Template:SFW Awards Nomination "My name is Marissa FireRose, but just call me Marissa. I have been through a lot; heartache, happiness, change, you name it.I have been battered and bruised but that has not stopped me! I will do what it takes to protect my home from those that abuse it, and I'M willing to sacrifice myself as I will not rest until I put an end to evil and corruption!!"
-Marissa's headline

Warmth and Compaionship

Current design as of Apil 14th 2017

Marissa FireRose
​is an anthromorphic four toed female hedgehog and the main female lead in the fan made series Angelhearts. Eldest daughter to parents Owen and Louisa as well as the younger twin sister to Astra. She currently lives and resides in Avalon Valley and had her soul linked to the firestones when she was in her early teens. Blessed with the power over fire and lightflare, an ability inherited from her mother and grandmother she currently lives on her own with her daughter Miya.

General Appearance

Marissa-2017 Reference

Reference for Marissa's base form

Marissa is 18 years of age and a female anthromorphic four toed hedgehog. She stands at the standard mobian height for a female adult. Her fur matches that of her real world counterpart, that of a very light cream colour while her spines are a strawberry blonde. In her previous design she always her quills down but as of May 27th 2014, her hair had been styled as a long braid that hangs down. Her eyes are a very light blue and has white skin, as well as white on her arms and legs, these she inherited from her ancestors.


Marissa is usually seen wearing a dark blue and purple dress, which reaches up to her legs, is sleeveless and has a purple belt around her waist to hold it in place. Her desired footwear is simple blue flats.

Story Appearances

- A Fire in a Rose

-Treasured Memories

-Memories of a Lifetime

-Wisdom of the Heart


-Blessing of a Child

-Clash of The Emeralds


-Ghostly Protecter

-A sacred secret within

-True Sacrifice


Fire in the Heart~

Born 3 minutes after her older twin sister Astra in the west contient of Mobius, located in Avalon Valley's hospital. The minute she was born her dormant fire powers became sealed inside her soul when she was no more then a minute old, however her older sister had been bestowed her power over darkness, inherited from their father while she inherited her fire and light elements from their mother.

A terrifying ordeal

The first five years of Marissa's life was a pleasent one and grew up into an energetic and happy child. During her childhood she had met Tori and Storm, two individuals that will become close to Marissa in the future. Things soon spirillad downhill on her 6th birthday when she had developed high fevers, this would later be caused by her powers awakening and was bedridden.

things also escalated quickly one night when her sister's powers had also awoke but had changed her personality, becoming more aggresive and taking on a completey different persona. This terrified the young Marissa, witnessing her sister's abilities spirilliang completly out of control and having to watch her own family members restraining the 6 year old Astra, an incident that had traumitised her.

Reaching her pre teen years, Marissa continued to get frequent fevers and spent mot of her time at home until she was herself again. The relationship with her sister after the incident had left alot of scars and a strained relationship.


Just turning 13 and feeling much better after her reoccuring fevers during childhood, Marissa had developed a more adventerous personality and set off for an adventure to gain experience and learn to control her still dormant powers. Her first adventure though did not go how she planned, having a rather nasty encounter with demon sibling duo Dark Thorn and Vicious Rose.

Because of her still developing powers she was left completly vunerable and almost lost her life if it had not been for Storm and Tori that came to her aid  but was later rushed to hospital, spending a full year in critical condition.

A year after coming out of hospital, she read up about a legend and with the help of some friends had seeked out the firestones. Having to watch Sasha's transformation at night and almost killed to encountering the siblings once again in the firestone's location.

Her life was at danger once again but linking her soul to the stones and to help her against the siblings she came out victorous however she had spent another year in hospital.

Blooming Romance

At some point before her adventures, Marissa had fallen in love with Storm after becoming close to him and started a romance. They got married on their birthdays and Marissa expecting her first child.

Responibilities and Dealing with Loss

Able to pick up her life back on track and settling down to start a family, Marissa became a mother for the first time but tragedy also hit her hard. On their annersivary while Storm had gone out to get a present and dinner for their night he had been killed in an accident.

She was almost at her breaking point, becoming a single mother she became very unhappy and stressed over her ordeal, however she wasn't on her own. In her most desperate time her friends and family had been informed and decided to lend a hand.

Moving on

Recovering well and decideing not to dwell on things she went on the road to recovery. To help her small family out she had taken up a small job at her family buisness protecting her home when the time is right and being a protector to the firestones, which she had locked away in a family vault and is currently working on repairing her relationship with her older sister.

Pyrokinetic Hero-Non Shaded

Pyrokineis, Marissa's main power

Powers and Abilities

Powers and abilities

Marissa's main ability is her power over fire, an ability that has been bestowed on her since her birth. Her soul is made up of at least 50% fire, giving her a natural immunity against heat. She had also inherited light, enabling her to use a power in the family known as lightflare.

Her signature move is her pyro kick.

She does not always rely on her power over fire though. Able to rely on her natural abilities and although can not roll into a ball just yet, the quills on her back . offer protection.

Agile and swift on her feet, Marissa has impressive durability skills and can perform both aerial and close combat based skills.

Special Attack- Lightflare- A pure hot white flame that uses Marissa's two elements to create it. Classed as a special attack it deals alot of damages on those that manipulate darkness.

Fire Burst

Fire Burst


Fire Burst

Marissa's main special form, triggered by tapping into the firestones and also into her ability of lightflare. It increases her abilities and strength in this form, however Marissa uses a lot of energy to maintain this form and does indeed put her life at risk, meaning she now only uses this form only when in dire circumstances.

