Mantis the Hedgehog is another member of the group Akemi the Lion belongs to. He wields Naturekinesis, and is the fastest member of the group.


Mantis was born Napolean Hedgehog, to a clan in a small hedgehog tribe skilled in weaponry. Young Napolean was no exception as he could skillfully wield a dagger by the age of 5. The barbarian tribe were nomads, who constantly invaded lands and cities successfully taking them over, and them burning them to the ground. By age 19, Napolean was the leader of the tribe. He followed in his father's footsteps by conquering lands, and making a name. However unlike his father, Mantis never payed attention to rival tribes. Eventually they rose up, and killed all of Napolean's tribe. Napolean, feeling solely responsible went into a fast where he would allow himself to die for his horrible mistake. However word of his power had spread, and he was saved. A shady figure promised Napoleon redemption, and a chance for vengance. Napolean gladly accepted. He like the other members would have to undergo a difficult ceremony. Napolean drank the blood from a wise Sage Bird. He gained incredible agility and his nature like abilities enhanced. The combination earned him the nickname Mantis (Praying Mantis).


Mantis is very quite, and is a very stern character. He likes to let his actions due the talking. Mantis isn't very book-smart, and be aggressive at times, but for the most part he is silent. Mantis is quite aware of his speed and abilities, but always keeps a modest and calm demeanor. He views people who are overly aggressive or very loud to be annoying runts. Perhaps most important to Mantis is honor. He holds that close to heart, and will not go against it. Mantis can be cold and calcualting at times. Out of all of the members, Mantis is the most kind hearted (except for Vanessa though Valeria is the actual member of the group.) and can sometimes be seen as an anti-hero who doesn't seek power, but seeks to redeem himself for his mistakes.


Mantis is a Naturekinetic meaning he can control things such as flora, and terrain. The ability is closely associated with Geokinesis which is a less specific form. Mantis can use this to render himself invisible or to use the earth at his disposal. Mantis usually uses trees as weapons if he uses his ability using roots to wrap around his opponent leaving them open for attack. This proves the Mantis can perform multiple things at one time. Mantis is also very fast though it is most likely his ability to munipulate visual surroundings making him appear fast. Finally Mantis is a very skilled swordsman, and can even use clubs.


Mantis' obvious weakness is Metal. Robots and people who can use metal will more somewhat resistant to Mantis' attacks. Mantis isn't the smartest person, and can sometimes be left open for attack. Mantis' speed can completely drain his stamina at times leaving him open for short periods of time.



Akemi the Lion

Vanessa the Lynx

Julia the Hedgehog

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