Marcaris is the romantic relationship between Leparis and Marcy the Mutate.


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Leparis:*leaning on a tree in a park, eyes half-closed, resting*

(He hears quick footsteps going past, and panicked breathing.)

Leparis:*sharpens and stands straight, alert*

(He sees a navy-furred Mobian with dark purple hair that covers one eye, wearing bandages wrapped around from her chest to her stomach, a brown coat, ripped jeans, and brown boots. Her eyes are pure white, and she resembles a wolf, but with larger ears. She seems to be running away from something...)

Leparis:*shifts into a hidden view, and glances at what's chasing her*

(There appear to be a handful of GUN soldiers after her, led by a scientist.)

Scientist: There she is! Don't let her escape!

???: Just leave me alone!

Leparis:G.U.N.....Hmph. *does a backflip, lands in front of the scientist, and with one kick, knocks him back through the all the GUN soldiers*

Scientist: GAH!

???: (looks at Leparis, then back to the soldiers, then closes her eyes, and wings sprout from her back, opens eyes, flies over a building and disappears into an alleyway)

{GUN has tried for Leparis before because of his Bloodstone abnormalities.}

Leparis:Bring it on, quacks.

Soldiers: (pull guns)

Scientist: Ignore him, get the test subject!

Leparis:That's what you think. *slashes his guitar and sweeps it, and a blade of Harmelo hits the GUN*

(The GUN squad go flying back, unconscious for the moment. Leparis thinks he should check on the girl they were chasing...)

Leparis:*runs to where he saw the girl go*

(There appears to be no-one here at first sight... however, on closer inspection, the girl is huddled in a small corner, teary-eyed.)

Leparis:You alright?

???: (nods) Are they gone?

Leparis:Yeah, I chased them off.

???: Thank you... I'm Marcy.

Leparis:I'm Leparis.

Marcy: They keep chasing me... I have to keep moving.

Leparis:I've hold them off most my life. If you want, I'll keep you prptected in one place. Tigeroa isn't very freindly torwarsd them.

Marcy: (looks up at him) Thank you... No-one's ever offered to help me before...

Leparis:I've been in your situation. I can relate.

Marcy: Thank you.. They had me in their labs.. they were experimenting on me because of my powers.. It was horrible..

Leparis;THey're after me cuz of this. *slides out fully his bloodstone claws*

Marcy: I can... change myself, cause mutations, to help me. Like those wings.


Marcy: ...You think I'm a freak, don't you? Everyone thinks I'm a freak...

Leparis:Actually, compared to other things I've seen, you're pretty normal. You're fine.

Marcy: (looks up at him) Really?


Marcy: T-thank you... (smiles)

Leparis:*merely nods*

Marcy: (stands up) You said you would protect me in one place... Where?

Leparis:Anywhere within Tigero near a capable fighter will do. I'd guess the main city.

Marcy: (nods) (thinking) I... I think I love him...

Leparis:Come on. The quicker the better. *walks torward a main city of Mobius*

Marcy: (follows him)

Leparis:*he eventually finds a small shrine the Spaciacats set up there, and uses it to teleport to Tigeroa*

Marcy: (looks around in wonder)

Leparis:Welcome to my home.

Marcy: You live here?


Marcy: Wow... (moves a little closer to Leparis, as she has lived on the street most of her life, and is a bit surprised by his home)

(THey're in the city.)

Marcy: (looks around)

[Nature and the city seem to come together in harmony. There's no sign of litter or pollution, and thanks to the numerous crystals TIgeroans are fond of, the whole city is bathed in multicolored light]

Marcy: It's so...

Leparis:Natural. That's how I see it. *he standing in a gold light, wich highlights his fur*

Marcy: (stares at him)

Leparis:Tigero can find a good place for ya. Come on.

Marcy: (blushes slightly) Actually...


Marcy: I... I would like it if I could...


Tigero:HEY LEP! Where'd ya disappear to earlier?

Marcy: (whips around)

Tigero:*takes on glance at Marcy, glances at Leparis, and slowly smiles*...

Leparis:Need a place for her, from GUN

Tigero:*smiles at Marcy knowingly* Why doesn't she stay with you?

Marcy: (nods quickly) That's what I thought... if that's okay...

Leparis:hmmm..I have room, sure.

Tigero:*grinning* Okay, seeya!

Marcy: (blushes shyly) Bye... (whispers into his ear as he passes) Thank you...

Tigero:*telepathically* Y'welcome. *walks off*

Leparis:*leads her to his home, a tall spire with a solid foundation*

Marcy: (in awe)

Leparis:This is where me, my sister, and my brother live.

Marcy: W-wow...

Leparis:It IS a bit big...

Marcy: You l-live here?

Leparis:Yeah. *leads her inside*

Marcy: (looks around)

[Suddenly, Leparis is glomped by a female leopard]

Marcy: (whips around to face her) !!!

Leparis:Woah! hehe, settle down!


Marcy: (scanning the leopard with her visible eye, instinctively moves closer to Leparis)

Leparis:*gets up, the other leopard's arms still tightly around him*

[the female leopard has much lighter fur and rings, wearing a dancer's outfit. She's very pretty.]

Marcy: (turns to Leparis) Your sister...?

Termaris:*decides to mess with Marcy before the other two can reply* nope!

Marcy: W-what?!

Termaris:*still giving the others no reply chance* MARRIED!

Marcy: ??? (looks at Leparis) My head hurts...

Leparis:Sorry, he's being silly. She's just my sister.

Hyliaris:*smacks Termaris*

Marcy: (nods) O-okay...

Leparis:Sorry. Anyway, let's get you to a guest room.

Marcy: (nods)

Leparis:*as he walks past to lead her there, his hands opens, allowing her to easily slip hers into his*

Marcy: (blushes, follows him)

Leparis:*wlaks her up to a second floor room that is well furbished*

Marcy: (looking around, wide eyed)

Leparis:You can use this.

Marcy: R-really?! For me?! ...I've never had a proper room in my life... only a lab and the street...

Leparis;it's yours.

Marcy: Why?

Leparis:You need a room to stay in. This is the best untaken room we have.

Marcy: Thank you...

(Leparis leaves to let Marcy get settled in. About half an hour later, there is a knock at the door.)

Marcy: (looks up) Who is it?


Marcy: Oh... Hello.

Hyliaris:How are you?

Marcy: Good. Can I help you?

Hyliaris:Nah, just checking on ya.

Marcy: I'm fine.


Marcy: ......... yeah.

Hyliaris:....nothing you want to talk about?

Marcy: (looks at her, slightly suspicious)

Hyliaris:*smiles* really?

Marcy: (eyes narrow) What?

Hyliaris:I'm not stupid. I can tell you like Leparis.

Marcy: (blushes) What?! No, I don't!!!

Hyliaris:Yeah, you do. I can tell.

Marcy: (blushing hard) ....

Hyliaris:I just wanted to talk about it. Don't worry, I'm not gonna go yelling it all over the place. I understand.

Marcy: ..... Fine.

Hyliaris:I just want to help.

Marcy: ... How?

Hyliaris:Well...Why do you like him?

Marcy: ... (lowers her eyes) He was the first person to ever be kind to me...


Marcy: What?

Hyliaris:Well...Leparis is Leparis. There's no one else like him. Are you sure you really like him?

Marcy: Yes.

Hyliaris:Then as long as you don't give up, there's a chance you'll have him.

Marcy: But how? I'm just a failure. A mistake.

Hyliaris:Hah. Trust me, worse has come and gone and still found success. Leparis sees you as any other person, albeit someone to protect from GUN. No-one here will see you as wierd. In fact, they might be impressed!

Marcy: .....

Hyliaris:I'm serious. So you can mutate yourself, that doesn't make people look down on you. We have a guy...or girl...who's a shapeshifter, and no one knows his actual form.

Marcy: .....

