Marvelle is a 15 year old female serval that currently lives in the United Federation. Her body is composed almost enirely of liquid water.


Marvelle is very curious. If she doesn't percieve something as a dangerous, she will usually investigate it, starting from afar, then getting closer as she examines it more. She is usually very cheerful, and usually smiles. Almost all of her responses are non-verbal, as she has trouble speaking due to her studder.

Marvelle is an excellent swimmer, and spends whatever time she can in the water. Due to her upbringing, she doesn't appear to be as intellegent as others of her age. However, her knowledge of water and aquatic life is far beyond college level.

Marvelle is terrified of pollution, since it kills marine life and can cause her to become incredibly sick. Even something as simple as water changing color can frighten her. If the pollution is bad enough, Marvelle will attempt to leave whatever body of water she is in.



Marvelle is a tall serval with a slim body. Her fur is a light blue hue when solid. She has long, flowing deep blue hair. Her ears are rather tall. Her face is a creamy white hue. Here eyes have a grass green shine to them. When she is in liquid form, Marvelle's body appears as a mass of flowing water shaped like her normal form. If the water around her is contaminated, her form will change with it. Due to the shape of her water form, she is sometimes mistaken as a mermaid or other mythical aquatic creature.

Marvelle has an impressive build, with well toned muscle structure, especially for her age. This is more apparent in her solid form, but even in her liquid form her features stand out.


Marvelle commonly wears no clothes. She has no reason to, since she spends most of her time in water, and any solid objects on her body when she turns to liquid are left behind unless crafted to not do so with supernatural means.


Not much is known of Marvelle's past. She herself can barely tell you anything about her past other then that she faintly remember being seperated from her mother. She has spent most of her life in the water with barely any other human interaction.

Under hypnosis, Marvelle has very faint memory of her parents, and she believes they may have been seperated when she fell into a river and awakened her powers. How much this can be trusted is unknown, however.



Marvelle has very fait memeories of her parents. Whether she has any other biological family members, or if her mother and father are sill alive is unknown.


Marvelle communicates with very little people, and even less tend to stay around (mostly because claiming to speak to a water elemental is grounds for insanity). However, peoples who possess powers tend to get along quite nicely with her.

  • Tyler the Echidna: Tyler is a good friend of Marvelle, and seems to spend a good amount of his time watching her. When questioned about it, he simply satates that he wants to observe her and her powers. He brought Blitz the Wolf to join him, thus resulting in their friendship.


Marvelle has a large array of water based powers due to her liquid form. All of these powers allow her to take full advantage of her foorm and her preffered enviroment. Due to her powers being neccessary to her survival, she

  • Liquid Form: Marvelle is composed of liquid water, which grants her the following abilities.
    • Instant Healing: Marvelle instantly heals from all mundane physical attacks; her body will just reform when she is hit. Fire, Lightning, Ice, and other similar attacks will cause her severe damage. 
    • Limited Shapeshifting: Marvelle can alter her body shape in order to fit through gaps and crevices. However, she must reform herself after some time. On the extreme end, she has splattered into pieces and reformed instantly.
    • High Speed Underwater Movement: Marvelle can go as fast as 120 miles per hour underwater with her power to manipulate the water around her. with this, she can create whirlpools, or potentially swim up a small waterfall.
    • Liquid Nourishment: Marvelle can obtain any nutrients she needs to sustain herself from the water she is in while she is in liquid form. This allows her to go very long periods of time without eating food.
  • Water Manipulation: Marvelle can manipulate water via willpower. While her skills are mostly unrefined (she has had no reason to proactice them) she can still pull off some impressive feats, such as creating large waves to attack enemies.
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