This will act as a text-based map for people wanting to get around in Orihara, soon, a map will be made via Paint programs.

It's split into five sections: Center, North, South, East, West, all separated by lakes with bridges over them.


Tarigari Cafe (Tah-Rig-Ar-ee)

  • A cafe run by a Russian man named Simo, he's apparently the Physically Strongest in Orihara, anyone who starts a fight in his cafe would be kicked out, the Universal Group are fond visitors, the Russian Man is in league with the nearby bar, having it attached to his cafe. Mainly what is in the Tarigari Cafe's menu is, according to Simo 'Russian Sushi', and calls the Tarigari that. Others are common Asian meals such as Terrayaki Chicken and White Rice with Sweet and Sour. They also serve soda there.

Terragin's Bar & Grill (Tehr-ahg-ins)

  • The bar attached to the Tarigari, they work with the Tarigari, a man rivaling Simo's strength runs it, but he doesn't have a name...or at least claims so, the man has a noticeably low temper. More common, American foods are served here.

Orihara Hotel (O-ree-har-ah)

  • The Universal Group make their home here at the tenth floor of this lavish, five-star hotel, their room is larger than most and is more like the size of an office/apartment. Solar can see everything that happens out the window of this apartment. Which allows him to catch many fights happening...he brought binoculars just for that reason.


At this convenient location is the Hospital, which where many people injured by fights go to. Rose was known to work here as a part-time job, though she still had worn a mask, just a different one. It is unknown if she actually did so for money, or amusement.

Ensenga Skyscraper (En-Sen-gah)

At the top most floor of this colossus is a scenic view of the whole city. Fights happen around the ground area, though, so bring a few friends if needed. One can say that during storms, the tip conducts lightning and keeps it stored just as an alternate power source for Orihara. Solar makes occasional visits towards the roof.

Fesitval Lane

Where the roleplay starts off, this Lane is considered a market and at the center, bands often play and dances often occur, Violet tends to visit this place every now and then.

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