Vice Admiral Doctor Lady Maria Robotnik-Prower M.D. FRCS


Vice Admiral Doctor Lady Maria Johanna Robotnik-Prower, 1st Countess of Devon, M.D. FRCS, DSO MC DCB (b. 2089) is the wife of the current sitting First Space Lord; Lord Miles Prower, 1st Earl of Devon and also sitting Medical Director-General of the Keplerian Republic Space Navy. She is most known for helping to convert Miles into a cyborg after fatal injuries trying to hold off Metal Sonic Mark V at the Battle of the ARK.


  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 130-140 lbs.
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue

Notable Family

Military Record & Education

  • Graduate of Bladins International High School - 2104
  • Bachelor in Premedicine - Lund University - 2106
  • Doctor in Medicine - Lund University Medical School - 2111
  • Specialty Registry in Traumatology - 2115
  • Graduate of Britannia Royal Naval College - 2116
  • Medical Officer, KRTS Warspite - 2116-2119
  • Fleet Medical Officer, 1st Temporal Battle Squadron - 2119-2122
  • Chief of Surgery, Main Orbital Yard Hospital - 2122-2126
  • Medical Director-General of the Service - 2126-


The granddaughter of Professor Geralt Robotnik and a fifth-generation descendant of the famous 20th century biologist Dr. James Watson, Maria Johanna Robotnik was born and resided in in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm for most her early life. She was first brought in contact with the Prower family by way of her grandfather’s friendship with Field Marshal Amadeus Prower and occasionally was a playmate of the field marshal’s only son, Miles. At age 11, she turned out with the rest of her family to Rosemary Prower’s funeral after her sudden death from radiation sickness.

Afterwards, arrangements had been made for Miles Prower to be under her grandfather’s guardianship while transferring to Bladins International School in Malmo, where she also attended until age 14. Intent on following her grandfather in medicine, Maria took placement tests with Bladins Gymnasium and was given the opportunity to test out of Gymnasieutbildning. Successful, she instead started at Lund University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in premedicine then began the Läkarprogrammet in 2106 and finally completed her medical degree in 2111. At the same time, she began a relationship with Lieutenant Prower after her whitecoat ceremony.

Maria would be a principle witness to Captain Abraham Tower's assault on Miles and provided a running commentary as to what was being done when Miles was hospitalized by the attack. However she was not made aware that Zenith Defense Industries installed a cortical stack backup into the fox. She also did not participate in his surgery or care directly due to both her student status and the personal relationship that they had. After his recovery, they would see each other regularly as he lived in her station apartment, going there after each duty shift at the Auxiliary Yard. For a time though, there was some distance put between them by Miles after the supposed death of Ovi Robotnik after a failed rescue attempt by Prower.

Things began to stabilize for the two after Miles was transferred to the battleship KRSS Warspite and as he started to accept that Ovi's loss was not his fault. Maria by 2115 was a fully trained trauma surgeon and was in the thick of things as Space Station ARK was attacked by unknown robotic and seemingly Keplerian or Acornian forces. She got a distress call off direct to Miles, who was attempting to make sense of the information warfare element of the attack. After a gambit where the Warspite came through the Warp Gate with its communication systems disabled, Maria watched the battleship as it sent counterboarding teams including Miles. Little did she know, she was being actively hunted by an armored hedgehog cyborg. When the Medical levels were attacked and locked down, she had to move from room to room to evade.

After Miles had reunited with her and Lieutenant Janus Rotarl, the fox had been killed while fighting off Metal Sonic Mark V. After his body was recovered, Rotarl's true nature as a rodentroid was revealed as well as the presence of a backup storage chip within the fox's head. With the chip removed and inserted into a compatible system, they found that Tails was still alive, his engrams preserved by the chip. Installing the chip into a security robot temporarily, Maria had to come to grips with the fact that he wasn't going to be the same after the incident. After a final confrontation with the Mark V led to Tails' robotic body being partially destroyed, while at the same time crippling the hedgehog robot, Maria took the initiative and finished it off with a fireaxe, finding that there had been a living brain inside. Taking Tails' chip to safety on the Warspite, she ultimately took it to its manufacturer, Zenith Defense Industries, which copied his program into a proper vulpinroid body that had been on standby for some time.

After the Battle of the ARK, Maria had been made a Dame Commander in the Order of the Bath by King George VII and moved to Dartmouth with Tails, later marrying him in 2115 and taking her NHS certification boards to practice in Britain. She was a trauma surgeon in the accident & emergency department at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital until becoming pregnant with twins, Arthur & Maja Robotnik-Prower. After their birth and her leave was completed, Maria decided to join the KRSN as a medical officer to be closer to her husband. With retired Field Marshal Amadeus Prower, his former ADC and housekeeper Jules Ogilvie as well as her parents and grandparents willing to look after the children, she was posted to the Warspite as medical officer. Maria rendered medical aid during and after the Battle of Mobius but also was key to resolving the Metal Virus Crisis on another Mobius, showing an innate elasticity in shifting her knowledge base and skills from traumatology to infectious disease and pathology. She would become the Fleet Medical Officer of the 1st Temporal Battle Squadron, then Chief of Traumatology at the Main Orbital Yard Hospital before finally being appointed as Medical Director-General of the service. Incidentally she had been promoted to the position before her husband had become First Space Lord.

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