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Fur: Pure White Eyes: Ice blue
A pale purple dress with many paint splashes

silver frilled cuffs

a red, nearly crimson cape

Light colored shoes with light green socks
Candy Rod

Colored Eggs


Random Stat Changers Candy Elementalist (made that up herself...)

Marshmellow is a cute Easter Bunny in Training. Meaning that she will eventually take over for the actual Easter Bunny currently. As such she attends a special class a few times a week that teaches bunnies on how to become an Easter Bunny.

Spreading Sunshine, Candy, and warm feelings. Marshmellow is the cutest bunny period~!


Currently ten years old, Marshmellow was born on Easter Day, on Easter Island. A very tropical land filled with many giant stone heades. Most of which often suffer from being painted on when she is typically bored and not traveling to a fun new land or city...

She lives at Station Square now with a friend of her families. As her parents couldn't move from Easter Island just yet, she does miss them but she takes a trip to see them at least once every few weeks. Being a young girl, and possibly due to just not showing interest, Marshmellow is single.


  • Marshmellow is (in her own words) a Candy Elementalist.
  • She can spindash
  • Has tried to fly a few times with her big ears but whether this was sucessful or not is currenly unknown...


  • Candy Bubbles: Using her wand, many colored sparkling spheres of candy appear. Very Sticky.
  • Sugar Surprise: A whole bunch of candy falls down on the target.
  • Easter Surprise!: Summoning three colorful eggs, one stores a healing object, one has nothing, and the other has a confetti bomb hidden inside of it.


  • Marshmellow is very sensitive and will burst into tears if people don't accept her presents
  • She isn't really strong physically...
  • Water tends to ruin things for her. Not always but sometimes...
  • If she should happen to run out of candy or be low on energy then her magic weakens severly.


A playful young rabbit girl who is often hiding Easter eggs for people to find. She enjoys pranks, but harmless ones. Never ones that could hurt someone out of fear they will yell at her.

Marshmellow also seems to have a talent in making crafts and candy and claims that everything she uses is 100% hand made by herself.


An adorable bunny made a representative for Easter. She loves fun colorful things and is considered childish by many. Although she is without a bratty or easy to upset nature. She always aims to please and have fun~!

Considered to be very cute, it hard to resist this little easter bunny when she's hopping down your way.


  • Painting
  • Blotch paterrns (Like her dress.)
  • Hide and Seek.
  • Nap time
  • Favorite Foods: Chocolate milk, Candy, carrots, carrot juice.


  • Boredom
  • When people refuse her gifts
  • Seeing a un-found Easter Egg.
  • Wasted Candy
  • Hated foods: Spicy foods, bitter foods, all other vegetables.


A pure white bunny girl with a light pink button nose and powder blue eyes. The inside of her ears are colored light purple/gray. The ends of her ears are fluffy in style and she has very short hair consisting of two spiked side parts ending at her chest, messy bangs, and a very small curled cowlick.

marshmellow wears a light purple dress with paint blotches on it from times she has yet to clean her dres.s Silver, fluffy cuffs. Green socks and silver shoes. She wears a long red cape and sometimes a cute hat. Her weapon is a Candy Rod, the wrapping part can blow up and be used as wings.




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