Maro the Wolf

Maro is a 24-year-old retired warrior wolf who is dating Kao the Cat (character article: ☀ and lives in the small town of Cookoro Town. Maro is always ready for a fight and would protect their boyfriend to the death!


Maro is a big wolf with shaggy blue fur. Their pointed eye is a toxic pink color. They only have one eye, the other being shut premaritally with a big scar across it. They wear a black shirt with shoulder plates with big spikes on them and black pants. Their big black shoes have metal plates on the toes. When they are relaxing at home, they won't wear such intimidating clothing and instead they'll usually wear a plain black shirt with baggy black sweatpants that have yellow stars on them and white bunny slippers. They walk with a bit of a limp.


Maro is kind and gentle. Just kidding. Maro is a vicious warrior destroying anyone in their path. They take no prisoners and leave no survivors. With their friends, Maro is a quiet yet sarcastic loner who dislikes the company of people they find to be annoying, idiotic, or generally dislikable. They love their boyfriend, Kao, very much and try their best to help him with his anxiety. Maro is sometimes harsh in their criticism of others which makes them come off as cold and distant but they're actually quite maternal to the people they care about. Maro is generally rather calm and patient but, like everyone, they have their limits. Maro has PTSD from being a warrior and often has nightmares about children being killed or entire towns of people being destroyed.


Maro was a warrior but eventually retired after a devastating battle left them badly injured, their family killed, and their hometown destroyed. They refuse to talk about what happened no matter how much you may pry, although if you pry too much they may reach their limit and you don't want to be around when Maro reaches their limit.


Maro is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and combat involving short-range weapons (for instance, swords). They are not skilled at combat from a distance (using a bow and arrow or some other long-range weapon). Despite they're big weapons and armor, they are very skilled at sneaking around and not making too much noise. Maro is also quite skilled in the art of cooking and has taken it up as a way to calm their nerves.

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