted to them by the owner. If the owner so chooses, or is slain/loses the mask, all people connected to them lose their divine spells. In rare occaisons, the owner will keep this power after losing the mask.
  • Psychic Energy Well:The power of the mask can be used as fuel for psychic power. The Mask generates its own power, allowing the user to effectively draw a neverending supply from it.
  • Augmented Senses:The owner of the Mask gains multiple mundane senses and several supernatural ones. Additionally, his normal senses are supercharged.
  • Regeneration:The user gains a super fast rate of healing while possessing the mask. This allows them to survive highly severe, almost mortal injuries.
  • Dark Power Siphoning:The Mask can transfer dark power through itself, acting as a kind of hyperconductor. The energy can then be transferred into the user, or stored into the mask. Even a conscience can be "stored" on the siphoned power and trapped within the mask.


The mask was first owned and created by the Mask of Nightgrasp. She then lost it by unknown means, and it ended up in the hands of Saevius the Serpent in an alternate world called the Hellzone Chasm. Alcagorn the Black later visits the plane and kills Saevius. By that time, Saevius had turned into a mindless Zombie. Alcagorn finds the mask and takes it.

The Kami of Nightgrasp tries to take the mask back from Alcagorn, but fails. The dragon later lost the relic when he was killed by Cyron.

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