Not to be confused with Sonic's brother, Manic the Hedgehog.

Manic the Hedgehog (Sonic's Son) is the son of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose appearing in the fanfics by Flashfire212.

Manic the Hedgehog (Sonic's Son)

Biographical Information
Age22 (as of Book Four: Insanity)
Romantic InterestsJayme Acorn
Physical Description
  • Fur: Green, w/ peach skin
  • Eyes: Blue-green
  • Denim jacket
  • Blue t-shirt w/ Forget-Me-Knots logo
  • Blue jeans
  • Silver skate shoes
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Gifted w/ bladed weapons
  • Advanced combat
  • Super-speed
  • Chaos Powers
  • Reasonably skilled with Nature abilities
  • Can absorb low levels of natural energy to create simple body parts (horns, stingers, claws, extended tail, etc)
  • Skilled bassist, guitarist & vocalist
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Manic looks a little bit like a younger version of his father, the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog, with green fur. However, unlike his father, Manic also has a toned upper body, conditioned by years wielding swords.


Again, in an attempt to distance himself from his father, Manic wears a blue t-shirt, marked with the emblem of his musical inspiration, the Forget-Me-Knots. As well as this, he wears a denim jacket and jeans, plus a set of silver skates shoes and the common white gloves.


Early Life

Manic was born in the early peace-time years, while Sonic and the other heroes of Mobius languished in their new homes. Born just before his twin sister, Sonia, the twins were heralded as future heroes of Mobius, leaders of the next generation of Freedom Fighters against the next threat, whatever or whoever it would be. Later that year, Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su welcomed their own child, Lara-Su, to a similar fanfare. Indeed, as they grew up, Knuckles and Julie moved to New Mobotropolis, so Lara could have a life with other people around. Two years later, each family was joined by another child - a boy for the echidnas, a girl for the hedgehogs. Again, the world swelled with pride, while Manic simply found himself surrounded by girls. Even so, his father became his mentor and guide, and with Sonic guiding him, Manic began to learn to use his super-speed.

Teenaged Years

Soon after his thirteenth birthday, Sonic presented his son with a sword, and not just any sword. The fact that his father was intrusting him with Excalibur, a sword of intense power, was enough to drive Manic to idolize his father. With lessons, Sonic began to shape his son into a capable swordsman, despite his youth. Along with that, Manic also began lessons in music, learning how to play guitar, bass and sing. Over the years, he became a squire to a Knight of the Acorn Kingdom, furthering his skills in most areas. However, by his eighteenth birthday, both his younger sister and her boyfriend, along with the eldest child of Miles "Tails" Prower and Cream the Rabbit, vanished in the aftermath of a schoolyard fight. At that point, as with most of the others, Manic increased his training to a point where his strength was growing closer to peaking, in order to be ready to help in case they returned in trouble.

Jacob's Legion

During the war against Jacob's Legion, in defense of the near-fatally poisoned Will, Manic played a relatively minor role, using Excalibur in defense of New Mobotropolis, and later on replacing a member of Will's tutor group while the young echidna relearned how to fight and use his powers after the implantation of his Inhibitor Gates. This is theorized to be because of Manic's training as a knight roughly entering completion around that time, as he was knighted soon after.

Moebian Invasion

During the Moebian Invasion, Manic was one of the members of the Moebius Infiltration Team, led by Shadow. During the brief brawl with Will in his Dark form, boosted by his Overdrive power increase, Manic attempted to cut through the thick energy aura around the echidna, to no true effect. When empowered with Chaos Energy, Manic simply posed with Excalibur, using a shield of Chaos flame to create the impression of a knight, despite the lack of armor at the time. During the precursor to the fight, it was admitted by both Sonic and Shadow that they were taking a risk bringing Manic, as he was untrained in diminishing his presence in the Chaos Force. However, the presence that informed Scourge was actually Sonic, flickering into his Hyper form. Scourge then transformed into his Prime form, avoiding a team attack from all the fighters simply by dodging.