Hyliaris:*angles Marcy's head to look at her* You'll be fine. Trust me.

Marcy: ... thank you.

Hyliaris:Alright. Like I said, just persist with Leparis. I gotta get going now. *gets up*

Marcy: Wait...


Marcy: do I...


Marcy: ... let him know... that I...

Hyliaris:..You're sure..?

Marcy: (still looking down, slight nod)

Hyliaris:*nods, and walks out*

Marcy: You didn't answer... How do I let him know that I like him... ?


Marcy: (looks up) ?

Hyliaris:.....That's...A good question...Hmmm...

Marcy: ?

Hyliaris:.....I'd wait until the two of you are alone, in a somewhat romantic setting, and you're on a good note. Then...Well, don't say anything. Just kiss him. That should work.

Marcy: !!

Hyliaris:I'm just saying, that's the best way to do it. Otherwise, it's going to be very hard on you.

Marcy: ... (nods slightly)

Hyliaris:It's partly his own fault, for going on stage. Words don't mean much to him...He hears, "I love you", maybe 100 times a day.

Marcy: O-okay....

Hyliaris:*pats Marcy consolingly*

Marcy: (slightly unsure nod, but more visible this time)

Hyliaris:Don't worry about it. You'll be fine.

Marcy: ...... thank you.

Hyliaris:*nods, and walks out*

(About a day later...)

(I figure Leparis can have to go out and get food or something, Marcy comes with him, and then wanders off, Leparis finds her in a secluded spot behind the building, then she takes Hylaris's advice. You like? Anyway, gotta go! See you later!)


Leparis:Be back soon, guys. Gotta get some things.



Marcy: ... I'll come with you... (moves closer to Leparis, catches Hylaris's eye)



Marcy: (follows Leparis)

Leparis:*he seems to be taking the most isolated paths as he walks*

Marcy: (follows closely)

Leparis:*squeezes between two buildings*

Marcy: (becomes much skinnier, follows, becomes normal on the other side)

Leparis:*massages his sides* That must be useful.

Marcy: (blushes) Yeah...

Leparis:*continues walking*

(Marcy is no longer behind him... It seems she's got lost, or wandered off...)

Leparis:Marcy? *looks around* Marcy?......*backtracks his steps*

(There seems to be a faint trail of footsteps leading behind an old, decrepid building on a hill nearby.)


(He goes around the building, and sees the most beautiful sunset he has ever seen. There is a small cliff, and sitting at the end, gazing at the sparkling horizon is Marcy, seemingly transfixed.)

Leparis:*walks over and sits next to her* Wow...

Marcy: (jumps slightly, then looks at him and calms down) Oh... yeah... it's so beautiful... I've never seen something like this before...


Marcy: ...... (thinking) I have to do what she said... now's my only chance... (out loud) ..... uh....


Marcy: I... uh... (moves close to him)


Marcy: ... (shuffles closer)


Marcy: I.... uh........ ....... (kisses him)


Marcy: (holds the kiss for a little, then breaks it) I-I... I...


Marcy: ..... Your s-sister said... i-i-it was the o-only w-way to s-show you... that... t-that...

Leparis:*eyes wide, staring into hers. his emotion is unreadable, but not negative*

Marcy: That I-I... L-l-l...

Leparis:*his hand gently touches her cheek*

Marcy: ! (blushes)

Leparis:*eyes locked on hers*.....

Marcy: Leparis... I-I... (says something quietly)


Marcy: I... love you...

Leparis:*for a moment, a look of exapseration appears, an instinct of his life. It disappears quickly, however*.......

Marcy: (catches the look, and quickly looks away)

Leparis:*realizes* N-no, I'm sorry..Don't mind that...

Marcy: No... It's okay... I understand... (gets up, hair hiding her eyes, and runs off. It begins to rain)

Leparis:.................*curls up*...........................Why'd I have t do that........

(He hears faint crying in the distance.)

Leparis:...I can't let this happen. *tracks her down by scent*

Marcy: (curled up in a small corner of what may possibly be the darkest alleyway in Tigeroa)

Leparis: Marcy?

Marcy: (looks up, face stained with tears)

Leparis:*kneels down to her* I'm sorry....That's not what I meant...

Marcy: (looks away) ...

Leparis:*puts his hand on her chin and turns her head back torward him* please, Marcy...

Marcy: ..... yes?

Leparis:.....I'm.....I'm not very good with words....

Marcy: ...


Marcy: (looks into his eyes)

Leparis:.....*strokes her cheek*

Marcy: (blushes, puts her arms around him)


Marcy: Thank you... (rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep)

Leparis:*quivering* Y-you're welcome....*hugs her*

Marcy: (asleep, curled up in Leparis's arms)

Leparis:*sits down, nestling her in his arms, and falls asleep*

(The next day...)


Marcy: (tail curled around his, tail twitches, waking Leparis up)


(Leparis is lying down, with Marcy curled up, lying on his chest, with their tails entwined.)


Marcy: (shifts a little in her sleep)

Leparis:*careful to keep her comfy and warm, he slowly picks her up*

Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*carefully walks back to his home*

Marcy: (still curled up in his arms)

Leparis:*carries her to her bedroom, careful not to wake her up*

Marcy: (still sleeping peacefully)

Leparis:*lays her on her bed*

Marcy: (seems reluctant when Leparis lets go of her)

Leparis:...........*sits down next to her and put his hand on her*

Marcy: (makes a noise of pleasure and contentness)

Leparis:*makes himself comfortable on the pillows, and moves her into his arms*

Marcy: (moves closer to him, makes a quiet pleasured noise)

Leparis:*curls her up in his lap, and smiles*

Marcy: (curls up and move closer to him)

Leparis:*smiling, strokes her*

Marcy: (makes a noise of pleasure)



Marcy: (moves closer)

Leparis:*stroking her, with her in his lap, his arms around her*

(Aww... See you tomorrow!)

Marcy: (moans with pleasure)

Leparis:*smiling* (thinking) I feel complete again....

Marcy: (instinctively curls up small and snuggles into Leparis)

Leparis:*wraps his arms around her, almost completely covering her*

Marcy: (makes a noise of immense pleasure)


Marcy: (appears to be dreaming, starts twitching violently) No... N-No...

Leparis:? oh...she must be thinking of gun....*he strokes her fur gently. He allows his wn fur to un-stiffen and become soft*

Marcy: No! Stay away! NOO!! (spasms, then lies still)

Leparis:*strokes her cheek like he did yesterday*

Marcy: (twitches, then her eyes flicker open)

Leparis:You alright?

Marcy: (sits up and looks around) Leparis...?


Marcy: (looks at Leparis and herself and blushes, looking away)

Leparis:*blushes, looks away slightly*

Marcy: Good morning....

Leparis:You too.....

Marcy: (curls up into a small ball)

Leparis:*she's almost covered by him again, as he holds her in a soft embrace*

Marcy: (blushes, makes a quiet moan of pleasure)

Leparis:*smiles againm and strokes her*

Marcy: (moves back to face Leparis and snuggles into him)

Leparis:*Cuddles her warmly*

Marcy: (moans in pleasure, stomach rumbles) We should probably get up...

Leparis:Y-yeah....and...thanks...for letting me know..

Marcy: It's okay...

Leparis:*Picks her up, she's still mostly covered up in his thick arms, keeping her warm and soft, curled up small*

Marcy: (blushing)


Marcy: (smiles shyly at him)

Leparis:*smiles back, and carries her silently and softly to the kitchen*

Marcy: What do you have to eat?

Leparis:Whatever my brother cooks up. And he's really good.

Marcy: Okay...

Leparis:*sniffs the air*.....cornbeef....greens beans wih bacon....and corn on the cob....

Marcy: ....

Leparis: C'mon. Let's feed you.

Marcy: Okay...

