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Marcie the Cat is a 17-year old cat that lives in Sugar Rush City. She is a well known designer and cosplayer in the city, and even owns a small shop where people can go and pay her to design outfits for them. She is often seen walking around Sugar Rush City getting inspirations for her designs. Every couple of weeks or so, Marcie puts on fashion shows to show off some of her newest creations, and sometimes even competes in fashion or talent shows herself.



Marcie is a 17 year old anthropomorphic cat based on a real life Turkish Van. She stands at about 2 feet 8 inches, and weighs 56 pounds, making her shorter and a bit lighter for other Mobians her age. Her main fur color is cream, but the hair in the front of her head is hot pink with baby blue highlights (Which were added in by her). Her hair in the back is also Cream, but has hot pink highlights. Her muzzle and inner ears are white, and her eyes are the same baby blue color as the highlights in her hair.


Although Marcie's outfits tend to vary, she usually tends to wear a pink tanktop with a black leather jacket that have sleeves coming up to about her elbows, and a small collar. She has a gold buckle tied around her waist with a small cupcake chain locked onto it. Her skirt has three different fluffy layers, each with a different shade of pink, the colors getting darker on each layer going down. Her boots have two straps on each side of the leg that go up to the top of her legs, with buckles attached at the top. Marcie also wears a pair of glasses, usually used more for just looks than seeing.


Marcie is a cutesy, peppy kitty cat filled with inspiration. Everything in the world around her hold some sort of inspiration to her, which she takes to heart. She puts lots of effort into everything she does, whether it's designing outfits or wearing and showing them off. Marcie is very high spirited and loves good competition when it comes to fashion. She tends to brag and talk a lot without noticing.

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