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Maria the Gryphon was born and raised in Athens, Greece as an Orthadox Christian and became an avid church-goer. However as she got older she decided to travel to South Island in order to establish a new Orthadox Church, although in her studies she became aware of the Pantheon, and thus decided to join her Christian faith with the Pantheon to found the Church of the Holy Light. For two years she has become its head priest.


Maria is a gryphon of Greek descent although her parents or other family members are unknown. It's believed that in the economic crisis of Greece her family abandoned her at the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, and thus was raised by the Archbishop of Athens. She took refuge in the cathedral itself and made its upper floors her home.

After moving to South Island she managed to raise money to construct and furnish the Mobian Orthadox Church, although recently it has been renamed the Orthadox Church of the Light to promote worship of The Pantheon.



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