Leparis:*carries her into the kitchen, where Termaris is contently cooking food*

Marcy: (blushes)

Leparis:*notices, and somewhat reluctantly sets her down*

Marcy: (seems a little upset by this, but shakes it off)

Leparis:*puts an arm around her, staying close*

Marcy: (smiles faintly, moves closer)

Leparis:*smiles, holds her closer*

Marcy: (stomach rumbles again)

Leparis:*grins* Hey, Term! Got a couple of hungry felines behind ya!

Termaris:*without looking behind him* Okay Lep, Marcy, almost done.

Marcy: (shies away when he says "felines", a few tears drip slowly down her face)

Leparis:*notices*...oh...I-I'm sorry...

Marcy: It's okay... It doesn't matter...

Leparis:It matters if it hurts you...

Marcy: (shakes)

Leparis:I'm sorry...

Marcy: (shakes Leparis off and runs back up to her room)

Leparis:..........How is it every time I say something, it's the wrong thing?

(Sobbing can be heard upstairs.)

Leparis:*tears form*......How do I know it's the right thing to go up and comfort her....?

(The sobbing continues, and also loud crashing and banging noises.)

Leparis:........*walks up to her room*

(A lot of the things in the room have been strewn around, and there is a quivering lump underneath the sheet.)

Leparis:*soft voice* Marcy...?

(The small lump stops quivering.)

Leparis:.....*slowly walks in*....are you alright...?

Marcy: (small quiet voice) No...

Leparis:I'm really sorry I said that...I didn't mean to hurt you.....

Marcy: (pulls the covers off, eyes teary) I don't know what I am...

Leparis:.......I know what you are.

Marcy: (looks at him)

Leparis:The person I love.

Marcy: ... (collapses)


Marcy: (inbetween sobs) I never... had a... name... they just... called me... "the mutation"...

Leparis:*sits down next to her* I don't care what THEY called you. YOU are the person I love, no matter your species.

Marcy: ... (wraps her arms around Leparis, sobbing into his shoulder)

Leparis:*gently puts his arms around her* I'm here for're not a mutation, not to me....

Marcy: (crying)

Leparis:*holds her close*

Marcy: Thank... you...

Leparis:You're welcome.

Marcy: (collapses from exhaustion and hunger onto Leparis)

Leparis:*strokes her as he lays her in his bed and arranges it. Termaris, wordlessly, brings in a plate of food and sets it on the bedside*

Marcy: (moans with pleasure at Leparis's touch)

Termaris:*walks out*

Leparis:There you go...

Marcy: (weak smile)

Leparis:*Hands her the food*

Marcy: (eats some of it)

Leparis:There you go....Rest and eat...

Marcy: (eats another spoonful)

Leparis:*kisses her forehead* Feeling better?

Marcy: (blushes, nods)

Leparis: Good.

Marcy: (smiles)


Marcy: Leparis...


Marcy: ...I...


Marcy: ...I...

Leparis:*strokes her cheek*

Marcy: (makes a low moan of pleasure)



Marcy: (moans again)

Leparis:*smiling, his hand lingering on her cheek*

(Damn... See you tomorrow!)

Marcy: (shudders lightly)'re better now...

Marcy: Thank you...

Leparis:You're wlecome....want me to stay with you..?

Marcy: If you want to..


MArcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*gazing into her eyes*

Marcy: (doing the same)

Leparis:*just gazing*

Marcy: (moves her face closer, lips almost touching)

(When Leparis looks into her eyes from that distance, he can see that her eyes are not just whites, but there are faint white-grey irises, barely visible against the whites. However. there are still no pupils.)

(I have to go... Be back in an hour!!)

Leparis:*puts his hand on the side of her cheek as he moves slightly closer*

Marcy: (kisses him)


(Worst timing ever! I JUST got sent to bed!)

(DAMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sigh) See you...)

Marcy: (wraps her arms around him, causing her coat to slip down her arms)

(Marcy's arms are almost covered in scars. Most of them are small, though there are a few moderate sized ones.)

Leparis:*puts his arms around her, though he does feel the scars*

(I thought the scars would at least startle him.)

Marcy: (holds kiss)

(Leparis? Scared? Fweh....oh, and again, your timing needs work,'s better, but I have ot go to Tae Kwon Do soon.)



(*shrugs* no worries, it' should only take me an hour. or two hours, if we go to the pool. not likely, though.)

Marcy: (moves closer to him)

Leparis:*cuddles her closer*

Marcy: (moans again)

Leparis:*wraps her in his arms, closer, holding the kiss*

Marcy: (moves as close to him as she can)

Leparis:*Des teh same, curling her in his lap and arms*

Marcy: (reluctantly breaks the kiss)

Leparis:*also reluctant, but lets her*


Marcy: Maybe we should stop...


Marcy: ... do you think we should... ?

Leparis:Should what...?

Marcy: Stop?

Leparis:....I don't know.

Marcy: (looks into his eyes, then resumes kissing, large wings grow and wrap around them)

Leparis:*starts kissing her again, arms around her*

Marcy: (continues)

(An hour later...)

[there's a knock at the door, and Leparis reluctantly seperates from her]

Marcy: (reluctantly does the same and opens the door)

Termaris:is Marcy feeling better?


Marcy: Much better. (catches Leparis's eye and smiles)


Termaris:*doesn't notice* Good.

Marcy: (smiles) So... now what?

Termaris:Hyliaris is at one of her late-night parties...It's not late night yet, though. The sun is setting. I was just cehcking on you two.

Marcy: We're fine.. (whispers so only Leparis can hear) Better than fine...

(Gotta go! See you in an hour!)


Termaris:*fails to notice...again* Alright. I'm making brownies. Not done yet, I'll let you know when they are.

Marcy: (nods)


Marcy: (shuts the door and locks it)

Leparis:*strokes her cheek, gently, with the back of his hand as he did before*

Marcy: (smiles, makes a quiet noise of pleasure)

(You're the one with bad timing now! I have to go! See you in an hour!)



Marcy: (kisses Leparis)

Leparis:*kisses, wrapping his arms around her*

Marcy: (kisses back)

Leparis:*kissing her warmly*

Marcy: (makes a quiet noise of intense pleasure)

Leparis:*kissing, holds her close*

Marcy: (separates, pulls off her coat, and resumes)

Leparcy:*slight blush, but continues the kiss*

Marcy: (continues)

(Half an hour later...)

Leparis:*gently seperates*

Marcy: (same, reluctantly, puts coat back on)

Leparis:*gazes into her eyes, smiling*

Marcy: (same)

Leparis:You're wonderful...

Marcy: No... (looks away) I'm not...

Leparis:*Gently turns her head back to him* yes, Marcy, you really are. Do you know how many millions of people have tried for my attention? But I just never liked them. But then you came along. You're special, Marcy.

Marcy: (tries to turn away again) No, I'm not! I'm just a mutation! A failed experiment! There's no reason for me to even be alive!

Leparis:If you weren't alive, I wouldn't have found love. How could I love you if you were really just an expirement? A mutation? But I DO love you.

Marcy: WHY?! I don't matter! I shouldn't have even been created!

Leparis:I don't care about that. I love you for who you are. What you've made yourself.

Marcy: (crying) ...why? Why do you even care about me?

Leparis:*puts a hand on each of her shoulders* Because I'mm on love with you. Because of who you are.

Marcy: (stops crying) Thank you...

Leparis:*just nods*

Marcy: (hugs him tightly and sobs)

(I gotta go... See you in around an hour!)

Leparis:*hugs her tight*

Marcy: (sobbing)

Leparis:*holding her close and warm, slightly rocking hre back and forth*

Marcy: (eventually calms down) ...We should get up...


Marcy: (smiles, separates and stands up)

Leparis:*does the same* Just remember, that no matter what happens, I love you, and you'll always be the most important thing in my life.

Marcy: (smiles, nods) Thank you, Leparis. (walks downstairs)

(Gotta go! See you tomorrow!)

