"Stars on Broadway Street!" is the sequel to the Downtown Teenage Adventures Series. Every episode focuses on a different character.


This anime series shows just a simple life of popular, rich, and famous characters.  For example, Alexis the Fox. She is a famous popstar who loves to be herself. The heroes and heroines will now be facing popularity problems and challenge rivals and strive for more popularity. Villans of all species will stop these heroes at several points.


Main Characters

Main Six

  • Alexis Petals
  • Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog
  • Michelle the Cat
  • David the HedgeFox
  • Alyssa the Dog
  • Nikki "Nikkell" the Porcupine

The Rest

  • Daniel "Danny" the Hedgehog
  • Krys the Unicorn
  • Wynter "Snowflake" the Hare
  • Candace the HedgeFox
  • Starlight the Hedgehog
  • Cole the Echidna
  • Kester the Echidna
  • Sebastian the Fox Hybrid
  • Lina the Hedgehog
  • Marisa "Mary" the Hedgehog
  • Ryder the Hedgehog
  • Angelina the Hedgehog
  • Angelica the Hedgehog
  • Carlos the Hedgehog
  • Sasha the Fox
  • Maranda the Hedgehog


  • Mimica "Mimi" the Cat
  • Jamie the Dog
  • Chloe the Cow
  • Dr. Eggman (Recurring)

Recurring Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Lili the Cat
  • Cyclone the Hedgehog
  • Irma Hedgine the Hedgehog
  • Mary the Hedgehog


  1. "No Shine on Gabriella"
  2. "New Garden"
  3. "Dance Contest"
  4. "Pinic Panic"
  5. "Dress Overload"
  6. "Staring Towards the Future"
  7. "Freshsnow Frenzy"
  8. "Boxes of Pain"
  9. "A Mariala-Mobodoon Reunion Part I"
  10. "A Mariala-Mobodoon Reunion Part II"
  11. "Ring A Round The Rose-y"
  12. "Tap, Tap, Snap!"
  13. "A Street Fight Fist Fight!"
  14. "Ask Alexis!"
  15. "The Tumble Fumble"
  16. "A.C.G.L.M.N"
  17. "Sisterly Hate Part I"
  18. "Sisterly Hate Part II"
  19. "Transon Family Day"
  20. "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
  21. "Skateboardia"
  22. "The Fight For Alexis"
  23. "Team Fashion Strikes"
  24. "Krys Cross"
  25. "Dial Mary for Murder"
  26. "Invention Convention"
  27. "The Pilot and it's Cyclone"
  28. "Tricks, no Treats"
  29. "Keep calm and Love Mimi"
  30. "The Secret"
  31. "A Model Painted Silver"
  32. "Go to Hell, Michelle"
  33. "AngeLotion"
  34. "Fight for Family Part I"
  35. "Fight For Family Part II"
  36. "Don't Say It, Spray It!"
  37. "Wynter's Summer"
  38. " The Jewel Theif and The Clothing Theives"
  39. "Black Cat"
  40. "For The Love of Sebastian"
  41. "The Older Sister"
  42. "Speed is Key"
  43. "Musical Quarterrible"
  44. "This Girl is on Fire"
  45. "Getting our old Alyssa back!"
  46. "Tails of a Fourth Grade Nothing Part I"
  47. "Tails of a Fourth Grade Nothing Part II"
  48. "MariGirl"
  49. "Mobius Games"
  50. "MTV"
  51. "You're a real psycho!"
  52. "Christin-duh"
  53. "Get'cha head in the game!"
  54. "A Rose by Any Other Name"
  55. "The Photo Shoot"
  56. "Milkshake's Big Adventure Part I"
  57. "Milkshake's Big Adventure Part II"

Episode Summaries

No Shine on Gabriella

Gabriella is throwing a pool party, however Mimi and Team Fashion wrecks their party and ruins everything.

New Garden

The gang tours a mansion, and it's beautiful garden. However, the owner of the mansion finds them 'trespassing' on her property.

Dance Showdown

Alyssa and her best friend Snowflake compete in a dancing competition. Will they win?

Picnic Panic

Michelle throws a picnic. However, when she packs watermelon, and gave it to Nikki, she started to have a massive allergic reaction.

Dress Overload

Christina offers to make outfits for a fashion contest. However, she gets too many orders to get them done on time.

