This is an article about Manikku the hedgehog, a character created by Bobothemonkey321 on 05/2/2015.

"Do you remember Manic? Well Im His son!"

-Manikku telling eggMan in robotnik's nightmare

Manikku the hedgehog(Or Manikku zé hedgehoggu in jspenese)is a character by Bobo the monkey 321 studios


Manikku's appearance sometimes looks like his father manic's.He has the same hair,black spiked wristband,eyes,shoes and sometimes a fanny pack.But Manikku has a scouter and he has a guitar.


Manikku is like his uncle sonic: a fun layed back hero that goofs up from time to time. If you try to insult him or bring him down, he won't give a Sh*t for it.Hes the type of hedgehog who ALWAYS brings the awesome and luxury coming.


At Emerald coast from Sonic adventure,Manikku was born.a few weeks later, there was a whale attack there. So the family moved to station square.At age five,he became rich and famous by learning guitar like a boss.thats when he met his hero, Slash. He told Manikku to keep on doing what he's doing and he can make it worldwide.he also met his uncle the summer time,he helps the freedom fighters with egg an battles(which by the way,he has the same powers of sonic and Sonia).at fall,at The time he went to Elementary and middle school,he was bullied a lot.But in high school, He became popular at extreme gear parks,which got people to reconize him.he even appeared on ridiculousness and TMZ.he also appeared on kids,teens and extreme gear awards.they did other things like post his face on billboards and extreme gear boards.


Super speed




Spin attack

Light speed dash

Par core




Guitar player

Extreme gear expert

Martial arts expert

Hero: A Rank


Manikku fear is...(You should know this by now!) Water! He's related to sonic and that means they have a same weakness.


Dark super spine-Manikku

Manikku's strongest part of himself.he is dark purple and white.his eyes are pitch white,his power is increasing and he is unstoppable.

limit of time: 2 hours

Power level: 713837272+


speed:off the charts

moves:tornado kick, falcon punch, lightspeed dash,high speed Rush


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