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Mark Jamison Bandicoot is the leader of Solarize, a secret faction of the Soleannan Military, as well as a politician in the Soleannan Government.

Mark Jamison Bandicoot

Biographical Information
  • Commander Mark Jamison - Military rank
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Northern Brown Bandicoot
  • Fur: Light brown, w/ black flecks on back, white stomach & chest fur
  • Eyes: Black
Politicians Attire
  • Purple turtleneck shirt
  • Light blue tunic
  • Green belt, w phoenix-shaped buckle
  • Purple slacks
  • Black leather shoes
Military Attire
  • Black military uniform, adorned with ranking of a commander
  • Black full-length jacket, w/ golden phoenix emblem on back
  • Black greaves
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryCryo Revolver
  • Advanced Electrokinesis
  • Heavily skilled martial artist
  • High-level agility
  • Capable of surviving in harsh environments
  • Skilled diplomat
VehiclesE-66 Thunderbolt-type Elemental Tank
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Appearance

Mark Jamison Bandicoot is a reasonably respectable figure, broad at the shoulders and of average height. He is rather muscular with heavy definition in his arms and chest. He has light brown fur patched with black flecks on his back, while his front is white, plus he has a long, wiry tail. His eyes are a dark grey, closer to black than anything else.


While serving as a politician, Mark wears a purple turtleneck shirt under a light-blue tunic, with a green belt bearing a Stellarite buckle in the shape of Solaris, as well as a pair of purple slacks and black shoes. However, in his military career, he wore a black tank-pilots uniform, adorned with Stellarite rank badges, and black greaves. These he retained when he became leader of Solerize, adding a full-length black jacket with the Solerize emblem of a gold silhouette of Solaris on the back.


Early Life

Mark Jamison Bandicoot was born soon after the Solaris Incident in Soleanna, the son of two nobles. He had an average childhood, joining the military upon graduating from high school. For around five years, he served in the military as a tank commander, before taking up a diplomatic position. However, the military was reluctant to let the young bandicoot go, transferring him to a military group that even the royal family didn't know about known as Solarize, the guardians of Solaris.

Solarize Membership

Quickly, Mark fit comfortably into the group, designed to ensure peace within Soleanna by crushing armed insurrection when it occurred, and also as a secret elite force for preventing enemy forces from invading. During Eggman's invasion of Soleanna, Solarize in general had pulled back to defend their headquarters, with the large chunks of Stellarite, the metal used to create Solaris's metal armor, as well as the small shards of the original Scepter of Darkness. However, after the time reset, Solarize returned to their initial purpose. Over this time, Mark, despite serving as a Councillor on the Soleannan Parliament, was promoted into command of Solarize. It was also about this time that Princess Elise discovered the existence of the group, and began planning to use the forces to aid her plot to attack and overthrow nearby nations, to make themselves self-reliant and able to run outside the United Federation.


As soon as Elise announced her plan to attack neighboring countries, Mark was one of the most vocal of her political opponents. He pointed out that G.U.N. was too great a threat for Soleanna's modest military, and in turn, that the only likely outcome was failure. The princess threatened to kill him and his allies for speaking out, but he pointed out that if she killed them, then she would just turn more of her people against her. However, she managed to "persuade" the group with a display of her newly-mastered control over the Flames of Disaster. Reluctantly, Mark went to work commanding Solarize in missions he only barely supported, something that his second-in-command Horace Blake Dragon agreed with. The duo commanded a single mission against another signatory of the United Federation, but quickly grew disillusioned. After Horace failed to defeat the Pyranic Empire, one of the forces which the United Federation turned a blind eye towards, then the duo took it to Elise herself. A brief duel broke out, where Elise easily bested the duo with the Flames of Disaster. She revealed that she was having both exiled, with Solarize to be commanded by a member of her choice, Simeon Blair, an Overlander. She offered both Mark and Horace each an aircraft, allowing them a way out. However, once Mark reached airspace over the Mobian Desert, she had him shot down, leaving him to die.

Alliance with G.U.N.

Out in the Mobian Desert, Mark managed to survive long enough for help to find him - none other than members of G.U.N. Thankful for their aid, he joined the group and together they left the desert, bound for Soleanna. The bandicoot proved himself at this time, using the Stellarite on his person to transform and help the G.U.N. agents pierce the Solerize defenses and arrest Princess Elise. Proudly, Mark was reunited with his adopted daughter, and was restored to his place by the council serving Elise's role.


Mark Jamison Bandicoot trained as both a soldier and member of Solarize under some of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Soleanna, and as such is regarded as being amongst their numbers as one of the greats. His skill has reached the point of being able to go toe-to-toe with those possessing great defensive skills or using explosives and win without taking any damage to his own person. This is built upon by is agility, which is at the point where some of his hand-to-hand strikes can extinguish weaker Fire-based attacks purely with the following air, such is his reflex speed. He is a capable marksman, capable of picking off individual targets at range using his Cryo Revolver, a modified Freeze Blaster sidearm. He is a master of Electrokinesis, with his techniques capable of busting through heavy armor and even Earth-based defenses with only slight difficulty. He has unlocked a mastery color of lightning, with his sparks taking on a vibrant gold, compared to the color of blonde hair. He has also trained in a variety of environments, making him capable of surviving in almost any known environment for longer than most people. Aside for his military abilities, he is also a seasoned diplomat and politician, as well as a connoisseur of spices.

Electrical Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Forms and Fusions

Stella-Charged Mark

Achieved by coming in contact with electrically-charged Stellarite, Mark can access the form whenever he desires by charging the Stellarite items he wears on a daily basis, then touching them. Upon entering the form, his fur turns yellow with black lightning bolt-like markings appear all over his body. His arms thicken slightly, while he forms a pair of sharp fangs and a small set of antennae. The form also generates a constant blue glow, especially in the dark. While in the form, he gains the ability to fly, while the color of his electricity changes to a more camel brown from its normal blonde-yellow. He also gains the ability to utilize Surge-based techniques, which bolster his firepower to levels he normally couldn't reach.


Mark Jamison Bandicoot is devoted to Soleanna, and to preserving peace within the country. As such, he was one of the few politicians not to be swayed by Princess Elise into beginning a war. He is extremely loyal to his team, Solarize, and often spends his time tutoring younger members or reviewing intelligence for missions. He believes fervently in Solaris, and views his transformation as a gift from the God itself. He is strong-minded and courageous, refusing to be forced back by Elise, even going so far as to pointing out that if she would kill him and his allies, she would simply make more people hate her. He is a loving father to Lianne Jamison Echidna, despite the fact that he is her adoptive father. His favorite food is said to be hot sweet-chili flakes.

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