Staring Towards the Future

Marisa and the gang meet another Mary who traveled back in time from her future. Marisa and the other Mary have a rivalry. But when the other Mary talks about Krys's future, they go see what surprise is there.

Freshsnow Frenzy

Nikki and Michelle compete in the Running of the Leaves in Freshsnow City to introduce Winter, which turns into a mini fight between Michelle and Nikki.

Boxes of Pain

Michelle starts to train Mary in kickboxing. However, somebody was in trouble. Are her kickboxing skills good enough to stop this person?

A Mariala Mobodoon Reunion Part I

Sonic and his friends visit and hang out with the gang. However, an ordinary get-together turns into another adventure when Eggman messes with things.

A Mariala Mobodoon Reunion Part II

Sonic and his friends get kidnapped? That's odd. Now it's the gang's turn to rescue Sonic and his friends!

Ring Around the Rose-y

When Amy forgets something in Christina's house, Mimi steals it and Amy becomes the laughing stock of Mariala City.

Tap Tap Snap

Alyssa has a tap dance competition coming up in 3 days. But when her sprained her ankle, Michelle fills in for her.

A Street Fight Fist Fight

Lili challenges Christina in a fighting match. However, when Christina wins, she was forced to close out of buisness.

Ask Alexis!

Alexis starts up a blog where they could ask her questions. Her blog is a sucess, until she finds one specific user making mean comments on her blog.

The Tumble Fumble

Michelle is working hard on a tumbling pass that nobody ever dared to do ever since 1582.


Alexis, Candace, Gabriella, Lina, Mary and Nikki start a singing group. However, when the girls sign a contract that makes them perform somewhere else for a year and earn 2.5 billion dollars for each person, they must choose between their big popstar reputation and their closest friends in the world.

Sisterly Hate Part I

When Carlos takes Christina to the ends of the earth searching for Danny, he attempts to leave them. But, when Danny and Christina kiss, Alexis and Christina's friendship crumbles.

Sisterly Hate Part II

Alexis realizes something very true about all siblings.However, when Christina's feelings were hurt, it's hard for Alexis to make Christina accept her apology.

Transon Family Day

Christina forgets about the day her family and her stepfamily reunite, and plans the best party ever. Will she make it the best party ever?

What Goes Around, Comes Around

When Alyssa takes Milkshake and drops her off at the chao garden, Milkshake goes missing. Alyssa goes out by herself and searches for her missing chao.


David and his friends find out that their skateboard park was destroyed and replaced with a new one. Will they get their old park back?

The Fight For Alexis

Christina, Michelle, and Nikki are all best friends with Alexis. However, when they state who Alexis likes better, the three girls start a war over it.

Team Fashion Strikes

Team Fashion goes around Freshsnow City. However, when the three punky villains threatened to kill Snowflake, Krys, Christina and Alyssa head out to stop them.

Krys Cross

Krys was invited to the Magic Hall of Fame. But when Silver's psychokinesis got him in to, Silver has a little 'competition' with Krys.

Dial Mary For Murder

When, Mary is sent to jail for being accused of killing a co-pilot, her personality changes dramatically and becomes a criminal.

Invention Convention

Starlight is well known for her fantastic inventions. When Nikki and Ryder introduce her to the Invention Convention, she enters. However, Kester also enters. Who's invention will come out on the top?

The Pilot and it's Cyclone

When Mary and Carlos are flying a private jet to Freshsnow Town, Cyclone appears on their windshield and the three crash into the middle of the woods.

Tricks, no Treats

When Lina stands up to Mimi extremely powerfully, it causes Mimi to run away. However, when Team Fashion plots revenge, Lina is their new goal.

Keep calm and Love Mimi

When somebody hacks into the popularity list, Mimi becomes the most loved mobian in all of the world. 

The Secret

A rumor about David goes around the school, which gets him banned from his skatepark. Will he and his friends get to the bottom of this scandal?

A Girl Painted Silver

When Silver helps prepare Alexis for a dance, an ugly mess occurs. What could be this ugly mess? Is it going to affect her relationship with Danny?

Go to Hell, Michelle

Gymnastic judges all around the world come to see Michelle's gymnastics performance. However, when her scores were amazingly impressive, she was sent to the Mobius Games. When the other competitors met her, she was getting picked on.


