Princess Martha Doom (née Freedom) (November 8, 1940 - August 12, 1992) is the late wife of Shadow the Hedgehog, and the mother of Silver the Hedgehog.


Early life (1940 - 1957)

Martha was born on November 8, 1940 during World War II, after her father, Elvis Freedom assassinated King William Prower VIII and his wife Queen Bella, whom William Prower IX, Sam Prower and Nikki Prower flee to the Kingdom of Acorn. Elvis Freedom married Rebecca Freedom shortly after, and later Martha was born. In 1945, she had a younger brother. In 1948, she had another younger brother. In 1952, she had a younger sister.

Early Years Couple (1957 - 1976)

In June 1957, when Martha was sixteen years old, she met Shadow. They talked eachother for a long time. Shadow and Martha grew up as a couple. In 1966, her father, King Elvis Freedom, died at the age of 47, and his eldest son took control as King of Freedom. However, the couple was still living in Freedom Castle, making Shadow a future son-in-law to King Elvis.

In 1976, Shadow and Martha saw some children of their generation (which were Sonic, Knuckles, Sally, Vector, etc.), Shadow agreed the idea of getting married and having a child.

Getting Married (1976 - 1992)

Shortly after Shadow agreed the idea of getting married and having a child, Shadow married Martha, King Maximilian Acorn was the minister at this time. Shortly after they were married, Shadow and Martha were expecting a child for 1977. Because Shadow was too dark for Freedom Castle, they moved to a place (who is actually Silver's future).

In April 5, 1977, Martha gave birth to Silver. In 1979, she allowed her son to date Blaze. She and Shadow were very close as a married couple.


In 1992, Fang came to Silver's future, where he and his minions ordered to assassinate Martha, so they did. Then, Fang used his gun and shot Martha, leaving Shadow devasted.


After her assassination, Fang left Silver's future, leaving his minions there. One hour later, Silver was raised by Mammoth Mogul, and Shadow left Silver's future and met Rouge. Later that year, Shadow led Dr. Eggman and Rouge to the ARK as part of his own plans to get vengeance for the death of Maria which was the events of Sonic Adventure 2.


Martha seems to take care of Silver when he was young.



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