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Marcy the Virus

Biographical Information
  • Unknown (probably in her late twenties)
Physical Description
  • Thylacine
  • Female
  • Fur: White
  • Skin: Grey
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde/Light Brown
  • Markings: Light Grey
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Very Agile
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills
  • Hacking/Accessing Machines
  • Taking Apart and Putting Machines back together
  • Able to change into an Electrical Entity
Other Information
Original Creator
Current Owner

Marceline "Marcy" the Virus is actually a mobian thylacine. They call her a 'virus' because of her technological inclination, but her technology knowledge didnt come naturally. She is roboticized from the inside!

Physical Appearance

Marcy appears to be a white thylacine, only about 3ft 5in in height. She wears strange ribbons around her wrists. She has glove cuffs around her wrists, but she wears no gloves. She wears a purple shirt, in which the top is covered by an Egyptian-like necklace. Her pants are baggy, and have black & red colors. Her hair is blonde, and is shoulder-length in the back. However, her front hair is longer than her back hair, and covers one of her eyes. She can sometimes be seen wearing glasses, but only when reading.


Marcy has a cheerful, yet pushy personality. She always feels as if she can fend for herself most of the time (but this is usually proven wrong). Yet, she is very caring about her friends, and she tries her best to help them. She is a day-dreamer, and she likes to imagine herself taking on great feats. Marcy is a bit boastful of her abilities, going so far as to say that she is better than many notable figures throughout all of time. When she meets new people, she seems cautious and very, very serious, to the point where it seems she has a cold personality, but when she gets to know that person more, she begins to open up.


Marcy knows much in Hand-to-Hand Combat, to the point where she is a 3rd Degree Black Belt. This is aided by her almost acrobatic agility, being able to squeeze through tight situations with a little bit of work. Due to being partly roboticized, she can release her soul as a strange electical entity with the power to access, hack, and destroy machines with ease. She can still do this without this power, though it takes her longer to actually hack the machine. Marcy is also an expert mechanic, being able to easily take apart and reassemble a machine with ease once she figures out how all the pieces connect, similar to a puzzle.


Her daydreams can get out of hand, when she has to pay attention to something. It also gets her in trouble, leaving her off gaurd. Marceline also has Aichmophobia, which is the fear of needles, or pointed objects. She panics when she is near something so sharp, which can make her lose focus and . She can also be considered "Paranoid" at times, convinced that there is always someone or something out to get her in some way, shape or form, making her a bit distrustful of people and takes more for her to open up to others.

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