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Martha the Leafhog is a helicopter pilot that joined the Aurora Canyon Freedom Fighters in Artika after the destruction of her home by the Artika Egg Army.


Standing roughly average height for a hedgehog, Martha has deep forest green fur and faintly tanned skin on her muzzle; with faint grey markings adorning her quills, a roughly zig-zagged streak running from midway down to the tip of each quill. While once well-kept; the lighter evergreen hair atop her head has grown particularly long for a hedgehog; she often braids it and keeps it under control by slotting it between her quills.

Her eyes are the grey of the polar storms and blizzards common to Artika.


A former member of the United Federations Polar Operations Group; the only relic of her time with that faction is the black fleece-lined black hooded jacket she tends to wear while out of the cockpit. A black thermally-lined pilot suit is worn beneath it; while her old black helmet has been detailed with leaves and vines coiling around the red cross emblem involved in her medical role.



As a leafhog; Martha has an innate command over Nature, though this power was one she tended to neglect until she joined the Aurora Canyon Freedom Fighters due to her arctic home. Martha's old use of her powers was simply to help encourage plants to grow in the frigid environment, often just for a burst of color as well as additional food. Even now, her use of her command over plants and the natural world around her tends to only manifest within the Aurora Canyon's shrubbery and grasses, where her command over them is how she has hidden the entrance to the team's base and her hanger.

Martha was originally employed by the United Federations Polar Operations Group because she had been trained both as a commercial rotorcraft pilot and as a paramedic, as well as her family roots being set back in Artika; and she was excellent at both. Martha's training in medicine, especially in triage and trauma care, proved to be of great assistance in the disaster relief and rescue team; especially since it was not a combat role for the most part. Her skill as a pilot was also not to be discounted, as she is fully capable of flying safely through a blizzard while ensuring the safety and comfort of her passengers. During this time, she was trained in hand-to-hand combat mostly as a form of exercise and self-defense, though not one she expected to use.

After the Artika Egg Army razed her ancestral home, Martha has redoubled her training in hand-to-hand combat and her nature control, with her skill in the mixed martial art worth noting. However, the woman primarily is not a combatant for the small Freedom Fighter group. Instead, she still functions as a medic and pilot for the smaller Freedom Fighter team, and a medical asset for the other small bands within Artika.


A highly skilled rotorcraft pilot; Martha has flown a wide range of helicopters, but most of her time has been spent in a modified Hammerforge Industries Powerlifter Transport Helicopter; customized to be flown in arctic conditions and configured as a personnel transport; as well as an emergency air ambulance if required. Martha is skilled with this civilian helicopter, even though parts and fuel are harder to get without raiding the Egg Army bases.








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