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Mario V Sonic:Clash of Heroes
Sonic Team, Nintendo EPD
SEGA, Nintendo
Release Date
12 December 2018
Nintendo Switch.
Preceded by
Sonic Guardians (de-facto)
Followed by
Disaster Club (de-facto)

Mario V Sonic: Clash of Heroes is a 2.5D crossover fighting game released for Nintendo Switch.


In Sonic’s dimension, Eggman creates a dimensional portal and uses it to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the plan backfires when the portal sends him to Bowser’s Castle. Bowser captures him and take control of the portal. Since he doesn’t know how to use it, he accidentally breaks the machine, sending both dimensions on a collision course with each other. After the two worlds collide, the heroes meet up in the middle. A mysterious being called Meld arrives, stating that he can restore the worlds to their previous state If the heroes of the two worlds fight for his amusement. With no other option, the heroes of both worlds enter the battle.


The gameplay plays out like many other 2-D fighters: there are 2 characters on a 2-D plane that fight each other till the other one runs out of health. There are also different hazards and stage transitions depending on the stage. Each character has a super metre that, once charged fully, allows them to unleash a super move. However, they can also spend part of the metre to use a special move that usually has game-manipulating properties. For example, Shadow’s metre move, Chaos Control, warps him behind the other player. Characters can also have an assist move which summons a character with a special ability to support them.


Main article:Mario V Sonic: Clash of Heroes/Characters

The characters are all listed below.

Mario Sonic

Mario Sonic
Luigi Tails
Peach Amy
Bowser Eggman
Donkey Kong Knuckles
Wario Shadow
Rosalina Silver
Bowser Jr Metal Sonic
Kamec Blaze
Yoshi Rouge
Diddy Kong Big
Dry Bowser(DLC) Omega(DLC)
Kirby(DLC) Amigo(DLC)
Custom Fighter Meld.

Support Characters

Each character is allowed a support character that has various effects on the game. They also have different charge times depending on what they do and may be unlocked at different points in the game.

Character Ability Charge Time How to unlock
Piranha Plant Creates a piranha plant that damages anyone who touches it. Small. Unlocked at start.
Spring Creates a spring that bounces anyone who touches it up in the air. Small Unlocked at start
Koopa Trooper. Creates a koopa trooper for a short period of time. If the koopa is hit, it turns into a shell that goes rapidly bouncing off the sides of the stage, damaging everything in its path. Hitting the koopa knocks it away without damage. Small Unlocked at start
Boost Pad Makes a boost pad that sends the character boosting in that direction. It grants a small amount of super armour on use (the player still takes damage but doesn’t flinch) Small Unlocked at start
Fire Bar. Spawns a spinning fire bar that deals damage over time to anyone touching it. Medium Purchase Dry Bowser DLC.
Fang the Sniper Fang fires 3 shots at the opponent with his popgun. Medium Complete classic mode.
Fire Flower Fire starts spewing out of the player who activated the flower. Medium Complete classic mode on medium difficulty or above.
E-102 Gamma Gamma rapidly fires bullets across the stage. The stream lasts for a few seconds, does a small amount of damage per bullet and doesn’t make the opponent flinch. Medium Purchase Omega DLC.
Espio the Chameleon Espio throws ninja stars that bounce of the edges of the stage Long Complete classic mode on hard or above with a Sonic character or Meld.
Double Cherry Creates another of the player in the background, dealing double damage for a short amount of time. Doesn’t apply to the super move. Long Complete classic mode on hard or above with a Mario character or the custom character
Lakitu Drops spikey shells on players until defeated. Long Win Sonic All Stars mode.
Omochao Flies in front of the camera, obscuring the battle while giving useless advice. Long Win Mario All Stars mode.
8 bit Mario Jumps up and down, dealing damage to anyone on the receiving end of his uppercuts. Medium. Pre-Order bonus or DLC
Classic Sonic Constantly spin dashes up and down the stage at extreme speed. Medium Pre-order bonus or DLC.