Leparis:Welcome.*walks down with her*

Termaris:*asleep on the couch*

Marcy: (looks at him)

Termaris:*he appears to be wearing a small heart shaped locket, and his double blade is hugged to him*

Marcy: (flinches at the sight of the blade)

(I think I might have someone for Hylaris.)

Leparis:*puts his hand on her sholder in a comforting manner* Don't worry.


Marcy: (calms down)

(Still working on it, but don't give anyone else the spot in the meantime. Gotta go! Be back in two hours. See ya!)


Marcy: ...we should wake him up...


Marcy: ...

Leparis:*puts two claws to his mouth, emiting a shapr whistle*

Termaris:WAGH!*falls off the couch*

Marcy: (giggles)


Termaris:Not funny. *hides his locket*

Marcy: ...what's in there?

Termaris:*avoiding her question* Brownies are done.

Marcy: ...

(When Termaris turns his back, sharp claws grow on Marcy's fingers and she moves quick as lightning, her hand darting to the empty air behind his neck and back, to her sides. Termaris doesn't notice a thing, but the ghost of a smile appears on Marcy's lips.)

Termaris:.......Lep....did something just bite me? Like a bug?


Marcy: I didn't see anything. (hands are cupped behind her back)

Termaris:...huh. *walks to the kitchen*

Leparis:*glances at Marcy* impressive wuite fast enough to escape me, though.

Marcy: (takes her hands from behind her back, holding Termaris's locket)

Leparis:Just make sure it finds it's way back to him before he notices.

Marcy: (opens the locket with her claws)

[it has a picture of Gwendolyn Grison, a heart shape traced around her]

Marcy: (looks at the picture, then closes the locket, winds the chain around it, and expertly drops it into Termaris's pocket)

Leparis:*smiles* Gwendolyn...huh.

Marcy: (tilts head, then eyes widen in understanding) Oh... Where's Hylaris?

(Hyliaris. Don't forget that I.)

Leparis:Coming ack

Hyliaris:*slams open the doors* WHOO!

Marcy: (jumps) !

Hyliaris:THAT was FUN!

Leparis:Same old Hyl.

Marcy: (smiles)

Hyliaris:*spins into the room* Heeeeyaaaaaeeeh!

Leparis:*shakes his head, smiling* I swear, she'll never change.

Marcy: (giggles again)

(I gotta go. See you in an hour!)

Leparis:I'm serious. It's an almost time loop-like routine. She dances, she flirts, she comes home hyped. It never changes. no one ever changes her.


Marcy: ...Leparis?


Marcy: ...I want to go to one of these "parties"... They sound interesting...

Leparis:.....*slightly reluctant* alright..

(I take it you have Hyliaris' idea ready...?)

(Almost. Give me a few minutes and it'll be ready.)


Marcy: What's wrong?

Leparis:...Well...Some people don't exactlly have morals, and they might try...inappropriate things on you.

Marcy: (tilts head, not understanding) ???

(What kind of guy would Hylaris be interested in?)


Hyliaris:*whispers the "specifics" to Marcy*

(Well....That's.....a good question. She's a flirtatious, energetic dancer, and a free spirit. She hasn't ever though of or considered breaking from that)

Marcy: (looks a little nauseous) Oh... I-it's okay, I can handle myself. Unless... (spark of an idea appears in her eyes)

[Hyl and Lep glance at eachother]

Marcy: (moves closer to Leparis) Unless you come with me... ^_^

(I gotta go. See you later! P.S I've got Hylaris's match! Murphy the Cat! See you!)

Leparis:I was already going to. But that doesn't stop some people. I'm just worried for you.

Marcy: Oh...

Leparis:If you really want to go...

Marcy: If you don't think I should, then...


Marcy: What do you think?


Hyliaris:He wants to protect you, but he doesn't want to keep you from doing what you want.

Marcy: ...Okay then... Let's go to a party...

Hyliaris:Don't worry, Lep. You know I'll find the best place!


Marcy: (nods, and moves closer to Leparis)

[At the club Hyl chose...]

Hyliaris:Cleanest place I could find.

Marcy: (looking around, ears flattened against head)

Leparis:*holds Marcy's hand gently, and smiles at her*

Marcy: (smiles back, rests her head on his shoulder)

Leparis:*smiling* heh...

Marcy: What?

Leparis:Love you. *kisses her cheek*

Marcy: (blushes)

Hyliaris:They serve pizza here. You guys get a table, I'll be doing my thing.

Marcy: Pizza?


Leparis:-cious. C'mon!

Marcy: (gets dragged along by Leparis)

Leparis:*brings her to a table and orders some pizza*

Marcy: (looking slightly bewildered)

Leparis:You alright?

Marcy: Yeah... I'm fine...

Leparis:*strokes her cheek*

Marcy: (shudders with pleasure)


Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*strokes again*

Marcy: (shudders)

Leparis:*strokes her hair*

Marcy: (smiles at him)

Leparis:*smiles back*

Marcy: (puts her arms around him)


Leparis:*puts his arms around her*

Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*smiles* love you.

Marcy: I love you too...

Leparis:*strokes her*

Marcy: (shudders)

Leparis:*holds her close*

Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*strokes* This is nice..

Marcy: Yeah...


Marcy: (hugs him)

Leparis:*hugs back, and leans in slightly*

Marcy: (leans in)

Leparis:;*closes eyes and kisses her*

Marcy: (kisses back, slightly startled)

Leparis:*holds her close in his arms, and gently strokes her back to comfort her, kissing*

Marcy: (makes a quiet noise of incredible pleasure)

Leparis:*continues warmly*

Marcy: (makes another noise of extreme pleasure)

Leparis:*small noise of pleasure, continues*

Marcy: (separates reluctantly) M-maybe we shouldn't... with all these people....


Marcy: (seems to sit still, but when Leparis looks into her eyes, he sees her faint irises flicking around, scanning the area)

Leparis:You alright?

Marcy: (nods, then stands up) Let's go over there! (leads Leparis around behind the main building, where there is a deserted space)


Marcy: Now we can keep doing what we were doing before... (blushes)


Marcy: (moves closer to him)

Leparis:*moves closer, and wraps his arms around her*

Marcy: (smiles)


Marcy: (moves her face closer to his)

Leparis:*moves his closer*

Marcy: (kisses him)

Leparis:*holds her closer, kisses warmly, and his tail wraps around her*

Marcy: (makes a noise of intense pleasure)

Leparis:*wraps his arms more comfortably around her, his soft fur rubbing against hers*

Marcy: (makes another noise of extreme pleasure)

Leparis:*continues kissing her lovingly*

Marcy: (moans again, and tilts her head to one side, flicking her hair away from her cheek)

Leparis:*strokes her cheek with one hand as he kisses*

Marcy: (eyes widen, makes a noise of absolute pleasure)

Leparis:*tilts his head slightly, one ear cocks with it, kissing*

Marcy: (makes a noise of the highest level of pleasure)

Leparis:*continues to kiss her*

Marcy: (continues making noises of pleasure)

Leparis:*presses himself to her*

Marcy: (her noises become even more pleasured)

Leparis:*begins to sit down, armms still around her, kissing*

Marcy: (same)

Leparis:*sits cross-legged, slides her into his lap, and comfortably holds her in his arms, kissing*

Marcy; (noises get twice as pleasured)

Leparis:*tilts his head again, the opposite direction to her tilt, kissing*

Marcy: (eyes widen, makes a noise of the highest possible level of pleasure)

Leparis:*continues to passionately kiss*

Marcy: (limp in his arms)

Leparis:*supports her, holding her close*

(Leparis found her special thing!)

(Putting her in his lap like that and tilting?)

(The combination of everything he's doing right now.)

(Ah. I'm afraid Claterix has yet to figure out Leparis' thing. He'll let you know if he gets it.)


