Marsha Doll (aka Operation Nightmare Cuddlely Pie), just like Tails Doll, is a robotic doll version of Marsha created by Dr. Eggman but was completed by Tails Doll himself for the purpose of being  his love interest and partner in destruction of souls.


Marsha Doll 2
She looks a lot like Marsha. She is a black and light gray fox doll. She has toms of stiches and has a string with a gem on the top of her head, just like Tails Doll. The only difference is that the gem is a magenta rather than red.

Powers and Abilities

She can float just as long as Tails Doll. Her life source is the jem on her head, just like TD. She can transform into a beast that looks nothing like her cute self, similiar to a monster form TD's posseses.


MD's description in Sonic R 2:

As Tails Doll's love interest, she desires to devour the souls of the sonic heroes and murder Marsha, whom she
Marsha Doll 3
believes doesn't deserve to live if she (Marsha) doesn't desire to devour lives. However, besides the gem upon her head, she is just a stuffed animal like TD, but is quite terryfying.
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