There are multiple stages from both Mario and Sonic, including two original stages: World’s Edge and Metalio. The DLC also adds stages from Samba De Amigo and Kirby. Similar to Super Smash Bros, each map has a function which turns off any hazards.

Stage Description Hazards How to Unlock Music
World’s Edge A large plinth of rocky ground between Mario and Sonic’s world. To the left, it is possible to see Dinosaur Island and the Mushroom Kingdom, while too the left you can see the Central City and Angel Island. The sky in the middle of the stage is also a starry night, while the sky on the left is a cloudless blue sky and the sky on the right is cloudy and raining. None Unlocked at start Remix mash-up of Overground from Super Mario Bros and Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.
Stage 1-1 The background and foreground are the same as Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros, except not pixilated A block platform is in the middle of the stage, allowing players to gain the higher ground. However, the blocks can be broken, although they are respawned soon after they have all been destroyed Unlocked at start Remix of Overground from Super Mario Bros
Green Hill Zone A stretch of ground in the Green Hill Zone, with the shuttle loop and waterfalls in the background. Spike are positioned on each side of the stage, damaging anyone who touches them. Unlocked at start Remix of Green Hill Zone.
Peach’s Castle(outside) The outside of peach’s castle, as seen in Super Mario 64. At the right side of the stage, the player to the left can grab the other player and through them through the stained glass window of Peach, sending them into the castle. Unlocked at start Remixed, faster version of Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64.
Peach’s Castle(Inside) The inside of the castle as it appears in Super Mario 64. At the left side of the stage, the player to the right can throw the other player through the door of the castle, sending them rolling outside. Unlocked at start. Remixed version of Slider from Super Mario 64
Seaside Hill(Beach Overlook) A hill overlooking a beach in Seaside Hill. On the right side of the stage, the player on the left can push the other player off the cliff, bouncing them off a long line of Flappers before they land in the Ocean Temple Unlocked at start Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes
Seaside Hill(Ocean Temple) A small platform in Ocean Temple overlooking a large portion of the temple. On the left side of the stage, the player on the right can push the other player into the path of an oncoming rock, which rolls over the player and carries them to the end of the path before abruptly stopping, launching them into the beach area Unlocked at start Ocean Temple from Sonic Heroes.
Angel Island The ruins of Angel Island as they appear in Sonic Guardians. There is a plinth in the middle of the stage with the Master Emerald. Sometimes, if someone hits the Master Emerald, it could either unleash Chaos Blast(Knocking anything close to it away), Chaos Control(freezing the player who hit it until they’re attacked) or Chaos Control’s space manipulation(warping the players to another, hazardless stage for about 20 seconds before returning to Angel Island) Win 3 fights as Knuckles. Remix of Angel Island from Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
Kongo Jungle A wooden platform overlooking a jungle. Two cannons are at each end of the stage. If a player gets knocked into them, they’ll get fired diagonally upwards towards the centre of the stage Win 3 fights as Donkey Kong Remix of Jungle Hijinks from Donkey Kong Country
Space Colony ARK(The Biolizard) The small islands where the battle with the Biolizard happens in Sonic Adventure 2. Going to to the right of the stage may cause the Biolizard to chomp at you, while going to the left will cause it to swing its tail, dealing damage. Also, there is a stage transition on both ends of the stage. On the right the Biolizard will fire an energy ball at you, knocking you through the wall and into Final Rush, while on the left the Biolizard will use its tail to knock you into the yellow liquid, which drains into Cannon’s Core. Complete classic mode with Shadow on easy difficulty or above. Supporting Me from Sonic Adventure 2.
Space Colony ARK(Final Rush) A platform outside the ARK with grind rails surrounding it. A grind rail is at the top of the stage that both players can use to shoot across the stage. Also, both ends of the stage have a stage transition. On the left, the player on the right can knock the other player off the platform, sending them flying around the ARK in its gravitational field before slamming into the Eclipse Cannon and into Cannon’s Core. On the right, the player on the left can knock the player upwards through the hull of the ARK into the Biolizard. Complete classic mode with Shadow on easy difficulty or above. Final Rush from Sonic Adventure 2.
Space Colony ARK(Cannon’s Core) A red platform within the ARK with multiple pillars. The floor sometimes floods with yellow water, which slows movement speed on the ground. The stage also has two stage transitions: on the left the player on the right and throw the other player through the wall and send them flying round the ARK and crashing at Final Rush, while on the right the player on the left can fall into a pool of yellow liquid that is drained and falls in front of the Biolizard. Complete classic mode with Shadow on easy difficulty or above. Deep Inside Of from Sonic Adventure 2