Marcy: (limp in Leparis's arms, making noises of ultimate pleasure)

Leparis:*continues passionately*

Marcy: (continues)

Leparis:*continues deeply*

Marcy: (floppy in his arms, kissing back)

Leparis:*holds her close, supporting, kissing*

Marcy: (makes a noise of the highest possible level of pleasure)

Leparis:*continues like this for some time*

Marcy: (enjoying herself to the highest possible level)

Leparis:*doesn't stop, wraps her in closer*

Marcy: (moves closer to him)

Leparis:*hugs her in tighter*

Marcy: (continues)

Leparis:*continues as well, becoming more passionate*

Marcy: (shudders, on the verge of collapsing with the incredible pleasure)

Leparis:*holds her safely in his arms, warmly and passionately kissing*

Marcy: (struggling to speak through the intense waves of pleasure)

Leparis:*still going*

Marcy: (trying to speak, but only noises of incredible pleasure are coming out)

Leparis:*wraps her up in his arms, closer*

(I have an idea for something we can do next.)


(G.U.N gets Marcy, and Leparis goes to get her back.)


(Anyway, I have to go. See you later!)


Marcy: (snuggles into him)

Leparis:*cuddles with her*

Marcy: (tries to speak) W-we.. m-maybe w-w-we s-should s-stop... b-b-but...


Marcy: (curls up smaller) I d-don't w-w-want to s-stop..

Leparis:N-neither do I.

Marcy: (curls up small and moves closer to him)

Leparis:*wraps himself around her, completely coverin gher, with his lips near hers*

Marcy: (snuggles closer to him)

Leparis: *cuddles her in warmth*

Marcy: (makes a small quiet noise of pleasure)


Marcy: (smiles up at him, eyes drooping)

Leparis:*strokes her*

Marcy: (smiles, curls up small, and falls slowly asleep)

Leparis;*continues to stroke her to sleep*

Marcy: (asleep, smiling)

(A few minutes later, Leparis takes Marcy home, and lays her in her bed.)

Leparis:*kisses her cheek* goodnight..

Marcy: (smiles)

(A few hours later... Leparis is woken by the sound of glass breaking followed by a scream, coming from Marcy's room!)

Leparis:MARCY!*his powerfu legs propell him quickly to her room, and he bursts in*

(The window is shattered, and the bedclothes torn and shredded. Stuff is strewn all over the floor, and Leparis can see, just visible, a G.U.N squad teleporting out to their base, with Marcy hanging limp over one soldier's shoulder. They vanish.)

Leparis:*his kick shatters the floor where the soldier once stood. His mind sharp, he instantly jumps out the window and pounds torward the temples*

(A matter of minutes later, Leparis is standing outside the G.U.N base where Marcy is being held.)

Leparis:...familiar scenario...reminds me of standing outside the BSGC building...*growls, and eyes slit*

(Leparis makes his way to the G.U.N labs. Inside, Marcy is floating in a stasis tube, with electrodes attached to her body from all directions. She has been stripped of her coat, and her jeans have been replaced with skintight shorts, made from bandages like her tube top. A scientist presses a button, and an electrical charge shoots through Marcy's body, causing her to recoil in agony.)

Leparis:*sneaks up behind the scientist, and knocks him out easily*

Scientist: AUUGHH! (lands on the control panel, another shock, more powerful this time, hits Marcy, causing some of the tubes inserted into her body to come loose and send different coloured fluids around the tank)

Leparis:*destroys the tube*

(A small flood of multicoloured liquids pours out, and Marcy slips out into Leparis's arms. She is unconscious, seemingly in an induced coma.)

Leparis:*holds her close*.......*eyes slit*......*sets her down gently*

Marcy: (unconscious)

Leparis:*enters Gaurdian Form*

Marcy: (still unconscious)

Leparis:*careful not to hit Marcy, he begins destroying the lab*

(When the lab is fully wrecked, Leparis returns to Marcy's side. She is still unconscious.)

Leparis:*returns to his normal form, and gently picks her up, then holds her close to him*

Marcy: (still unconscious, limp in his arms)

Leparis:*walks home, holding Marcy in his arms, up close to him as possible*

Marcy: (unconscious)

Leparis:*Lays her in her bed, and kisses her forehead*

Marcy: (stirs slightly, but still unconscious)

Leparis:Please wake up...*gently shakes her*

Marcy: (unconscious)

Leparis:*snaps his claws in front of her face*

Marcy: (still K.Od)

Leparis:.....*grabs a nearby cup and splashes her face*

Marcy: (nothing happens)

Leparis:.......*strokes her cheek*

Marcy: (shudders, but still K.O'd)

Leparis:....Hmm...*hugs her close and strokes her*

Marcy: (shudders again, and stirs, but still unconscious)

Leparis:.....*kisses her cheek*

Marcy: (stirs again, but still just unconscious)

Leparis:.....*kisses her on the lips*

(A visible shudder of incredible pleasure sweeps across Marcy's body, and her eyes snap open)

Leparis:*gently seperates* You alright?

Marcy: (moans) My head hurts...-

Leparis:*strokes her head*

Marcy: (smiles) All I remember is G.U.N grabbing me... (smile fades a little) They put me in a tank... jabbed me full of needles and electrodes... I passed out and woke up here...

Leparis:THey didn't get much chance to do anything to you before they met one angry leopard.

Marcy: (smiles, moves closer to him) But they managed to get in here... What if they come again?

Leparis:*hugs her tight to his chest* Don't worry. Treltaris and Deltaris are apparently parts of our family. They're halfdragons who like sleeping otuside like gargoyles. They're ultrasensitive, so any G.U.N. will deal with both them, me, and a little present...*grin*

Marcy: Present?

Leparis:I coded a special security to attack G.U.N.

Marcy: What do you mean?

Leparis:My brother calls it the "Don't come back"

Marcy: I still don't get it.

Leparis:It's a giant springboard aimed for the hornet's area of an outlying forest.

Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:Anyway, are you alright?*hugs her close to him*

Marcy: (nods, notices that she's wearing just the bandage psuedo-outfit, and blushes)

(I have to go. See you later!)

Leparis:*notices, and blushes*........*his hand gently strokes the back of her neck*

Marcy: (blushing hard) I... I should probably get dressed properly...

Leparis:*catches the tone* p-probably?

Marcy: D-do... do y-you t-t-think I should? (blushing)

Leparis:*deep blush*....Y-you should do......wh-what you w-want to do...

Marcy: (moves closer to him) I-I want t-to do... what you w-want me to do...

(I have to go. DX See you tomorrow!)

Leparis:I-I w-waant you to do wh-what you w-want..

Marcy: (moves even closer, blushing, quietly) I want t-to... do w-what'll make y-you h-happy...

Leparis:*arms still around her, hugs a little closer* Th-that's what I w-want for y-you..

Marcy: Well.. we're in t-trouble then... aren't w-w-we? (blushing deep, rests her head on her chest)

Leparis:Unless....*quietly* w-we both w-want the s-same th-thing..

Marcy: (smiles, moves closer, rubbing against him)

Leparis:*hugs her close*

Marcy: (moves even closer, kisses)

(I have to go. See you in a couple of hours!)

Leparis:*hugs closer, kisses*

Marcy: (wraps her tail around them)

Leparis:*does the same, hugs her tight*

Marcy: (moans quietly)

Leparis:*kissing passionately*

Marcy: (makes a noise of extreme pleasure)

(The problem here is that Lep's claws may cut the bandage suit....)


(It's kinda like a bikini, but bandages.)

Marcy: (snuggles into him, still kissing)

(So what happens if Lep's claws cut it?)

Leparis:*hugs her close, cuddling, kissing*

(Well... there's nothing under it... so... I dunno...)

(I honestly have no idea how either of them would react to that, since they're still caught up in passion right now.)

