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Biographical Information
  • Fifi-Mother
  • Jack Jack- Father
  • Moka- Sister
  • Little Warrior- Sister
  • Peanut- Brother
  • Rachel- Sister
  • Lily- Sister
  • Luna- Sister
  • Sponky- Brother
  • Squeaker- Brother
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Fur: Black and white
  • Purple scarf
  • Black vest
  • White gloves
  • White pants
  • White shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Friends
  • Teetch
  • Speed
  • Biting
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorUser:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Born as the 3rd runt of the litter of eight pups to Fifi and Jack Jack, Marik was very sick along with his fellow runts Little Warrior "LW" and Squeaker. Soon a few days after birth, their father died and their mother was taken by the police along with her babies. They stayed their for a few days till they were set free from a family friend. But sadly his sister died 1st, followed by his brother, leaving him to be the last, but luckily he was saved by a kind girl who held him and fed him till he was well, to which he became loyal to the girl. Over time, his living brothers and sisters each found their new homes, leaving him and his sister Moka with their mom. Over time, he lived a peaceful life, until one cold day, while he was out for his run, his sickness as a pup caught up to him, slowly taking his life, with the remainder of his life, he got back home and blacked out near the ramp. The next thing he knew was somewhere that he never seen before and seeing a puddle, saw that his body took on a new shape, and hears a voice saying that he has a choice to live again or stay where he is, being a loyal dog he is, he chooses to live again even if he dose not know much of his friend, and so begins his new life and journey.


Just like any dog, he's loyal and loving to those that he's knowned his whole life like his family. When he senses those that he doesn't know, he let's out a growl and starts barking at them, to which he'll might bite and chased them away, and sometimes on warm days, he would ley on the ground and sun bathed while he naps. After being given another chance on live, he's cautious to those he meets in his travels, but warms up to those who earn his trust.


Human girl

Since he was a baby, Marik was loved and cared for by this human. She held on to him to keep him alive when he was sick, until the morning he was healthy. For his whole life, he followed her as a loyal friend and defended her and keep her company when she was down, even sitting by her side as she either reads or plays games to which he was glad to be by her side.


He has pointed ears, his fur is black and white, and brown eyes. He has a small purple scarf and wears it like a collor, a small black vest that matches the black in his fur, a white pair of pants, white gloves and white shoes that also goes with his fur. But sometimes when it gets too cold for him, he puts on a sweater, to which he owns two if one gets dirty,one is navy blue with light blue zebra stripes and the other is black with red, grey and white horizontal stripes, and one Christmas wore a red sweater with white fluff.


  • Barking-To scared strangers away.
  • Marik...That's my name-The 1st words he says.


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