This form's attire is much more elobrate then her base form and her appearances changes drastically.



Aria-Dark Form

A form rarely seen. This form of Marissa was triggered when the small fragments of darkness within Marissa took over and made her lose control, her pyrokinesis taking a more darker twist, becoming much more aggresive and dark in colour. Marissa has currently kept this form under control in present day.


Chaos Energy- In the Clash of The Emeralds Storyline it was shown that being exposed to chaos energy had an impact on Marissa, causing her great pain.

Whenever she is exposed to chaos energy or if she is too near a chaos emerald, Marissa's condition detirates. If exposed to chaos energy for too long her condition rapidly worsens, causing violent shaking and to the point of collapsing. It is an intense pain that Marissa describes as intense electricity or thorns piercing the skin  

Extreme Cold
Extreme cold weather does impact on Marissa's ability over fire, her abilities therefore become somewhat limited or weakened for a period of time

Demon Venom

Toxic to her, almost died during her first encounter with the siblings

Marissa's over confidence and reckless actions, not thinking before acting can leave her completely vunerable for any attack


Marissa is a caring soul, deeply caring for her friends and family, she is fearless, confident, kind hearted and compassionate, however she has also matured and somewhat serious since becoming a mother at a young age, she also put others before herself and is willing to even sacrifice her own life to protect those closest to them if the situation is looking bleak.

A determined fighter, she fights for what is right at times she will think before acting, however there have been situations where she would act first and thinks later, leaving her vunerable to someone that has the upper hand against her.

When not engage in combat or not working for the family business, she would enjoy stargazing with her friends, reading, cooking and learning new recipes in her spare time. Her disposition is a strong one, pure of heart and built on protecting those in need and has a strong dislike for evil and corruption.

Every hero/heroine has their flaws, while she has her down to earth and caring personality, she is quick to anger if pushed too far by her enemies, short tempered, reckless and over confident, she can also be over protective, she also cannot stand being betrayed or lied to, as this hurts her greatly and can reduce her to tears

Tori-Best friend and ally in combat. A friend of Marissa's since childhood and a rather useful ally in combat. Tori was the one who introduced Storm to her. Willing to help each other out they treat each other like family due to being so close.There has been some tension between them, never less they have a very close relationship.

Astra- Marissa's twin sister. They have a love-hate relationship that has been strained due to events in childhood. Their relationship is currently on the mend and Marissa hopes to be a lot more closer to Astra.

Miya- Marissa's pride and joy, her precious daughter that means the world to her. She will do every thing she can to protect her from harm and any threat that comes her way. Her over protective nature has annoyed Miya but tries to tolerate it.

Renee- An old friend she believed to be dead, their reunion resulted in shock and left her distraught. She received the ultimate betrayal from her former friend due to their trust being completely shattered.

Darren Redblast- Marissa's best friend who originates from World Element. She developed a strong friendship with him for several months but soon separated years later

Storm- Marissa's deceased partner. She knew him since childhood and misses him deeply as she believes he was taken too soon.


Blood Silver-Their confrontation remains a mystery but rumours went around she had a tough ordeal with him.

Vicious Rose- Her most known enemy, she never forgets a face. At thirteen years of age and when her powers were developing she was injured. Since that day she swears to protect her home from this spiteful demoness.

Dark Thorn
She has the exact same hatred for the brother of the deadly sibling duo quoting, "I hope you rot in hell" and "Stay away from me and my family" due to a few hostile encounters when encountering each other on a few occasions.


  • Like her real world counterpart Marissa is a natural swimmer, she especially loves warm water
  • She is the 7th character in the Angelhearts Series that is a mum
  • Unlike most of the canon characters Marissa cannot go near chaos energy or use any chaos emeralds.
  • Is the only character to have an official form in Angelhearts. This can also be due the games lore of the series that male hedgehogs are able to use the power of the chaos emeralds.


Clash of the Emeralds

"Chaos Emeralds? What are those?"

​"So you are saying these emeralds you speak of can turn your thoughts into power, wow they sound pretty powerful"

​"Sonic the Hedgehog? Never heard of him.."

​"That's it, I got all seven"

​"N-Nghh, too much energy need to stop.....s-sorry Darren I cannot use them..."

​"You have to go, you found a way back home Darren?"

​"it's been a honour to call you my friend, best of luck for the future right..."

​A sacred secret within

"Seems like a year ago I got out of that mess, note to self don't try to be reckless"

​"Huh, what a beautiful book, how much is it, wait are you sure? Well thank you so much"

​"I-I'm on my last leg here, n-need something, wait the firestones I can link my soul to them, m-maybe it's my last hope"

​"Thank you guys for believing in me..."


"All right I did it!"-S Rank

"Awesome!"- A Rank

"That was pretty good."-B Rank

"Ah guess that was ok."-C Rank

"Damn, got to try harder next time..."-D Rank

"Nooo, I failed"- E Rank

Battle Quotes

"Guess your not here for a friendly conversation, alright let's do it then"- Before entering a fight

"My flames keep me strong"- Victory 1

"In the end good triumphs over evil"-Victory 2

"Ah can;t win them all I guess"-Loss 1

"You were an honourable opponent"-Loss 2

"Let's do that again sometime"

"Let's end this all shall we, I'm tired of you not giving it your all!"

"oof that hurt"

"Guess i'm on my last leg...I will never give up!"


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