Marcy: (kissing deeply)

Leparis:*kissing deeply, and hugs her tighter. in doing so, part of the siut is pierced by a claw*

Marcy: (doesn't notice at first)

Leparis:*as they're kissing, the motion cuts the suit a bit more*

Marcy: (notices, parts, blushing as hard as should be possible, whips her tail around her back to keep it up, along with folding her small wings across it to help keep it up)

Leparis:Ah..I-I'm sorry..

Marcy: (blushing furiously) I... it's okay...

Leparis:*face red, silent*

Marcy: (blushing as hard as possible) ..... (removes tail)

Leparis:*doesn't notice*

Marcy: (curls tail back around them both)

Leparis:*face goes red again*.....*his tail wraps around her*

Marcy: (moves closer, smiles, kisses passionately)

(I have to go... I'll see you in an hour!)

Leparis:*kisses passionately*

Marcy: (closes eyes, wings relax a little, top slips slightly)

Leparis:*eyes closed, passionately kissing.*

(I should note that leparis does not usually wear a top. When he does, it's only for formal occassions. which hasn't been anytime recently.)

Marcy: (twitches tail, causing Leparis to open his eyes momentairily, relaxing more, wings slipping, top drooping slightly)

Leparis:*face goes bright red, but he holds the kiss*

Marcy: (top still slipping, revealing a little more of her chest, eyes still closed)

Leparis:*closes eyes, holding the kiss passionately*

Marcy: (top slips a little more, moves closer to him)

Leparis:*face bright red, still kissing*

Marcy: (kisses passionately, top slipping more, moves closer to Leparis, rubbing against him)

Leparis:*face goes a brighter shade of red, almost crimson, still kissing, hugs her a little closer*

Marcy: (moves closer, snuggling into him, the top slips off almost completely, but it gets caught on the ends of her wings, just keeping it above decency level, though she doesn't seem to even notice)

Leparis:*he doesn't notice either, losing himself in the kiss*

Marcy: (tail twitches again, involuntairily)

Leparis:*his eyes stay closed, still kissing her*

Marcy: (kisses deeper, tail flicks more passionately)

Leparis:*eyes flicker open*

Marcy: (eyes still closed, kissing, top still just above decency level)

Leparis:*closes eyes, kissing*

Marcy: (kisses)

Leparis:*kissing passionately*

(An hour later...)

Leparis:*still kissing Marcy*

Marcy: (kissing, separates slightly reluctantly)

Leparis:*speechless, breathign heavily and blushing bright*

Marcy: (panting too heavily to speak)

Leparis:*same as before*

Marcy: (tries to say something, but collapses on top of Leparis, and quickly falls asleep)

Leparis:*face red, holds her up*

(must take shower, be back soon)


Marcy: (asleep)

Leparis:*not remembering that her top is slipping, carefully picks her up*

Marcy: (wings limp, top slips a little further, but still barely above decency level (as in not showing her nipples))

Leparis:*gently carries her to her bed*

Marcy: (still asleep)

Leparis:*kisses her forehead before straightening her to put her in bed*

Marcy: (sighs with pleasure in her sleep)

Leparis:*lays her in bed and puts the cover over her* Sleep well, Marcy...

(The next morning...)

Leparcy:*asleep against the foot of her bed*

Marcy: (asleep in her bed, shifts a little, rustling the sheets and waking Leparis)

Leparis:*snaps to his feet, scans the room and, convinced there are no GUN, looks at Marcy*

Marcy: (asleep, curled up small, top still barely on)

Leparis:*after confirming she's alright, goes back to resting against the side of the bed, on her side*

(What if she fell off the bed...?)

Marcy: (shifts again, and accidentaly falls off the bed, landing on top of Leparis)

(However, this doesn't seem to wake her... it appears she still has a moderate dose of G.U.N's stasis drugs in her system.)

Leparis:!! Mmph!*gets knocked flat on the floor*

Marcy: (still asleep, lying on top of Leparis)

Leparis:*blushing bright*.........*tries to get up, picking her up at the same time*

Marcy: (limp in his arms, still asleep)

Leparis:*unable to move her without making the top fall off, he just lays there*

Marcy: (smiling in her sleep)

Leparis:*lets himself rest a bit*

(Gotta go! If Hunter shows up, play with him for me!)

Marcy: (smiles, shifts a little, snuggling against him, top slips a little more)

Leparis:*notices, blushes, and closes his eyes*

Marcy: (snuggles up, top still barely above decency level)

Leparis:*blushing crimson*

Marcy: (snuggles right into his fur)

Leparis:*blushes brighter, now unabel to take his eyes off her*

Marcy: (snuggles closer, resting her head on his chest)

Leparis:*tries closing his eyes*

Marcy: (snuggles even closer, pushes her face into his shoulder fur)

Leparis:*eyes open*

Marcy: (snuggles in, smiles)

Leparis:*strokes her back*

Marcy: (stirs, eyes open) Huh..?

Leparis:You fell feeling alright..?*stroking*

Marcy: (looks around, blushes slightly, and smiles) Yeah...

Leparis:*still soothingly stroking*

Marcy: (smiles, looks down at self) Oh... Maybe I should get dressed...

Leparis:If you want..

Marcy: Should I?

Leparis:Like I said, if you want.

Marcy: (slides one arm around his neck) Only if you want me to...

Leparis:*blushes* Y-you do w-what you w-want...

Marcy: Well... this is very comfortable... I wouldn't want to get up...

Leparis:Th-then you can stay h-here...

Marcy: (puts her other arm around his neck)

Leparis:*blushing crimson*

Marcy: (moves closer to him, rubbing her head against his cheek)*rubs back*

Marcy: (snuggles closer, top slips a tiny bit more)

(I have to go... See you in an hour, Arty!)

Leparis:*fails to notice, rubbing on her and stroking her back*

Marcy: (snuggles into him as far as possible, top slipping slightly)


Marcy: (snuggles even closer)

(See you!)

Leparis:*rubbing against her, stroking her back*

Marcy: (smiles, rubs against him)

Leparis:*smiles as he continues*

Marcy: (rests her head on his shoulder)

Leparis:*closes his eyes, smiling*

Marcy: (moves closer to him)

Leparis:*rubs up to her*

Marcy: (moves closer, kisses his neck)

Leparis:*this makes him quiver, his whole body rippling as he strokes her back*

Marcy: (notices, continues kissing, strokes his back)

Leparis:*quivers mroe violently again, out of pleasure*

Marcy: (wraps her tail around his waist, becomes more passionate)

Leparis:MMmmmmMmmm*he's making sounds of pleasure now*

Marcy: (trying to find Leparis's thing, wraps her tail around his, still stroking and kissing)

Leparis:*he starts settling down*

Marcy: (wraps her tail back around his waist, kisses deeper, licking slightly, strokes the back of his head)

Leparis:*a barely detectable purr*

(Have you found Leparis's thing?)

(Claterix:Yes, but she won't like it.)


(Oh? What is it? Because Marcy would do anything for him, I know that for a fact.)

Marcy: (becomes more passionate)

(Claterix:They're gonna have to, both of them, lose much more than a top. After that, she simply has to stroke the back of his neck. Bye for the night!)

(We might get banned for that...)

(Claterix:That's what Artemi thought at first, too. I don't like it anymore than you do, but, y'see, a person's "thing" comes from their core soul. Lep is a lot like Artemis...His core soul keeps an outer shell personality which is his actual personality, but hides anohter part of his actual personality from the rest of the worlf...a darker, dirtier side.)

(Artemis:GO ahead, Claterix. Say one more thing about me you know I don't want heard, and I'll reveal what you were before matchamking!)


(So what do we do? Any way we could tone it down a bit?)

(Claterix:I....I don't know. NOt yet. Look, I'll go get Arkindai and figure something out. Sit tight!)

(Got anything yet?)

(Claterix:Uh...I think so. It's only a theory...)

