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Marconi is a tall mobian octopus with reddish-gray skin, an outwards-stretched mouth, and a well-trimmed moustache. From his left "arm" sprouts two tentacles that are rarely seen without his bendy signs in tow, while the right only has one tentacle, though also has a basic mechanical arm with fingers and everything. His left leg also has two tentacles, one going forward upon reaching the ground and the one behind going backwards. His right leg, however, has no tentacles, both having been lost in the war and replaced with a synthetic leg similar to his extra arm. The same could be said about his left eye, being a black socket with a small mechanical eye, the pupil having a four-pronged-star style to it. On the left side of his head are small bubble-like markings that were there since birth.

Marconi's clothing of choice is a small hat that barely covers his large head, a basic blue t-shirt with a large Ü printed on with a third dot in the middle, a white belt with a miniature stop-sign for a buckle (which also functions as his Emblem), a pair of light-brown shorts, a violet backpack where he stores his bendy-signs, and a brace that supplies water to his body through the neck.


Marconi is a jolly and overall cheery person, though still having a grounding to reality. He values the safety of the common-folk above all else, even his own life. Even during the war, Marconi always asked his fellow soldiers if they were okay after being hit with gunfire, and was always there to assist in nursing to the best of his abilities. You'd think living through a hellish war and losing many allies would make him a jaded, senile old coot, but really he is far from that. Marconi manages to stay cheery and optimistic even in the darkest of times, and is always there if you ever need a helping hand.


Marconi lived a peaceful, calm childhood with not much to note. He was somewhat sheltered and always preferred the safe route rather than taking risks. That is, until midway through college, where, through weird rulings in his scholarship fundings, Marconi was drafted for an upcoming war against ManoCorp's military forces, having gone haywire due to an undetectable virus. Marconi was later trained for military combat against the new mechanical threat over the course of several months before eventually being deported to the edge of ManoCorp territory.

From there onwards, Marconi and his fellow soldiers slowly pushed through enemy lines, constantly having to fall back due to the advanced weaponry the machines possesed. Marconi would help out by quickly building makeshift barricades and holes for soldiers to hide and rest in, as well as aiding in digging passageways for soldiers to sneak through. Marconi would also occasionally perform sniper-work, while not being the best shot, still took out at least a few machines everytime he had to substitute for another.

It was during one of these when Marconi lost his eye to a stray bullet, which should have actually pierced his brain and killed him, but it was also then when he discovered his power, to instantly harden anything he's touching to impossible levels of durability. This saved his life mere microseconds away from death, though unfortunately was left without an eye for a fair amount of war-time, as well as the building having collapsed on him, which had crushed/permanently disabled his right legs, and as such was forced to withdraw to the medical tents for the time being. There, he still showed his usefulness by helping the nurses and doctor's with his immense reach to bring them tools they needed or even straight-up treating a few minor injuries on other soldiers when the others were too busy. 

After the bleeding and initial pain had subsided, as well as a synthetic leg and eye were supplied to him Marconi had hurried back into the battlefield and put his power to good use. He continued making barricades for soldiers to hid-behind, but had fortified them immensely with his power, proving him to be a major asset in the war. His barricades provided indestructable walls for soldiers to fire from and also helped as a form of pushing, setting up a base far-up ahead with the tunnels and having soldiers pour out from their without much of a way for the machines to hold them off. Marconi's help quickly turned the tide of the war from a stalemate to a skyrocketing amount of victories for his army.

Marconi and his fellow soldiers eventually reached the heart of the ManoCorp army, that being the main company building from where the machines were all first conceived. Out of factories to mass-produce, the machines were truly down to their last legs, and as such had sent all of their remaining troops to fight off the incoming army in a battle that had lasted almost a week and, to Marconi at least, felt like several years of nothing but fighting, until a tunnel directly to ManoCorp HQ was built, allowing him and a squad of 34 other soldiers to enter and find the source of the entire war, this being a brilliant, warped child with a grudge against the entire world. While the other soldiers prepared to gun the kid down for her thoughtless actions, Marconi instead comforted the child, carrying her out of the building and through the barren fields once brimming with life before the war.

Despite his best efforts, the child WAS arrested after being brought to the base, though, with persuasion from Marconi, had a shortened sentence of 35 years solitude instead of "for life." After the wars official end, Marconi and the remaining soldiers were all allowed to return home, followed by a ceremony for their return, as well as a Medal of Servitude for his numerous actions throughout the war-time. From here on, Marconi returned to his calm, peaceful life as if nothing much had happened. He went back and finished college, had gotten a job as a traffic-manager and sign-constructor and eventually settled down in a quiet part of Soulstice City and had temporarily joined EQuartz Industries, which had gotten him his emblem and his special bendy-signs. Marconi now works as a free-lance public worker, simply getting by while keeping his cheery demeanor open for all to see.


During the war, Marconi had discovered a special power deep inside of him. This power allowes Marconi to solidify any inanimate object he's touching, as well as things that object is touching. With this, Marconi can create barricades capable of withstanding missiles with so much as a few sticks and rocks. Marconi can also stretch his tentacles out to reach far-away objects. Along with all of this, Marconi can even create bubbles that absorb projectile damage, then releasing it all upon popping in an explosion of energy.


Marconi, from intense military training, has heightened senses and strength, both of which had deteriorated over time, but not fully gone. For example, while having lost an eye in the war, Marconi is still an exceptional sniper when the need should arrive for his services in those fields. He's extremely flexible, having no real bones aside from those in his head and torso, and can even change his skin-color to camouflage in the area around him. And it's not just his body that's flexible. Marconi is skilled in a multitude of different jobs and positions just in case he should ever need to, such as a doctor's aid, traffic-director, soldier, digger, etc.


While skilled in multiple different fields, Marconi isn't without his faults. His grab-range, while far, is not even close to broken and as such can only go about 18 feet away from him before stopping. Marconi's bubbles can actually damage him if they should explode while he is close by. Marconi rarely ever carries any weapons aside from his bendy-signs with him, which in themselves are built more for defense than offense. Without his brace, Marconi cannot breathe above ground and needs to be hydrated or else he would die from suffocation. Overall, Marconi is more of a staller and should not be sent alone into combat, especially as he's beginning to show his age.

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