Cquote1 What does the watch mean? Why did it find it's way to me? Cquote2
Maggie asking about the Pocket Watch

Bibbity Babbity Boo, you'd better watch out if Maggie is the one coming for you. This 19 year-old Echidna is one tough girl, and she will not go down with out a fight. Raised in a town full of magic-users, Maggie is a prime example of what a trained mage can truly do. Lacking in experience, and sometimes being slow on the draw, Maggie can surely make up for it with knowledge and talent!

Margot "Maggie" Chrome 

Biographical Information
Age  19     
  • Margot
  • Maggie
  • Enchantress
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Echidna
Gender Female
  • Fur: Purple
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Purple
  • Exploring Magi
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Hero, Neutral Good
Weaponry None
  • Magic
  • Time Stop
  • Time Warp
Other Information
Japanese V.A. TBA
American V.A. TBA
Theme Song(s) To the stars by Braken
Original Creator Neoexlucky


Maggie is a purple echidna with grey eyes and magenta hair going down to her Shoulders. She wears a simple gold pocket watch with a gold chain around her neck. The pocket watch often stays closed, and only opens when Maggie performs a time spell with the object.

Her clothing consists of simple, comfortable clothes, like a red and white top, with matching boots and pants. She wears a pair of white gloves and 


Maggie is intelligent, there is no doubt about that. If there is a question about proper magic, she can answer almost immediatly. She also happens to be fairly good at some of her other core subjects, such as math, history, science, and english.

That's about where her intelligence ends though. When it comes to common sense, Maggie is not the brightest. She can be forgetful and sometimes outright ditzy, but nevertheless she always has a rather happy attitude towards life. She hates to be called Margot, and always always will prefer Maggie to her real name. Maggie dislikes bullies and acts of cruelty, but does understand having to do something for the greater good, even if it is a bit underhanded and dubious.


A mage is born

Margot Chrome was born on January 1st 1996 to two middle class parents in the Mardias, a town often occupied by magic users. Maggie's parents were no different, both being accomplished wizards in their right and in their own time. Maggie also was no different. At the young age of five, Maggie was shown to have prowress as a mage. She quickly took to her studies, and learned the basic artes as much as she could. Despite not showing much skill when it came to arcane spells, the most basic form of magic, she showed much talent in the elements, and quickly took to them, showing confidence in each of her spells.

Abra Kadabra

Maggie's magic had always been simple, but for some reason she always found herself taking to lightning magic and healing spells the best, which seemed odd as her healing magic was that of nature, of order, and lightning was the opposite of that, of chaos. So to show more talent in those two seemed odd, though it was not unheard of, as many mages took to two opposite spells. Fire and frost, earth and air, they were uncommon but not rare. Maggie, at age 18 managed to pass her final exam, a magic dual, and was gifted with the title of Enchantress, a mage gifted in support spells. Then, one year later, Maggie left her home town to seek out adventure.

The pocket watch

And did she certainly find it! Maggie's adventures had almost just started when she found herself lost in a set of woods somewhere in the United Federations. Not knowing where exactly she was, she looked to find people to help her out. She took to a hedgehog named Nathan and a few others who found them, and the group set off through the woods. The oddest thing that they found happend to be a set of two chests, one of them hold a seemingly enchanted backpack and the other holding a pocket watch. Maggie does not know who made the watch, and why it has it's powers, but she does know of the power it has, and knows they can be dangerous. So, in an attempt to find out who made it and why, Maggie now seeks and adventure for her to learn the origins of the watch itself.



Maggie was a student at the esteemed academy of mystical artes. She is just as skilled in magic as she is in breathing. Any simple spell is something she can do, but when it comes to the heavier-hitting spells, things can be a bit tough. Nevertheless, Maggie has spells in Fire, water, air,lightning, earth, darkness, light, and healing artes. She is more of skilled in lightning and healing then the other schools, being able to do better spells in those schools then the others, but she can still perform basic spells in any of those areas.

Time Warp

A gift from the pocket watch, if Maggie needs to, she can open the pocket watch of hers and provide a burst of magical chronomatic energy. This can increase her allies' speed and strengthen their attacks, at the cost of her life force though. Using Time Warp is powerful, but is just as dangerous. It should only be used when Maggie and her team's backs are against a wall.

Time Stop

Another gift from Maggie's pocket watch is the ability to stop time, freezing the people around her in place. The pocket watch counts how long it lasts and the longer it lasts, the more of Maggie's life force is taken away.



Nathan the Hedgehog

Drew the Wolf

Raje Spite


Cole the Collector


Physical Activity

Maggie is the stereotypical mage. She spent most of her life training her mind and not her body. Due to this, she is very weak physically, and almost any physical activity can wear her out. In fact, making her run for a long enough time might just be her biggest weakness of all.


How do you stop the attacks of a fake chronomancer? You use a real one. For some reason, none of pocket watch's powers seem to work on Maggie, so any Chronomancer who fights her should have a tough time with that.


  • Maggie was based off a series of personality tests that Neo's friend had taken one day. As such, this character is sort of based off of her.
  • When designing characters, NeoExlucky often pairs them with a weapon based on their personality, but for some reason, Maggie does not seem to have an actual weapon, she only has her magic as it seems. It is unknown at this point if she will gain an actual weapon any time soon.
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