(Go on...)

(Claterix:Okay, This may be a bit difficult to pull off. See if Marcy can curl her legs around his, put one arm around his head. Other hand stroking the back of his neck. This while passionately kissing. ONLY kissing, I might add.)

Marcy: (still kissing, curls one leg around his)

(Claterix:I do have a question, did you click and read the earlier link?)

Leparis:*shudder, kissing*

Marcy: (curls her other leg around his, puts her arms around his head)

Leparis:*shudders again* mm....

Marcy: (strokes the back of his neck)

Leparis:*shudders again* MMMM...

Marcy: (both of her legs curled around his, stroking the back of his neck, puts her other arm around his head)


Marcy: (continues)

Leparis:*quivering, starts stroking her back*

Marcy: (shivers)

(He should do Marcy's thing!)

(He's enjoying what's happening far too much right now.)

(Claterix:*glaring at Vamp* Waiting for answer....)

(D'OH! Sorry, yes, I did see Lynxia.)

(Claterix:*shrugs* Just making a point that I'm the master. Even to that point.)

Leparis:*continues passionately*

Marcy: (continues)

Leparis:*hugs her tighter, kissing*

(A while later...)


Marcy: (asleep on top of him)

Leparis:*his breathing is calm, but strong enough to slowly push her up and down slightly*

Marcy: (stirs)


Marcy: (wakes up) H... huh?

Leparis:*still asleep*

Marcy: (blinks, shakes her tail, waking Leparis up)


Marcy: Leparis... ?


Marcy: (rests her head on his chest) Ungh... I can barely remember anything that happened last night... I think the G.U.N drugs are still in my system...

Leparis:*glances at her top*

(Marcy's top is still in it's precarious postition, albeit a little lopsided. She hasn't noticed it yet.)

Leparis:*unsure of what to say*

Marcy: What? is slipping.

Marcy: (looks down) !! (uses her tail to tie it back up)


Marcy: What happened last night?

Leparis:I honestly don't know. It was all very whirlwind.

Marcy: Wha... what do you mean?

Leparis:Just what I said....The top was an accident, however...

Marcy: ...

Leparis: ...

Marcy: (sits up, looks around) Where are my clothes?

Leparis:I don't know what GUN did with them.

Marcy: That means... (blushes slightly) I have nothing to wear...

Leparis:*blushes*........Well.....Maybe Hyl has something that'll fit.

Marcy: Hang on... (stands, folds wings and tail around self, closes eyes, and turns invisible) I'll be right back... (the window opens and closes)


(A few minutes later, Marcy returns, now visible and fully dressed in her usual outfit.)


Marcy: It was in a dumpster around the back of G.U.N's base, the one they had me in...

Leparis:Not that they'll ever be using that one again...

Marcy: (nods, stomach rumbles)

Leparis:Time for you to eat, then. C'mon. *stands up*

Marcy: (follows him)

Leparis:*walks into the kitchen. Termaris has apparently been cooking from the smell*

Marcy: (sniffs the air) That smells... good...

Leparis:Yep!*walks in, and all manner of food is laid out*

Marcy: (stares)

Leparis:Feel free to chow down.

Marcy: (ravenously eats most of the food)


Marcy: Mmm... good...

Leparis:Quite an appetite.

Marcy: (nods)

Leparis:*chooses a few strips of bacon and some eggs for himself*

Marcy: (finishes off everything she chose)


Marcy: That was delicious!!

Termaris:*out of nowhere* thank you.

(May I ask why you don't seem to like Gwendai?)

Marcy: !!!

(I don't like Gwen, because I didn't create her properly. I just pulled something off another series and made it a mobian. I'm working on design changes, so we'll be able to continue soon.)


Termaris:No worries, it's just me.

Leparis:Having a master cook for a brother is convenient.

Termaris:Thank you...I think.

(Gotta go! See you later today!)

Marcy: ^_^


Marcy: So... now what do we do, Leparis?

Leparis:Whatever you want...

Marcy: ...I don't know.


Marcy: (waits) ...

Leparis:No idea...

Marcy: Oh..

Leparis:....If you could do anything right now, what would you enjoy?

Marcy: ... (shrugs)

Leparis:*thinking*wonder what she's thinking about...

Marcy: ... (rests her head on Leparis's shoulder and sighs)

Leparis:*smiles, and strokes her cheek*

Marcy: (smiles) That's nice..


Marcy: (sighs with happiness) I like that..

Leparis:*smiles* Good. *continues stroking*

(Gwen's designs finished yet?)


Marcy: (smiles, puts her arms around him)

Leparis:*continues stroking, other arm around her*

Marcy: (rests her head on his chest)

Leparis:*smiling, stroking*

Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:Love you.

Marcy: I love you too...


(I'm sorry, Vamp, but I'm just not in a romantic mood right now. I'm gonna take a break.)

Marcy: What is there to do here, Leparis?

Leparis:In our home? Just games and such.

Marcy: What kind of games?

Leparis:Mostly video games, some classic board games and such...

(You know, Vamp, mai freind Hunter is waitink for ya on Galain.)

Marcy: (tilts head) Video games?

Leparis:aye, digital games and such. I honestly don't understand iut.

Marcy: Could we play one of those?


Marcy: I've never seen a 'video' game before...


Marcy: (follows him)

Marcy: (follows him)

Leparis:*sits down in front of a game system*(

Marcy: (does the same) ?

Leparis:*sighs* I have no idea how this works...

Marcy: Oh.

Leparis:....*presses the TV's "on" button*

Marcy: ...

Leparis:...*figures out how to turn the game system*

Marcy: (watches)

Leparis:*after some tinkering, he figures out how to make the game start*

Marcy: !

Leparis:....*grabs an instruction mannual*

Marcy: (giggles)

Leparis:*he turns only a few pages before blushing*...this must be one of Hyliaris' games...

Marcy: What do you mean? (reads the instruction booklet)

[it describes how to play a game that's centered on dating and love...wihtout any limits. I describes this quite vividly.]

Marcy: o_o (drops the instruction booklet and flicks it away with her tail, then selects another game from the rack)

[this one is a classic Pac-Man game]

Marcy: What's this one? (hands it to Leparis)

Leparis:*reads over it a while*....a large circle eating smaller circles and avoiding what appears to be ghosts.

Marcy: ?


Marcy: Should we play it?

Leparis:It's only one player, so I guess not.

Marcy: (selects another game)

[This one is another of Hyliaris' games]

Marcy: (hurriedly puts it back and pulls out another one)

[This one is a complicated puzzle game, very difficult to decipher and requiring the player to know at least several ancient languages.]

Marcy: Hmm... (puts it aside as a maybe and selects yet another game)

[Yet another of Hyliaris'.]

Marcy: (looks through all the remaining games)

[It's mostly puzzle games, classics, and those of Hyliaris, but there are some newer multiplayers]

Marcy: (picks out all the multiplayers and looks through them)

[The first is a realtively simple multiplayer...paddle ball.]

Marcy: (checks the next one)

[this is is more complicated, a mario game]

Marcy: (and the next one)

[this one's a racing game]

Marcy: Let's play this.


Marcy: (sits back and watches Leparis set up the game)

Leparis:*he has a good share of trouble setting it up, but eventually figures it out*

Marcy: (giggling at his frustration)

Leparcy:*upon finally figuring it out, he hits the wrong button, and teh game shuts down*........

Marcy: Let me try! (picks up the controller, and shuts her eyes) ... (opens them and presses a random series of buttons, the game starts)


(Hey, Arty, do you have any vampiric characters apart from Marrek and Cheryn, preferably male?)

(Hmmmm...I'll go look)

Marcy: When I was with G.U.N, they made me do intelligence tests... stuff like this, so I know a bit about these sorts of things..

Leparis: I see.

Marcy: Let's play!


