Mariala City is a large city located in the state of New Verona. It is also where the majority of Darkest Shadow's characters live. It has a population of about 521,093 people as of May of 2015.


The city seems to have lots of trees scattered throughout the city. Most of the trees are found within the central park of the city. The grass seems to be somewhat greener, even in the autumn. However, there are rarely any evergreen trees there. Lots of the trees are somewhat short and cute, no bigger than thirty feet, but when you border the woods, they're taller than a skyscraper.


Back in the early days, Mariala City was just a small little town with a house on every street. The shops were vacant most of the time, and everyone was humble the way they were. The trees were big at the time, and grew many fruits. They also shot animals and cooked them over a bonfire. There wasn't a mayor at the time, but it was a great and well-functioning town even without a government.

A few years later, they started to replace the stones with bricks, and started to enlarge the town. A buisnessman from the town bought the neighbor town and enlarged the city. They also got to work on replacing the dirt with concreate, bricks and pavement. The trees also were chopped down for a source of wood for their town. 

Over the few years of work, the people of Mariala City transformed the city. Now there were smaller trees, less dirt, less homes, more buisnesses. They also put up the noticable areas Mariala City has today. The oddest part is that the city was never controlled by any nation, and the structure remained untouched from that time until today.

Notable Areas

  • Mariala County Academy (MCA)- The boarding school/academy for talented students who want to go far in their lives. This is an audition based boarding school where you either get accepted, or you don't. It serves as a high school, but a few young students with extrodinary talent also are enrolled there. There are over 300 dorm rooms, a little less than 250 classrooms, a lobby, four swimming pools, and it's right by the shore. 
  • Central Park- This is where most of the gang hangs out. In the Central Park, they have a bunch of trees, benches, streetlights, grass and tables. The park also has 2 playgrounds for kids and some teens to play on, and a few basketball and tennis courts.
  • Municipal Building- The building that the mayor does his work in. The building is white and a little smaller than normal. In the building they have secretaries, treasurers, and of course, the mayor.
  • Mariala Mall- One of the main spots where lots of people hang out. The mall is huge, and has over 600 shops to visit, from McBurgerTown, to the Botique Couture, to Foot Locker, to OrangeWasps! It appeals to most teenagers to hang out, and stay there from sun up to sun down when they have nothing to do.
  • Concert Hall- Where most of the music stars come to perform their concerts. The hall is pretty big, has over 100,000 seats for the fans, and a huge stage for the performer. Usually, Mariala City's idol, Alexis Anastasia Alana performs there for all of her fans, but many stars around the globe go there as well.
  • Mariala Beach- The most crowded site of the summer. The beach is about 30 square miles long of sand and fresh water. It's actually extremely clear; so clear, that it looks like you're flying with fish. Lots of surfers go there for competitions, and gymnasts for beach meets and just wet sand tumbling.
  • Marala High School- The public high school of the town. This is where a lot of the residents go to have a good education, and lots of school spirit. It is the home of the Mariala Snipers;the official team for all of the students.
  • Brockland Fields- Downtown Mariala's main sight. Usually, the place is used as a huge field to hold baseball, soccer and football games. It also has tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a huge oval track, a few playgrounds, and a skate park. Some people also go there for birdwatching, and shooting.
  • Sealong Lake- The biggest lake in Mariala City. It is a calm and warm lake with a nice misty feel to it. It is usually used to go fishing or canoeing. Alongside it are a lot of flowers that give off a nice, and a bridge that connects it to Brockland Fields. Under the lake is sand, which can be found at a long distance.
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