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Mary Savage is a young raccoon that is studying the ways of the Church of Vulkhanis in the aim of becoming a priestess.


A tall and bulky raccoon who does not seem to suffer from the normally limited rations provided to trainees of the Church, Mary is fairly plain in her features, with black and white fur patterned like all raccoons in conjunction with peach muzzle skin and faintly beady brown eyes. Despite her size, she often seems to carry herself in a way to suggest that she is looking to preach or share the word of her god.


Despite the distaste the Church shows towards the Fire Clan of Fiamme; many of the rank-and-file members dress in a manner very similar to them and Mary is no different. With a well worn course linen tube-top and a long skirt of sorts; Mary makes one concession to "fancy objects" with a fairly large necklace emblazoned with the meteorite-like emblem of the Church.



As a priestess, Mary's ability to manipulate her natural element of Fire is primarily oriented in manners to enhance and empower her teammates rather than directly enter combat herself. With complex praise rituals that draw out the power that "her god provides", she aims to draw out Vulkhanis' might into her allies.

In the rare occasion that Mary finds herself in actual combat, her fighting style is rather uncomfortably utilizing her magical incantations to light things on fire, including herself. She claims that her god allows her to do this without being harmed, though many pyrokinetics are capable of similar feats. Due in part to her age and her training as a noncombatant in the Church's crusades against the Elemental Clans; her fighting style is not deemed as being threatening.

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