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Cquote1 Don't panic, here comes Manik! Cquote2
Manik Needlemouse

Manik Needlemouse


  • 14
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Alleigance Good
  • Dark Hot Pink Fur
  • Dark Hot Pink Hair
  • Magenta
  • Gloves
  • Shoes


Nicknames and Titles
  • Dervish
"Don't Panic, here comes Manik"
  • Super Speed
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Super Peel Out
Ability Type Speed

Manik Needlemouse is a super fast furball with a thing for rings. His stories most often take place one hundred years after the events of the games.


Early Life

Manik was born to archaeologist parents. Knowing that their job was too dangerous for a child, they left him with a friend of the family, Cliff the Echidna, whenever they left for work. Manik soon took a liking to a five-year-old raccoon who lived next door to Cliff. Her name was Carly.

Recent Events

When Carly turned nineteen, she bought a house of her own, and decided to take Manik in as a dependant on her tax form. While he would still live with his parents when they were in town, he had a permanent room at Carly's house.

It wasn't long before Manik developed the speed hedgehogs are famous for, and he used it to stockpile a vast amount of rings in Carly's basement. His love for rings also found him a rival in an echidna named Mari-lu.

One day, Manik met an ancient gizoid, named Gear, and the two became fast friends. They are currently working together to find the Chaos Emeralds, with Manik only doing it for the fun.


Manik's most striking feature is his speed. While no match for Sonic, Manik's speed has made him well known in Olara , and earned him the nickname "Dervish" from Cliff. He can also curl into a spiky ball to attack his enemies or to defend himself.


Manik has a morbid phobia of heights and enclosed spaces. His answer to being too high up is to run as fast as he possibly can, until the world blurs around him and he can no longer see how high up he is. This has been known to cause him to fall from great heights, at which point he rolls into a ball and spins in order to hit the ground rolling.

Manik's answer to enclosed spaces is to flail wildly, until an opening is spotted or created, which he will then rush towards at top speed. While Manik's fears are often crippling, he's been known to fight them when something or someone important to him needs him to.


Manik is friendly and outgoing. He loves a challenge, and often will not admit to defeat, demanding a rematch. He doesn't make excuses, however, and will begrudgingly admit his flaws whenever they're laid out in front of him. He's also known to be overly trusting and optimistic, believing that even the most vile of evil-doers can be convinced of the good in everyone. Unfortunately, diplomacy is not his forte, and he will often resort to fighting in order to prove his point, regardless of whether or not fighting has anything to do with it.


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