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Marunha Gekido

Ferocious and bloodthirsty, Marunha Gekido ("MAH-roon-ha guh-KEE-doh") is a member of Hell's Hounds, a group of demons who serve Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. She is the embodiment of the Deadly Sin of Wrath.

Physical Description

Mobian Form

Marunha primarily appears in the form of a fairly athletic Mobian Tasmanian Devil. Standing a little over three feet tall, she has a fairly short, pointed muzzle, small, triangular ears, and a slim, medium-length tail.

Her fur is primarily black in color, with an ash gray muzzle and tail tip. Her hair, which is medium-length, wild and messy, is dark red in color, and her eyes are rosso corsa. She has a collection of red markings adorning her body, and also carries her Symbol, the Red Sword, on her back.

True Form



"You're nothing but an insect fit to be crushed!"
Base Stats
StrengthGreat -> Godlike
(depending on Retribution level)
EnergyAverage -> Great
(depending on Retribution level)
Other Stats

As Marunha's primary form is that of a Tasmanian Devil, she has all the abilities of that species, namely the keen sense of smell, frighteningly powerful bite, and heightened ferocity. Like regular Tasmanian Devils, she can also let loose a powerful, ear-piercing screech, and can use a few other sound-based techniques, such as Roar and Furious Bellow.

Like the other Hounds, Marunha can manipulate HellMagick, and primarily uses physical, melee-range techniques of this "element", like Wretched Fang and Wicked Claw. While she does have access to some energy-based attacks of the HellFyre "element", they are considerably weaker than her physical attacks. Even without her unique power in play, her physical strength is quite good, and she can lift up to 200 lbs. with ease. However, without her unique power, her physical strength is a fair bit lower than that of Guduros Kentan, the Sin of Gluttony.

She is also able to travel between the Putriverse and Mobius, although this is energy-intensive, and she must rest a day before traveling again.

Unique Power: Retribution

This is Marunha's unique ability, and it causes her ferocity and offensive prowess to grow with every instance of damage she sustains. It is something of a double-edged sword, however, as Marunha tends to be stubbornly ignorant of any severe injuries she may receive. While she is relatively fragile, she has incredible stamina, able to keep fighting for long periods of time; and since her power grows with each injury, this makes her downright terrifying in extended fights, especially if the opponent is reliant on melee combat, as she can more often than not overwhelm them with raw strength alone.

At full Retribution, her overall physical strength is on-par with a completely "starved" Valefar, and outclasses Guduros' level of physical strength.


Marunha is also able to influence those who share her Sin, namely those with violent and bloodthirsty tempers. Those people who she is able to completely influence "gain" a Gekido form, wherein they gain the ability to wield Marunha's unique power...but she also has control over them.

Naturally, some people may willingly give themselves over to Marunha in order to wield her power as well, essentially selling their souls to her. In this case, however, those people who give themselves to Marunha always have access to her unique power, and don't utilize a Gekido form.

People that have been influenced by Marunha, or have given their souls to her;

True Form


Marunha is resistant to the Element of Darkness, as well as HellMagick. Fear-inflicting techniques are useless against her, and any opponent who has no choice but to attack at melee range will typically be at a severe disadvantage, purely due to how much Marunha's physical strength skyrockets when at full Retribution, and with how much sheer stamina she has. At full Retribution, she has the strength to send a tank flying with a single strike.


Marunha is weak to the Element of Light. Any opponent who can reliably attack at range and can easily stay far away from Marunha typically has little to fear from her; even though her energy-based attacks do become a fair bit stronger when at full Retribution, she heavily favors melee combat, and she rarely bothers to aim her ranged, energy-based attacks.

She is painfully single-minded, especially when in combat, and this makes it easy to lure her into traps. As she tends to ignore severe injuries, it makes it even easier for ranged combatants to wear her down with little risk to themselves, as she will stubbornly pursue them, no matter how badly wounded she is.

Friends and Foes








As the very embodiment of Wrath, Marunha is bloodthirsty and savage, and revels in combat, especially if she gets to rip her foes to shreds. She loathes cowards, and seems to take a sadistic glee in being as brutal as possible towards them. There is no fight she'll back down from; even if she's as a disadvantage, she'll charge in like a feral predator, with the sole intent of wreaking as much destruction as possible. Because of this, she tends to be incredibly single-minded, and this can easily be played against her.

Positive Traits

  • Brave

Negative Traits

  • Cruel

Neutral Traits



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