This is an article about Mario The Mink, a character created by Alphonse Uprising on 08/11/2015.

"Non pasticciare con i miei amici, nemico!"

Mario Ascari is an Italian mink from Isola di Otto. He currently resides in the United Kingdom of Invid, home of his closest friend Tesla Hunt and the Team Radical crew.


Mario, although he seems to be a nerd at first, is a highly intelligent and charming individual. His perfectionistic traits allows him to work his very best and never go complacent. As a result, he's very prideful of his work as a mechanic and bodyman. He tends to be quite flirty around women and is always seeking a romantic mate. Mario has been an aspiring vehicle enthusiast ever since he was in kindergarten, and his passion would continue to grow as the years go on.

Mario is also a patriot; despite never even considering joining the military, he is known to be very proud of his own country and would antagonize anyone who insults it. 




Automobile enthusiast

Just like a living encyclopedia, Mario knows just about every car in the world and how they work.


Does not speak English

Mario's native language is Italian. He does not speak English, which can create some misunderstanding for those who can't understand Italian.

Only able to FIX items; not create them

Mario is only able to fix items, and not create them. This is because he only has a few tools meant for mechanics, and not for engineers.


Mario is armed with several unusually large weapons that were not necessarily designed for melee combat. He has a socket wrench, used for not just close combat, but it can be used to fix various objects. He also has car batteries, which he could use as bombs to blow up locked doors, robot enemies, etc.


  • Mario is based on how Alphonse's fondness for cars and auto racing.
  • Mario's last name (Ascari) was named after Alberto Ascari, who was an Italian Formula One driver from the early 1950s.
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