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This is an article about Marina the Sea Dragon, a character created by Shadowandsilverluv19 on 08/26/2013.

Marina the Sea Dragon

(Do not use this character without permission!!!!) Marina is a 9 year old Sea Dragon who lived at Dragon Kingdom, but moved to Seaside Hill. Marina loves to travel, swim, and go on adventures. Marina can be annoying sometimes, but she hates other people being mean to innocent people. Marina can get bored very easily.


She is can be very calm and happy, though she can be annoying and play tricks on others, she doesn't want to hurt or kill anyone. She can be grouchy when she wakes up, but quickly gets out of that mood for the day. She can be very shy around new people, but when you get to know her, she can be crazy, also very random.


She was born from an egg the latest from the nest, so she is the youngest out of her sisters and brothers. She was born in the Dragon Kingdom, but 6 years later moved to Seaside Hill. She liked her life at the dragon kingdom, but enjoys Seaside Hill much better. She had her dragon friends at Dragon Kingdom, but then she had to leave them. This took a toll on Marina, as she would never talk to anyone except for the animals. But this changed as she started making friends. So far she goes on many adventures, with some she right down.


She is very fast in the water, and air.

Special Abilities

  • Ability to breath underwater for a long time, from 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Can breath boiling or freezing water depending where she is. (example: if she was in the arctic, it would be freezing.)
  • Flight


She has learned the ability to boost from Sonic from meeting in Seaside Hill.


If she is kicked in the stomach or knees, she will fall to the ground in pain

She is weak against Ice and Earth-aligned attacks

She can lose balance very easily.

She is bad at gymnastics.

She isn't that strong.


She is a tall, dark blue, Sea Dragon. Her scales are dark blue, while her patterns that glow are turquoise. She has fin bangs and Marina was born without horns, its not a disease though, her wing membrane is turquoise, her wings are dark blue.

The Sol Dimension

Marina has visited the Sol Dimension, but she didn't know how she came, though, there was a blast (Possibly caused by Shadow or Destiny X) and she was there. Though she was new, they we're very nice to her, she now likes the little koala's that helped her.

The Blitz Pit

Marina is a new comer to the arena, she has had no experience with fighting.

Destiny X

Marina is battling Destiny X the Hedgehog in the arena now.


She likes tea and sushi

She loves to swim.

She likes reptiles and Bull the Dobermandragons

She is battling with Destiny X right now,it is hinted she enjoys battling with him.


Aqua fan: This fan made from ocean crystal and seashell makes a buffeting wind when used, and when used near the ocean, can make some pass out.


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