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"A hero must be willing to put the lives of others ahead of their own... to risk forfeiting their own lives so that others may live another day. They have to accept that the most difficult decisions will challenge them in exchange for the safety of others, and they have to bear the strength to meet that challenge and shoulder the consequences themselves. It's their way of making a change in this world. However, they must learn how to make the best out of things that they can't change... to determine what will save the most lives, and how it will affect them and the future ahead... a fellow Operator gave me those words to live by the day I enlisted..."
—Masako, stating her definition of a hero.

Masako Haruno is a Japanese vixen working for OmegaCorp Research & Security Consulting, inc.. As OmegaCorp's most skillful blademistress, she is currently at the top of her rank among OmegaCorp's elite. She is also one of the few people on Mobius to have received Lyndis' favor.


Masako is a pink-furred fox with blonde hair and white fur on her muzzle, chest, and tail tip. She has grey skin, as seen on her soles and on the inside of her ears. She looks similar to her sister, Reiko, but she has a slightly more althetic build and she does not style her hair into a ponytail.

When off-duty, she typically wears a light blue kimono with a snowflake-print pattern with white platform sandals.

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Omega Strike - Masako moves at faster-than-light speeds to attack her target. There is a brief delay before she executes this attack, and she also needs time to recover after using it. If there is more than one target present, move to each one and attack in quick succession.

God Slash - Masako creates a seal that stops an enemy attack, allowing her to counter it with a reversal.

Divine Riposte: Masako creates a large seal in front of her that locks an enemy in place when struck with a melee attack, allowing her to perform a deadly slash combo on her target.

Ruin: Masako attacks her opponent with an arcane explosion cast from her hand.

Ruinga: A powered-up version of Ruin that creates a large arcane explosion. There's a brief delay prior to detonation.

Sword of Justice: Masako raises her sword to the sky, bringing out every ounce of her own power and channelling it into the blade, turning it pure white and extending its reach to the heavens. She then slashes down on anyone unfortunate enough to be her enemy.

Frostbite: Masako utilizes ice magic to create a structure of permafrost at her desired location. She can use these to attack her enemy or provide defensive cover for herself.

Frost End: Masako infuses her blade with the power of ice, releasing ice shards with each swipe while also chilling anyone struck by her attacks.

Absolute Zero: Masako deep-freezes the air around her before stabbing her blade into the ground, creating an immense blade of ice in front of her.

Levinbolt: Masako uses lightning magic to strike her opponent. The nature of this ability allows her to guide its path, making it hard to avoid.

Mercurybrand: Masako infuses her blade with the power of lightning, which causes every stroke of her blade to summon lightning bolts.

Zantetsuken: Masako takes to the sky, ravaging the earth below with a series of lightning bolts.

Heavenly Whirlwind: Masako uses wind magic to disrupt her opponent with whirlwinds, allowing her more ease to strike them with her blade.

Gale Blade: Masako infuses her blade with the power of wind, accompanying each attack with winds sharp enough to cut through flesh, extending the reach of her attacks.

Hurricane: Masako creates powerful winds around herself, violenting throwing any enemies caught inside.

Pyroblast: Masako uses fire magic to deal heavy damage to targets within an area. This can also ignite enemies and cause them to take damage over time.

Afterburner: Masako infuses her blade with the power of fire, giving each slash a chance to ignite enemies. Her strikes also spread lingering flames, turning any surface into a potential hazard.

Dragon's Breath: Masako creates a massive flare that resembles a Chinese dragon of sorts, then releases it to mercilessly hunt down her enemy.


As the first born of her generation of the Haruno family line, Masako was raised to be an expert swordswoman. However, Masako is revealed to be a special case, being gifted with superior genetics while her younger sister received the recessive genes. This gave Masako superhuman agility along with a nearly unnatural ability with the blade.

She is also unable to be incapacitated. This allows her to continue fighting no matter how injured she becomes.


Her pride and confidence can put her in very dangerous situations. She'll continue to fight at times where she should flee, and take other unnecessary risks to get the job done.

She's also prone to overextending her blade attacks when she gets cocky. This makes her somewhat easier to counter.

Null-Magic technology prevents her from using any of her magic attacks. However, Masako is a terrifying opponent, even without her magic.


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