Team Fashion makes an advertisement for a new lotion brand. However, when everyone from Mariala City uses it, they always have nightmares. When nobody wants to sleep, it's up to Christina and her friends to kick their butts.

Fight for Family Part I

When Cream and Vanilla spend quality time with Alyssa and the Mayor, Cream is starting to act strange and mean. What could happen?

Fight For Family Part II

Alyssa discovers something in her room: The answer to why Cream was acting this way! What could this be? What could result in this?

Don't Say It, Spray It!

David and his crew go around buildings spraying grafiti of their gang. However, when the mayor hears about this, they're in deep trouble.

Wynter's Summer

Snowflake has some serious problems with the summertime..... her ice powers fade away. But when Team Fashion tries to prank and threaten her, she is defenseless.

 The Jewel Thei and The Clothing Theives

When Rouge and Knuckles travel into town, they hunt for jewels. However, Team Fashion recognizes them and try to get them to become one mean stealing machine.

Black Cat

Gabriella feels a bit left out of all of her friends having a trendy hairstyle. So she dies it black and gets insulted for it.

For The Love of Sebastian

Michelle is Sebastian's boyfriend. Sebastian is Lili's Butler. Michelle and Lili get into a fight because Michelle thought Lili was dating her boyfriend.

The Older Sister

Sasha, Lina, and Maranda hang out at the park. However, when their little sisters are under Mimi's control by Team Fashion to try to interfere with them, they have to find away to snap them out of it.

Speed is Key

Maranda is known for her incredible track speed of above 30 mph. When Sonic sees this, he tries to get Maranda to be his opponent.

Musical Quarterrible

Sasha, Lina and Maranda are a musical trio. Alexis joins this, they become better. However, when their instruments are stolen, the four try to find them.

This Girl is on Fire

Team Fashion creates an evil antidote and give it to Nikki. The three tricked her into thinking it makes her voice sound golden. But when she takes it, everyone becomes suddenly afraid of her singing when she breathes fire out of her mouth everytime she sings.

Getting Our Old Alyssa Back

Alyssa hears about a program for assertivness. However, nobody becomes her friend after her sweet discipline goes in the trashbin.

Tails of a Fourth Grade Nothing Part I

When Tails enters Mariala City and gets hired to become an inventor in the East Coast Industries, his boss finds out that he didn't pass the fourth grade....

Tails of a Fourth Grade Nothing Part II

During Tails's fourth grade year, Team Fashion creates a soap, shampoo, and conditioner brand that makes "others look handsome, or beautiful." However, when Tails uses it, everyone in the whole school district hates him.


When Alyssa and Wynter go to the mall with Michelle. They want a MariGirl Doll. However, when the prices are high, Michelle needs to find a way to get them.

Mobius Games

Michelle's competes in the gymnastics portion of the Mobius Games, but when Mimi injures Michelle during one of her routines, Christina fills in for her.


Mary and Carlos start a broadcasting show called Mary TeleVision. However, when Team Fashion plots secret ads all over the broadcast, Carlos gets suspcious.

You're a real psycho!

Arthur invites Silver to travel with him to Oscolana City to trace back his family history to the time the Iblis Trigger destroyed the city and his parents. Although he fails to find who is mother and father are, he finds out Christina is his cousin.


Krys finds out Christina is falling behind in chemistry, so she offers to tutor him. However, when Mimi hears about this, she starts to spread a rumor that Christina is dumb, and might have to refuse Krys's offer.

Get'cha Head in The Game!

David tries out for the basketball team and gets in. However, when he finds out that there's a regional championships coming up, and a skateboarding competition on the same day, he'll have to decide what he's gonna do.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Christina invites Amy to spend some quality time together. However, when Amy's plans go through the roof, she needs to find the least important thing to reschedule to another date. However, all of these events are important to her.

The Photo "Oh Shoot!"

Christina is sent to go find an elementary school student, and turn her into a model. She also has to make them spend a week at her place to learn more. However, this girl is very bratty, and it's gonna be hard to take care of her.

Milkshake's Big Adventure Part I

While Alyssa spends the day with her friends, her pet chao Milkshake thinks that she doesn't care about her anymore, and runs away. However, Alyssa notices that Milkshake has left, and set out to find her.

Milkshake's Big Adventure Part II

Milkshake has traveled far away from home, and gets lost. So she must stay in the heart of the jungle. However, someone kidnaps her. It's up to Alyssa to find her.



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