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Marvin the Hawk
Roleplay Appearances

Marvin the Hawk is a member of The Silver Huntsmen, and serves as one of their trainers, responsible for taking care of the creatures used in the arenas. He is also an ex-boyfriend of Avalaine the Eagle, who is a Sub-Boss of the Soumerca Egg Army.


Meeting Avalaine, and the Break-Up

Not much is known about Marvin, though it is implied that he had once dated Avalaine and were in a relationship with each other. Of course, it only lasted for just a few days before Marvin showed his true colors, including being a complete creep and going as far as to torture a helpless creature by tasing it repeatedly with a taser rifle. Mortified from this, Avalaine broke up with him, lashing out that it was a mistake by dating someone who enjoys pain far too much for his own good.

Joining The Silver Huntsmen

Physical Description

An athletically fit hawk, Marvin has yellow feathers and red-orange eyes. His beak is orange in color. His feathers are relatively thick, like a second skin. His claws are as sharp as Avalaine's as well, which are entirely covered in metal, which likely indicate he had gotten robotic limbs through unknown means. He also carries a sling around his back, which can contain various, smaller items inside, with his signature weapon, the taser rifle, holstered around his back. His boots are also red orange, matching his eyes.


Marvin has good flight around the skies without tiring himself and with sharp eyes, he can easily scan the environment around. In addition, he uses the taser rifle, which has a good amount of range and if there is a full charge, it can stop a charging foe cold, leaving them in serious paralysis for the others to either attack or capture them.

If approached closely, he can put his beak to excellent use; because of the sharpness of his beak, it can easily puncture steel walls, and even deal serious damage to unarmed foes. And his claws are quite sharp as well and can cut through steel like butter.


He isn't as physically strong as other members, and the taser rifle may not work against electric-wielders with a high resistance of being electrocuted. And he isn't physically strong enough to take on stronger opponents without additional assistance and relies on long ranged attacks. The taser rifle also has limited use and if fired too many times, its charge will be depleted, rendering it useless until its fully recharged again.

Friends and Foes






Marvin views himself as a 'man with good looks' at first glance, though he's known to take advantage of those who were romantically interested in him, mainly with Avalaine. He is an overall sleazeball and even takes pleasure in torturing and hurting other creatures for his own entertainment, and doesn't seem to feel the least bit sorry of his actions. Of course, he had never liked Avalaine due to her current occupation.

Still, he has limits when it comes to disciplining creatures and still trains them, even if it meant roughing them up a bit. He is also quite cocky at best, even making taunting remarks at his opponents, especially towards Avalaine as to create provocation.