Bowser’s Castle(The Bridge) An updated version of the classic bridge from Super Mario Bros The axes that spawn at either side of the stage can be picked up and thrown, although they regen again later. Throwing them at the bridge destroys the bit it was thrown at. The stage also has two stage transitions: on the right the player on the left smashes the bridge with the axe and hurls the other player in to the lava, sending them to the Lava Field, while on the left the player on the right uses the axe like a golf club and smashes the player into Metal Bowser Chamber Complete classic mode with Bowser on easy difficulty or above. Remix of the castle theme from Super Mario Bros.
Bowser’s Castle(Metal Bowser Chamber) The straight leading up to the large Metal Bowser in Mario Kart Wii. The metal bowser at the back of the stage spews fireballs that roll down the stage and damage anyone in the middle. There are also two stage transitions: on the right the player on the left can knock the other player through the wall, sending them to the bridge, while on the left the player on the right can slam dunk the other player into the lava, sending them to the lava fields. Complete classic mode with Bowser on easy difficulty or above. Bowser’s Castle Inside from Mario Kart Wii
Bowser’s Castle(Lava Fields) A rocky piece of ground outside the castle with lava everywhere. The cannons on the castle bombard the stage. Also, there are two stage transitions. Both knock the player into the cannon on that side of the stage, except the left one leads to the Metal Bowser Chamber while the right one leads to The Bridge Complete classic mode with Bowser on easy difficulty or above Bowser’s Castle from Mario Kart 8.
Windy Hill Zone The zone as it appears in Sonic Lost World Two bumpers at the top corners of the stage knock the player inwards. Complete classic mode with Sonic on hard mode or above. Windy Hill Zone from Sonic Lost World. Can also be changed to Eggman Showdown from Sonic Lost World by holding your controller’s right bumper while selecting the stage.
Luigi’s Mansion A room in the Mansion as seen in the game of the same name Two suits of armour are at either end of the stage that throw any player that touches them back into the stage, allowing for bouncing combos and other gimmicks. Unlocked at start Luigi’s Mansion from Super Smash Bros.
Rainbow Road N64 Rainbow Road as seen in Mario Kart 8. Cars sometimes drive through here, knocking fighters up into the air. Complete classic mode with Mario on hard mode or above. N64 Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 8. Holding the right bumper while selecting the stage changes the music to Lunar Colony from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
Station Square A rooftop on Station Square while being attacked by Perfect Chaos. Perfect Chaos might slam one of his tentacles down on one of the players, stunning them. Unlocked at start Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure.
Park Avenue(rooftop) A rooftop from the decimated Park Avenue with Death Egg Robots in the background. The robots fire slow moving beams that home in on the targeted players. There’s a stage transition on the right side of the stage, which knocks the player on the right down onto the street below. Perform 10 stage transitions on Seaside Hill. Instrumental version of Fist Bump. Holding the right bumper while selecting the stage changes it to the vocal version.
Park Avenue(Street) A street from Park Avenue as it appears in Sonic Forces. There’s 3 platforms in the stage(2 at the sides and one in the middle). Also, there’s a stage transition on the left where the player on the left is bounced on buildings up to the rooftop. Perform 10 stage transitions on Seaside Hill Park Avenue from Sonic Forces.
Dry Dry Desert(Desert) A desert with several ruins. Pokeys occupy the left and right of the stage, dealing damage to anyone who touches it. There’s a stage transition on the right side of the stage that knocks the player on the right off multiple ruined pillars and into the Quicksand Area. Perform 10 stage transitions on Peach’s Castle. GBA Dry Dry Desert from Mario Kart 8. Holding right trigger when selecting the stage changes the music to Bone Dry Dunes from Mario Kart 8
Dry Dry Desert(Quicksand) The quicksand part of the Dry Dry Ruins course in Mario Kart Wii. There’s a pit of quicksand in the middle of the stage. Getting absorbed into it leads to a stage transition which makes the player appear back in the Desert. Perform 10 stage transitions on Peach’s Castle Dry Dry Ruins from Mario Kart Wii.
Chemical Plant The chemical plant as it appears in Sonic Generations. The stage is divided into 6 parts. At any one time, at least one of the parts of the stage has fallen away into the chemical bellow. The chemical does a small amount of damage and knocks people upwards. Complete chapter 1 of Sonic's story mode. Remix of Chemical Plant from Sonic The Hedgehog 2.
Tostarena Ruins The ruins as they appear in Super Mario Odyssey The left and right of the stage have permanent platforms. However, the middle has two sand pillars firing out of the ground. Complete chapter 1 of Mario's story mode. Main theme of Super Mario Odyssey
Metalio A semi-circular room with a floating metal cube in the middle of the stage. Various table line the walls covered in scientific equipment None Complete story mode A completely new theme.
Whispy Woods(DLC) A forest with the titular whispy wood in the background Damaging apples rains from above. Buy the Kirby DLC Remix of Whispy Woods from Kirby’s Dream Land. Holding the right bumper changes the music to Mind in a P.R.O.G.R.A.M. from Kirby Planet Robobot.
Vamos a Carnival!(DLC) Go to this video and go to 50 seconds. It looks like that. It’s possible to drop of the 3 sombrero shaped platforms. If this happens, the player will reappear at the top of the stage. Buy Samba De Amigo DLC Same song that’s playing in the video…whatever it is.

