Mark the hedgefoxchindbat is a Hybrid who fights in tournaments


Mark was originally just a hedgefox,but when gemerl returned and killed a echinda and a bat,mark used his signature move 20 hook punch to break his fusion core,the resulting explosion fused him with the bat and echinda corpses,giveing him super strenght and super flight


  • hacking games
  • Skateboarding
  • Boxing at grade school
  • Being with freinds
  • Outrunning people
Mark 1

credit to tynic the hedgehog for sprite


  • Ghosts (tries his best to hide his fear of them
  • Evil people
  • Shadow the hedgehog
  • e-123 Omega
  • The master emerald (hes very cautious about Chaos,since hes trapped in the master emerald he tries his best to stay far from it)
  • Kickboxing
  • Bicycle riding


Skateboarding rival: Roller the fox

Boxing rival: Smackdown the echinda

Flight rival: Glide the bat

True rival: none yet


Roller the fox

Glide the bat

Spark the cyan wisp (best freind/pet)

Spark the cyan wisp

On Mark's 11th birthday,he got a pet wisp named Spark,he gave him a headband to match his,then when they went to help snic defeat mecha sonic,he used a new move called star crasher,it didint do much


damage but left him wide open for a homeing attack.The two then became best freinds

Super forms

cyan Mark: absorbing the power of Spark,he gains a much more powerful "cyan laser" form,it also lasts longer

Nitro Mark: Pushing himself to beyon his limits,he obtains a super form stronger than his Cyan form

Galaxy turbo Mark:His strongest form yet,by absorbing the power of galaxy turbo dragoon,he unleashes great power


  • His only rival thats not his freind is smackdown,this is because while Mark says boxing is a pass time Smackdown says its a serious sport,another reason is because Mark has never been defeated by smackdown in the sport,while Glide has once outflew Mark and Roller had won him in a skate-off


640px-Mark the Hedgefoxchidbat (For Meme)

By boombomb

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