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Mari the Fox is a Rosemary recolor, and member of The Nine Raiju Fangs.



Mari is merciful, dignified, stoic, compassionate, and almost passive. Mari is disgusted by uneccessary fighting, and looks upon those who enjoy or take part in it as savages. She believes that the base elements are the reason for such fighting, believing those who wield them to be simple-minded and unenlightened. Mari, while wishing to avoid fighting unless absolutely necessary, is fully willing to fight with all of her power if it is for the cause of the Raiju Fangs. Before any and every battle, Mari offers her opponents a chance to escape and live, but if said offer is refused, she will strike with the full intent of making sure her opponents do not survive. Mari is incredibly loyal to Suarra to the point of reverence, willing to do anything he says regardless of her principles. This loyalty is in part due to her strong belief in Suarra's philosophies concerning elements, but also due to an immense love and affection she has for him, although she hides this behind her almost regal demeanor.


Mari is a recolor of Rosemary Prower. Her fur is mainly a pale yellow-orange, with a white muzzle, inner ears, and tail-tip. In addition, she has deep blue eyes, with red-orange hair. She wears a white ankle-length cloak with long sleeves, highlighted with pale yellow and closed with a black sash. Mari wears basic white shoes, and elegant white elbow-length gloves, with pale yellow fingers.


As a Troll, Mari has superspeed and regenerative capabilities. In addition to this, Mari is a master of the White Lightning element. She can fully control the shape of the electricity, shaping it into anything she wishes with minimal effort. In addition, Mari has full control over the range of power when it comes to the electricity, from a light numbing effect to full paralasis or even stopping the enemy's heart.


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