Martin the Wolf is a dark gray Wolf Avatar hailing from Red Gate City with his brother Stripe. He will debut in the upcoming prequel A Tale of Two Brothers. Martin and Stripe were both deeply traumatized by the savage murder of their mother Erica and father Nathaniel at the hands of Infinite while he was scoping the city for survivors of his initial attack. While both brothers suffer from severe PTSD, Martin's is worse.


Martin is a dark gray Wolf with a white pattern bursting upward on his pelt, and amber eyes. He wears orange goggles, a green scouter over his left eye, black gloves with a yellow streak on them, black and white sneakers with a Sonic head design on them, and a red plaid scarf around his neck.


While he is the older brother, Martin is the most traumatized of the two. He is very jumpy and nervous most of the time. Whenever he finds himself in a tough situation, he freezes up, and is often prone to panic attacks. Despite this, he cares deeply for his brother Stripe, and tries to take care of him regardless of his own struggles.


Before the Series: Like Stan the Wolf and Rex Storm, Martin and his brother Stripe were born in Red Gate City, where they grew up peacefully until Infinite attacked, displacing their family. Infinite then targeted the family while they were escaping when he scoped the city for survivors of his initial attack. The villain mercilessly murdered Nathaniel and Erica in front of their sons, but let the boys themselves run, only to send a Metal Sonic clone after them. The boys evaded the clone and fled the city, eventually making it to Hedgehog Village, where they lived until the end of the Lamarkie Standoff, where their whereabouts are currently unknown.


Because of his severe PTSD, Martin is prone to panic attacks, and will freeze in the event of any kind of conflict, adopting a "deer in the headlights" look. Because of this, Martin has nearly gotten himself killed several times.


Stripe the Wolf

Martin and Stripe are brothers, and though they are very close, it's hard to tell because Martin is so jumpy and Stripe tends to keep to himself.


Infinite is responsible for the brutal murder of Martin and Stripe's parents when he caught the family escaping. He feigned letting the boys escape, but sent a Metal Sonic clone after them to kill them. They escaped, but were deeply traumatized, with Martin's PTSD being worse and manifesting in his jumpiness and nervousness.

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