Mario & Sonic Generations is an all new adventure celebrating of the 5th Anniversary of the first time Mario & Sonic ever crossed over in a game. The game will be playable on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, PC and PS Vita. 


Originally there was development on a game celabrateing Mario history and also involving Sonic. This was after the release of Sonic Generations. It was planned to be a party game similar to the mini games in Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Oylimpic games. A demo of 4 of these were revealled that year. One being Classic Sonic with the physics from the Sonic CD remake running through what looks like world 1 of most Mario games even with an underword. Second was a 3D running level where Sonic could quick step and Mario could jump. Third was a minigame that involved Mario throwing fire balls at Sonic while he has to jump and duck over and under them. While this was happening the screen was rotating. The final one was identical to the Wii U Multiplayer except the entire thing was only in white (including the platforms). The Demo got horrendence feedback except for the first minigame which got very good feedback. A few months later it was announced  that a platformer with Sonic running through Mario's world was announced for early 2013. After a few trailers were released it was indeed confirmed that this was the same game as the beta demo released. Originally Also Mario was going to be playable too however this was scrapped for unknown reasons (Most likely due to lack off time).


Both Mario & Sonic get kiddnaped by the Time Eater from their respectful worlds and end up in White Space Together. Modern and Classic Mario wake up first only to be attackd by Classic Sonic who during this point in time was a large rival of Mario. Modern Sonic then comes and Breakes up the fight between them and they find a white lifless version of the Overworld (Underworld(Depending on Version)) from Super Mario Bros. The Marios then volunteer to fix this however Sonic then explain to them that they are actually not elagable to do this as they are too slow to do this job and that only Sonic can do it. After running through Overworld (Underworld) they then rescue Luigi and Omachoa who both can't help but tells them that Toad(sworth) and Tails can. After rescueing them from the Sky World (World 1) from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario Land). They then find out what the Time Eaters true intentions (being controlled by Eggman and Bowser) are and stop him aswell as rescue all of their friends in the process.


Dispite being called Mario & Sonic Generations Mario is only actually playable in multiplayer as he was scrapped as playable in the Story mode.The game though features levels derived from 26 years of Mario history, ranging from 3 diffirent Eras. There is a level taken from sertain Mario games to represent the different times. Each level can be played with either Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, each taking their own routes throughout the level. One character is rescued in each stage. Characters rescued will stand outside the entrance to the stage, and they can be talked to. Also, there is an area above the entrance to the main stages where the player can access extra missions and rival battles. Bosses are accessed through special areas known as "Boss Gates", found at the end of each era.

Classic Sonic

Classic Sonic stages consist of him running in a permanent 2-D perspective, platforming all the way towards an end sign post just like in the original games.Many referred to Classic Sonic levels as "momentum-based platforming". He can also use the Spin Dash.

Modern Sonic

Modern Sonic's stages consist of running extremely fast through the stages while the perspective switches between 2-D and 3-D such as in his more recent games,Sonic Unleashed (PS3/360, daytime levels) and Sonic Colors (Wii version) specifically.

The player can perform Combo Tricks, which can be used to fill up the boost gauge, by using special objects. There is a new visual element to all returning levels such as combining parts of Big/Small World with Tall, Tall Mountain and Mushroom Gorge . The camera is also immovable unlike in Sonic Unleashed and invisible walls can hinder the exploration aspect. Also unlike Sonic Generations the gameplay is the same in both versions.

Multi-Player/Cross Play/ First Games

Each console has an extra funtion difirent from the others.

The Wii U's special function is a Multiplayer mode which allows you to take control of A Sonic character in The Mushroom Kingdom or A Mario Character in Green Hill. One to Four player can control player and a Fifth can place platforms to help them get across the level which is missing various platforms. This was heavely critisized by players, them complaining the lack of control of characters since they can only make them jump.

The 3DS's (and PC's) special function is a multiplayer race mode where you can race another player in a level to see whos faster similar to the 3DS version.

The Playstation 3's (and PS Vita's) special function is a cross platform ability that allows you to play Console Levels on the PS Vita and Visversa. Also the player has acsess to playing Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog each game to feature the characters first game deticated to them.

The Xbox 360's special function is a multiplayer mode similar to the Wii U's however the platforms previously missing are replaced with others. Also some are changed so thier is more of a challenge there is also slightly more control so you can move foward and backward although the screen moves by a very fast rate.


Playable Characters

Allies (Rescued characters)

Multi-Player Exculsive


  • Omochao (Option as a Guide for every level.)
  • Dr. Eggman (arch-rival of Sonic(s) and Mario(s))
  • Classic Dr. Eggman (seen on signpost at the end of all Classic Levels)
  • Bowser (arch rival of Mario(s) and Sonic(s))
  • Cheese the Chao (follows Cream)
  • ???

Stages (Console Version)

Classic Era

         Grass Overworld – Super Mario Bros.

         Sky World – Super Mario Bros. 2

         Big/Small Island – Super Mario Bros. 3

         World 1 – Super Mario World

Nintendo 64 Era

Cool, Cool Mountain – Super Mario 64

Luigi Raceway – Super Mario Kart 64

Delfino Plaza – Super Mario Sunshine

Peach Beach | Coconut Mall  – Mario Kart Double Dash (Mario Kart Wii)

Modern Era

      Gusty Garden – Super Mario Galaxy

Toad’s Factory – Mario Kart Wii

World 6 – New Super Mario Bros. Wii

      Sky Station – Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bosses (Console)

Donkey Kong – Donkey Kong | Classic Era

Bowser – Bowser’s Domain (Super Mario 64) | Nintendo 64 Era

The Bouldergeist – Ghostly Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy) | Modern Era



Rivals (Console)

Birdo & Purple Yoshi – World 4 (Super Mario Bros. 2| Mario Kart Double Dash)

Bowser Jr. – Super Mario Sunshine

Piranha – Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)


Stages (Handheld Version)

Classic Era

           Underworld – Super Mario Bros.

           World 1 – Super Mario Land

           Mario Zone – Super Mario Land 2

           Cheese Land – Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Modern Era

           Desert World - Super Mario Advance

Tall, Tall Mountain – Super Mario 64 DS

Waluigi Pinball | Wario Stadium – Mario Kart DS

           World 6 – New Super Mario Bros

3D Era

           Underwater World – Super Mario 3D Land

           Rainbow Road – Mario Kart 7

           Frosted Glacier – New Super Mario Bros U

           Haunted House – New Super Mario Bros 2

Bosses (Handheld)

3 Little Pigheads – Super Mario Land 2   

Big Bully – Mario Kart DS

Bowser Jr.’s Megaleg – Super Mario Galaxy


Rivals (Handheld)

Bowser – Super Mario World

R.O.B – Mario Kart DS

The Koopa Kids – Super Mario 3D Land



Other Refrences to levels


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