Game modes

The game has multiple modes to play.


A normal battle against the AI or a second player. Select from all unlocked characters, assists and stages.

Practice mode

Practice techniques and combos. The enemy character has infinite health but no AI and your super metre charges instantly as soon as the current combo ends.

Classic Mode

Fight a series of fighters one after the other. There are 5 modes that increases the number of fighters: Very Easy is 3, Easy is 5, Medium is 7, Hard is 9, and Very Hard is 11. The strength of the AI is also increased. The final fight is always Meld, after which a fighter-exclusive ending is revealed (see Mario V Sonic: Clash of Heroes/Classic Mode Endings)

All-stars mode

There are 3 All-Star modes in the game

Sonic All-Stars

Fight all the Sonic fighters in reverse order of their appearance (So the first fight would be Silver and the last would be Sonic). Locked characters don’t appear until they are unlocked.

Mario All-Stars

Exactly like Sonic All-Stars, except with the Mario characters.

Ultimate All-Stars

Unlocked after completing Mario and Sonic All-Stars after all characters are unlocked. It is no longer in appearance order, Meld and the DLC character appear, and the last character is always Sonic or Mario.

Story Mode

The game's main story mode.


Similar to Injustice 2’s Multiverse, Challenges shows various challenges where you have to battle through multiple opponents with various gameplay effects in play.

Tag team

2 on 2 battles!

Online Mode

Fight other players over the internet.

Casual Duel

A battle over the internet

Tag Team Online

Basically what it says on the tin: Tag Team but with 3 of the players playing over the internet.

Competitive Duel

Ranked battles with a progressive rank ladder (F, E, D, C, B, A, and S).


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  • There was a glitch where the grind rail in Final Rush would send you into the Biolizard transition whether you were on that side or not. It has been fixed.
    • There was also a rare glitch where hitting the grind rail in a specific place while activating the Biolizard stage transition with Shadow would instantly activate his Super Move, which would deal damage while the transition took place (although the animation wouldn’t be visible). If the player uses Shadow’s actual special the moment the players arrive in the Biolizard stage, the animation would play out against a black background and the characters would reappear at Final Rush, where the transition can be performed again and the entire glitch can be repeated in practice mode due to the super metre instantly recharging once the combo has ended. This too has been fixed.

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