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Marsha in Charrie Maker
Biographical Information
Age50(Appears 15)
  • Marsh(By Noven)
  • Black Snake(By Black Doom)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Scales:Black
  • Hair:Black with red marks
  • Eyes:Red
  • Purple top with yellow lighting
  • Yellow pants with purple lighting and hole on one knee
  • White shoes with yellow and purple spots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Anti-hero
  • Chaos powers
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Tiffany Grant
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorUser:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Marsha was one of the prototypes of Project Messiah, who used to be a normal snake given black arm blood. Before G.U.N came, she was taken by Black Doom to be one of his warriors to when he returned. Over the years, her normal snake body change to a mobian with arms and legs, and train as his right hand warrior. Once back on Earth, she was given a mission to killed the members of the Chaos Patrol, so she set out to do, but Shadow and Anna keeps protecting them and she fights them 3 times. Then Black Doom made her use a risky form to which she was scared to do. At the battle for the last member, Shadow and Anna fought her as a giant black and red snake, and after the battle, she thought they would kill her but spared her for seeing her in pain in her form and they left her to fight Black Doom. Then soon, she meet Benzene and started to have feelings with him and soon got married and had a son.


A cunning and mysterious, as wall as being devoted to who worker. Back with Black Doom, she obeyed his every word, till he made he learn fear when he asked her to change. Soon after his deafeat, she went on the road learning the world.


Benzene the Demonhog

She meet Benzene while she was with her twin Noven. She introduce herself as Black Doom's former right hand, and he offered her to be his right hand. She took the offer, and when he calls her, they both shared their new knowledge of the feeling love, which seal them as a couple. Years later they married and had a son named Vemon.


  • The name's Marsha, remember it, for it will be your last.-Introducing herself.



Marsha is a mobian snake who's hair is black with some red marks, her skin is also black with red marks, from her head to her tail, and a white muzzle and belly. Her hair is styled long with a bit of clips, and the front of it is neatly trimed with a triangle in the middle. Her clothes is a purple top with yellow lighting, yellow pants with purple lighting and a hole on the knee, white gloves and white shoes with yellow and purple spots. Her full snake form in the past normal black and the giant snake form is black with red markings.

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