Marcy: (selects her vehicle, one with good acceleration & handling, medium speed, and okay endurance)

Leparis:*he selects one with good accelertion and enduance, okay handling, and medium speed*

(The race begins!)

Leparis:*despite technical confusion, Leparis is a very quick learner and easily memorizes the track and it's hazards*

Marcy: (already ahead, seems to be as quick a learner as he is)

Leparis:*grins as he quickly begins manipulating the track to his advantage*

Marcy: (drops behind him, pushes him into a hazard, and speeds ahead)

Leparis:*recovers, and as he catches up, it looks like he's about to use the same tactic*

Marcy: (swiftly moves to the side, then around the side of Leparis, putting him between her and the wall)

Leparis:*his eyes narrow in focus*

Marcy: (runs him into the wall, then speeds ahead, then drops back, slamming him back, then speeds up again)

Leparis:*right as she attempts to run him into the wall, he makes an angular turn, getting just ahead of her and clipping her front to send it into a spin*

Marcy: (goes into a spin, but uses boost at the last second to straighten out and speed way past Leparis)

Leparis:*waits until the home stretch for his boost*

(When they reach the homestretch, Marcy swerves her car in front of Leparis's just as he uses the boost, sending her car flying across the line, at the cost of almost getting totaled and loss of control.)

Leparis:Pretty good.

Marcy: Thanks.

Leparis:Well, what now?

Marcy: I'm not sure... You decide.

Leparis:*lays on his back* Hmmm...

Marcy: (lays on her back too, moving closer to Leparis)


Marcy: (rests her head on his chest, and puts her arms around him, smiles)

Leparis:*smiles and blushes*

Marcy: (sighs in contentment)

Leparis:*puts an arm around her and leans his head so it touches hers*

Marcy: Let's just lie here for a while.

Leparis:Sounds good.

Marcy: (smiles, snuggles up to him, and closes her eyes) This is nice..

Leparis:*closes his eyes* Yeah...

Marcy: Leparis?


Marcy: ...Thank you... for everything.

Leparis:Of course.

Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*tail wraps around hers*

Marcy: (smiles)


Marcy: ... (kisses his cheek, then lays her head on his chest)

Leparis:*gently lays his hand on the side of her head*

Marcy: (smiles, makes a little sigh of pleasure)

Leparis:*leans his head on hers*

Marcy: This feels...

Leparis: Wonderful...?

Marcy: (nods)

Leparis:*closes his eyes*

Marcy: (does the same)

Leparis: *slightly nuzzles her*

Marcy: (smiles, makes a small, almost undetectable moan of pleasure)


Marcy: (smiles, nuzzles his chest)


Marcy: (smiles)

Leparis:*nuzzles her*

Marcy: (curls up, snuggles right into him)


Marcy: What?

Leparis:Feels nice...

Marcy: (nods) It does...

Leparis:I love you...

Marcy: (smiles, hugs him) I love you too...


Marcy: (hugs him, then seizes up, grips her head tightly) N-ngh... my h-head...

Leparis:*Puts his hand on her head gently* What is it?

Marcy: Gah... GAAAHHH!!! P-please... L-L-Leparis.. G-g-get a-away...

Leparis:*backs away*...

Marcy: I-It's t-them... They're c-controlling m-me... (lashes out at him)

Leparis:*Catches her blow in his paw* Hmm..

Marcy: (kicks him in the chest, knocking him) N-no.. g-get out of my h-head...

Leparis:*flinches, but he's stable* That crosses the line, GUN.

Marcy: (spin-kicks him) P-please... s-stop m-me... L-Leparis... please!

Leparis:*catches her kick, then snaps her torward him, locking and immoblizing her in his arms, albeit gently*

Marcy: (struggles)

[Leparis is stronger than he looks, and Marcy makes no progress struggling]

Leparis:*narrows his eyes*

Marcy: (eventually stops) ...I... I'm under control again...

[Deltaris rushes in]

Deltaris:Wh-what's going on?



Marcy: Ngh... my head... I need to rest... (hugs Leparis, then goes into her room, shuts the door)

Leparis:*kisses her forehead as she hugs him*...*after she leaves*...Get Hyl, Trelt, and Term. We have some work to do.


(The five "Aris" leopards stand in Mobius, next to the GUN base nearest Tigeroa}

Treltaris:All the GUN in Tigeroa were elimanted. It has to be here.

Termaris:Let's torch 'em.

(Leparis hears a conversation going on down the hall. There is a voice which is obviously a G.U.N scientist, and the other person is... Marcy!)

Scientist: It was wise of you to come back, 347.

Marcy: I don't care. I had to... so I didn't hurt anyone... close to me...

Leparis:*thinking* That's the same trick they used on me....

Marcy: Do whatever you have to do. Just take this chip out first.

Scientist: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Marcy: But we had a deal!

Scientist: And I just broke it. (sound of clamps being locked into place)


Leparis:And I just broke you.

[The scientist is unconscious, having suffered a concussion to the skull, though not hard enough to be fatal]

Marcy: Leparis! What are you doing here?

Leparis:We figured it was GUN controlling you, so me and the family came. *gestures to the other four*

Marcy: You should have left me here! I could have hurt you!

Leparis:You could have. *breaks the clamps* But then again, I love you too much to do that.

Marcy: ... (sits up) ...You took the risk of being hurt... of me hurting you... to come and save me?

Leparis:*puts his hand over hers* Of course I did.

Marcy: Why? I'm a freak. A mistake. There's nothing to like about me. (looks away)

Leparis:*uses his other hand to turn her head back torward his* You are not a mistake,, or a freak. You want to know something, Marcy? There's worse...Seritak, a Felivariel almost exactly like you with wings that are always bleeding. But nobody treats him like a freak, like a mistake. and instead, he takes advantage of his abilities. And I'm not going to treat you like a freak or mistake either. Because if that were true, I wouldn;t love you. And I DO love you, enough to do anything for you.

Marcy: ...

Leparis:*affectionately kisses her cheek, then stands her up*

Marcy: ...I can't go back...


Marcy: I've still got this chip inside of me... they can control me from anywhere... it's not safe to be around me...

Leparis:Then we're going to get the chip out. *gently picks her up in his arms and walks over to Deltaris, who wordlessly picks Leparis up and flies off*

Marcy: (curls up in his arms, sobbing quietly)

Leparis:*kisses her forehead, whispering* I love you.

Marcy: (unresponsive)

Leparis:*holds her close, and lays his head under hers, trying to comfort her*

Marcy: (tightens her grip on his shoulders)

[Deltaris lands on an opening in a steep cliff, and Leparis steps in, still holding Marcy]

Marcy: (starts shaking, scared of what might come next)

(Skarlei walks up)

SkarleI:Yes, Lep?

Leparis:Got a chip in her, can you take it out?

Skarlei:Of ocurse.

Marcy: (shaking, tightens her grip on Leparis to the point where he can barely breathe)

Leparis:*he has strong lungs, and doesn't seem to be too troubled. He strokes her comfortingly*

Skarlei:*uses a small scanner to locate the chip*

Marcy: (scared out of her mind)

Leparis:*holds her close, and continues to stroke her*


Marcy: (begins to calm down)

Skarlei:*has a small blade in his hand. It glows a faint blue. he's testing it against his skin...It goes through his skin, seemingly harmlessly*


Marcy: (slowly falls asleep)

(Gotta go! See you!)

Skarlei:*uses the blade, which goes harmlessly through her skin, to remove the chip, as the blade will only affect that particular device, thanks to thte earlier scan*

Marcy: (asleep, shivers as the blade goes through her skin)

Skarlei:*removes the chip, picks it up, and goes off to tinker with it*

Leparis:*picks Marcy back up*

Marcy: (limp in his arms)

Leparis:*he and Deltaris take her back to Lep's home*

Marcy: (stirs)

(a little later, Treltaris... Deltaris' sister... walks in)

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