Lady Maria Robotnik-Prower, 1st Countess of Devon VC GCB OM GBE GCVO DSO CGC DSC MC, MB BChir FRCS RSNR was a human emergency medicine physician who was subject to a special ontological paradox. Born in the Alpha Timeline in the year 3175, she was found to be stricken with a terminal illness known as NIDS. Due to her immunocompromised state, she had to live on board the Space Colony ARK. Due to the Guardian Unit of Nations raiding the station, Maria was killed in the Alpha Prime history. However in a variant timeline, she instead found herself in a temporal distortion that placed her in the Delta Timeline in the year 2188. Due to the intervention and later sacrifice of the Keplerian vulpinroid Lord Miles Prower, she was relocated to the Delta Timeline in the year 2100 and replaced another Maria Robotnik who died naturally about a year earlier from the same illness.

Now established on a planet resembling her own and one significantly more advanced with her illness cured, Maria thrived with her 'new' family, parents Noomi and Poul Robotnik were respectively a game studio project manager and a writer respectively while her grandfather was a famous xenobiologist. She regularly found herself traveling between the United Kingdom and Sweden, assimilating into the upper-middle class English lifestyle. However due to her experience in the Alpha Timeline, she suffered from post-traumatic stress and withdrew into her studies until an eight-year old Miles "Tails" Prower was placed in her grandfather's care. Immediately recognising the young fox by name as the same one that saved her life, Maria fixated upon him. In fact, she had a treasured stuffed fox that she had named 'Admiral'.

The two attended Sancton Wood School in Cambridge together until Maria obtained her GCSE in 2103. She took her A-Levels at St. Andrew's College and obtainerd them in 2104 and started medical school at the University of Cambridge. When Tails turned 14 in 2107 and obtained his GCSE, she hoped that he would attend the University of Cambridge with her. Instead the young vulpine was pressured into joining the military at his father's behest but as a measure of defiance, he entered the Royal Space Navy rather than the British Army. After obtaining her Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MB BChir) in 2109, Maria also joined the Royal Space Navy as a general duties medical officer and was assigned to Space Station ARK. She ultimately reunited with Tails as an emergency relief medical officer, sent over to his destroyer to stabilise him and the ship's own GDMO after a boarding action went wrong.

Bringing Tails to the ARK for recuperation, she handed him off to the station's hospital and took him in after he was released, helping him with rehabilitation. Using her own experience with post-traumatic stress, she was able to bring him around towards recovery and the two finally came to terms with their feelings for one another. Soon the twenty-two year old woman was pregnant with twins and married Lieutenant Prower at Britannia Royal Naval College, becoming Maria Robotnik-Prower. Despite witnessing his sacrifice at the Battle of the ARK on 1 May 2112 by ramming the destroyer Campbeltown into her renegade cousin's Egg Carrier, she knew that in some way her husband survived and later found him in his new form as a Vulpinroid/AI.

The two served together on the cruiser Belfast, then the battleship Warspite. As Maria advanced in the service, she found herself responsibilities increased. She also had to quickly come to grips with the complications of time travel and multiverse theory. On the maiden voyage of the battleship Warspite after its refit into a temporal battleship, she was on hand when it handled its first alert in the Epsilon Timeline, she assisted her husband and an accompanying landing party in stopping the Epsilon Timeline's Dr. Robotnik from capturing a hedgehog from Mobius Epsilon named Sonic on Earth Epsilon. In 2120, she was instrumental in ending the Metal Virus incident in the Gamma Timeline at Mobius Gamma.

She eventually rose up to become Medical Director of the entire Royal Space Navy, promoted to the top of the Medical Service before her husband became First Space Lord. In 2128, she was present at the Battle of Mobius Beta. In one version of the Battle, she had died when the Death Egg II destroyed Mobius Beta. In another version, the United Nations Combined Star Fleet under Lord Miles' command had successfully stopped the Death Egg II. In the second timeline, she retired from military service at the end of her husband's term as First Space Lord and became the clinical lead of the Accident & Emergency Department at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital as well as a professor of medicine at the University of Exeter and the University of Cambridge.



  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Nationality: British-Swedish


Service Number 890619-090723


  • 2109: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MB BChir), University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  • 2104: A-Level, St. Andrew's College, Cambridge
  • 2103: GCSE, Sancton Wood School, Cambridge

Notable Family

Delta Timeline

Alpha Timeline

Temporal Encounters

  • Alpha Timeline: Birth, early life, death at 12 or displacement into the Delta Timeline (Sonic Adventure 2/Shadow the Hedgehog and Vulpinroid: Memento Mori)
  • Beta Timeline: Destruction of Mobius Beta by the Super Genesis Wave and the creation of the Gamma Timeline or Dr. Robotnik's defeat (Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics and Vulpinroid: Memento Mori)
  • Gamma Timeline: The Metal Virus incident (Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Comics and Vulpinroid: Quarantine)
  • Epsilon Timeline: Rescuing Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 Movie and Vulpinroid: Castaway)


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