Marrow the Raccoon is a character by Monk the Cat.

Marrow the  Raccoon is a sixteen year old raccoon with the ability to manipulate blood. He got his powers from his father.


Marrow is a quiet, and tense Raccoon, who likes to be alone or with his few friends. He is kind and considerate, but stubborn and loyal. He has a hard time making friends because he either creeps people out or can't communicate with them. He is the type of person to sit back and avoid conflicts, unless his allies are involved in a fight.


He is able to manipulate blood. But his attacks are more focused on hurting enemies than healing others. He can use this ability for life-leaching, basic  healing, controlling other people and re-animating the dead.


Marrow is skilled with three weapons: swords, blow-guns and crossbows. He is also skilled in unarmed combat with two styles: claw based fighting, and unrestricted wrestling.

Items in Possession

  • A full set of Bone Armor: Armor Crafted out of thick, strong bone, completed with a Bone Mask. The chest plate is a collection of interwoven bones that is much stronger than the rest of his armor.
  • A pair of Bone Blades: Cleaver-like Blades carved out of thick, strong bone.
  • A Bone Crossbow: A wooden base, covered in bone to match hiw other apparel and also to make it stronger.
  • Tools for carving: Able to carve wood, stone, and bone among other things.
  • An Ivory Knife: A small, ivory knife carved by his own hands.


(Here is a run-down version)

Age 0-3

He was born 395 years ago to Magnus Bloodson, to be a replacement of the children he lost. He seemed to work at first, but because he was not the same as his other children, he irritated his father when he only wanted attention. Eventually Magnus got fed up with his son...

Age 4-9

Magnus decided to rid himself of the young raccoon; so he went back in time (999 years ago) and gave him to an arena. At the arena met his best friend: Gabriel ???. Also at the arena he underwent hard training. He was trained in wrestling and fighting with daggers and claws. Also at the arena he received his tattoo, scars  and another nasty wound: he was stabbed just below the throat, which made him nearly mute. At the age of nine, he and Gabriel barely managed to escape and fled for their lives to Gabriel's original home. There, they each underwent a hibernation of sorts for three hundred years.

Age 10-12

When they were both "revived" (696 years ago); they were adopted by the monks who were now living in the mountaintop fortress. There, Marrow and Gabriel met two more friends: Tom and Austin. At the "Monastery" the human and raccoon learned much, both physically and mentally. When the monastery was under siege Gabriel, Marrow, Austin and Tom fought to protect their family and friends. Unfortunately they were forced to separate and were all "killed".

Age 13-15

He was again "revived" (403 years ago), but this time, the fort was mainly used as a "last defense" of two factions of kingdoms. This is when he learned the ways of the crossbow, armor and swords. He was one of the people trapped in the "comet".

Age 16

He was "revived" for the last time at the present day. more to come...

Relationships with Other Characters

My Characters

Gabriel ???: The two of them have shared almost all of their experiences until about a year ago. Undoubtedly they are best friends and agree about most things.

Austin Willow: He respects the green cat for his wits and for his generosity. They have known each other for many years and are close friends.

Tom the Hawk: Marrow enjoys listening to Tom's stories, lectures and facts. He respects the hawk to a high degree. The two are friends and allies.

Hezekiah the Fox: Marrow is also close friends with Tom's son: Hezekiah. He also respects the young fox for his attitude, kindness, loyalty and knowledge.

Bladelocke Cutter: He thinks this young "fox" is very gifted in the arts of music and kindness. They are good friends and allies.

Other Fan Characters

Crymson the Cat: One of those people who cares about him. He certainly respects her for that.

Robin Owsparr: A person who tried to help him instead of his usual shunning/ beating. He also had similar treatment as what she had.

More to come...


  • Marrow can often be seeing in strange places; such as alleys and abandoned buildings.
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