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Margaret is a female Golden Retriever with recessive Labrador Retriever genes. She stands at 3 feet 4 inches and weighs 75.3 Ibs. Her hair is both straw yellow and black, those colors being a combination of her parents', and it is short. Her fur, however, is more of a goldish-brown color, and her eyes are pure gold. Margaret's tail is about a foot long, and swishes a certain way depending on her mood.


Margaret is an even tempered, loyal girl who loves to help others whenever she can. She likes making friends with people who can accept and understand her. People who are obnoxious, loud, and get into everything do not attract her very well. Margaret also does not like to be interrupted when thinking or when doing something in her office. She also does not like when people jump to conclusions, or question her intelligence when trying to solve a case.

With her photographic memory, Margaret sometimes recalls events she would rather not remember, stressing her out. At one point, Margaret turned to smoking in order to get some stress relief, but stopped after she realized what this smoking did to her body. So, whenever she recalls a bad memory, she quickly replaces it with something else. Also, when people mention something related to that memory, it triggers in Margaret's mind.

General Info

Margaret currently lives in the somewhat large town of New Oak. This is where she was born, and where she grew up to be the girl she is today. Both of her parents met each other here too. When Margaret was born, her parents took the time to raise her appropriately and make sure she grew up into a nice, young lady.

When Margaret entered her teens, she discovered that her crossbreed genes had given her many skills and powers, like enhanced senses and even a rare condition called synesthesia. Once discovering these powers, Margaret decided to put them to use in something she'd wanted to do all of her life: Detective work.

Now, Margaret currently works in her own detective group called the G.O.L.D (Greatest Oak-Town Local Detectives), though she is currently the only member of the agency. She does most of her work in an office she rented in the main street of town, and people can go there whenever they like to request her help in a case.



Body Language Analyses

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Senses

Margaret possess enhanced capabilities of all five of her senses, six if you include awareness. These senses are:

  • Sight

Margaret can see things that are very far away very clearly. Her eyes can focus on certain things and blur out all of the unnecessary stuff. She can usually see most detail on a persons face after just looking at them for a few seconds, and then search for them and remember their exact features. She can also see very clearly in the dark

  • Hearing

Margaret can hear up to five miles away, and is able to trace sound to it's source almost immediately. She is able to detect a single voice in a crowd of people. Things are also louder to her than most people, and she can hear if someone is trying to whisper or if they are in the other room, for example. She can tell if things are coming towards her from almost a mile away.

  • Smell

Margaret is able to detect certain smells up to a mile away and locate it's origin. By smelling something up close, she can tell how old it is, as well as if it contains anything bad like poison. She is also able to smell out bombs and other people if they leave a trace behind.

  • Taste

When Margaret tastes something, she is able to tell what it was made with, the most used ingredient, and when it was made. For example, if she eats a strawberry, she can tell whether it's fully ripe or not, if it's old, or if it was too early harvested. She can also tell how much longer it should've taken the time to ripen, or when it should've been harvested.

  • Touch

Enhanced touch is a bit harder to explain. When Margaret comes in contact with something, she can read it very quickly. It allows her to detect specific people, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track with nothing but the tip of her fingers. She also may be able to sense vibrations through solid substances, liquids or even the air-pressure changes.


Margaret has an extreme rare condition called Synesthesia. This allows her to stimulate one sense and experience it in a second one. For example, she could sometimes see sound waves, taste color, or even smell emotion. However, her synesthesia rarely triggers, and she only sometimes encounters these strange, out of order senses. Some people think of this as a disability, but Margaret thinks of it more as a superpower.

Photographic Memory

This ability is both a gift and a curse. With photographic memory, Marget is able remember greats amount of information in little time and recall it much faster than the average human/mobian without strain. This has also given her amazing deduction skills. For example, when she sees someone doing something, she can usually predict what they will do next. It's like when an artist is drawing something on a canvas, Margaret can interpret the picture before it is even fully drawn.


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