When Scourge set about with his "divide and conquer" strategy, Manic was the second to fall, taking a Flare Burner while in his Excalibur armored form, the sheer heat on the metallic form causing him to pass out. He came around soon after Scourge's defeat, and returned to Mobius for recuperation. During the two years between the invasion and his sister's wedding, Manic also sought to learn his Chaos Energy affinity, the element he was tied to. This turned out to be Nature, and as such, Manic began to study what he could do with Natural powers, alongside the Chaos and elementless techniques he mastered to become a knight.


As one of Will's best men at his sister's wedding, Manic was present at the reception, and bore witness to Shadow's rather public meltdown, and was present subsequently for the war meetings on how to deal with the resurgent Troll forces, the refreshed Jacob's legion and Shadow's defection to a coalition of Troll, mercenary, and former Dark Legion soldiers. At the time, he had started seeing the Princess of the Drakon Kingdom, Jayme Acorn, and when the Col'nesian mercenaries known as Project Terra invaded and took control of the Drakon Kingdom, it was Manic who led a volunteer team in to try to reclaim the kingdom, only for the Col'nesians to quickly betray the coalition they were part of when they didn't get paid. However, his time in the Drakon Kingdom brought Manic and Jayme closer than ever, and so he proposed before the end of the year.


Manic, due to his position off on a romantic getaway in the Drakon Kingdom with his fiance, was away from New Mobotropolis throughout his sister's possessed rampage, although the couple quickly returned to the city to serve as members of the Freedom Fighters Mk. II, a fact that was proven unneeded with Maddy's defeat and the ancient Demon, a being known as Rageik, banished from Mobius by Will.


Once again, Scourge returned on a rampage, this time possessed by Rageik who simply provided the Moebian with the power he sought to get his revenge on those in Mobius, not including the ones already mutilated and injured during Rageik's rampage in the body of Maddy. Once again, Manic was not on the list, but he did serve on the second Moebian Infiltration Team, meeting up with the relatively new Moebian Liberation Army. He was one of the beings to provide both Will and Striker with some of his energy, in order to allow both to transform to their TrueChaos and ShatteredChaos forms, respectively, then fuse into Ultima. After that point, Manic simply stayed out of the fight, letting Scourge and the fusion duke it out. However, he was one of the most vocal opponents to Will sealing Rageik within himself, stating that there had to be a better way.

Information from part-way through Book Four: Insanity onwards is currently in the progress of being written, and may not be completely correct.


Manic's greatest power is the most obvious, his speed. While not quite as fast as his father, Manic backs up his almost insane speed and reflexes with combat training received from a young age, namely in unarmed and swords-based combat. However, he hasn't quite mastered his father's slow-motion vision, creating the weakness while moving at high speed of motion-blindness.

However, in direct weapons-based combat, Manic is more than his father's match. Gifted the blade Excalibur by his father, Manic found two more blades in the course of his adventures, the Black Crescent and the Gold Vapor. All three ancient blades are capable of summoning armor around his person, with each blade a different style and requiring a different form of swords-based combat each. However, Manic has gradually grown used to these blades, and can even combine their forms by transforming into the weapon forms while dual-wielding. This creates an unpredictable element to his fighting style, especially in conduction with his rough understanding of Chaos powers, and his later command of Nature, his Chaos-Elemental Affinity. Of the three blades, Excalibur and the Gold Vapor are both known quantities - Excalibur is a standard longsword imbued with powerful Light energy, while the Gold Vapor is a jian which absorbs energy in combat to use to buff and heal allies, a form of Starsword.

As mentioned above, Manic has rough knowledge of basic Chaos techniques, such as Chaos Control, the same as his father. However, like his siblings, Manic has also inherited massive amounts of Chaos Energy within his body, although not at the same level as artificial immersion through exposure to the Master Emerald. Due to this, Manic has unlocked a specific elemental affinity, one of Nature, which he has put effort in towards mastering, and indeed has reached a reasonably advanced level with it. By standing motionless, Manic can absorb natural energy temporarily, however, unlike a Sage and their transformation through this energy, Manic uses it to form relatively simplistic body parts, such as horns, claws, stingers, etc, as well as extending his tail to roughly the same length as a cat. However, forming items such as wings, extra limbs, etc, are currently out of his potential.

Due to his focus on close-range combat and Nature, ranged attacks from the elements of Fire, Wind and Ice can cause his body extreme damage, while in close-range, a weapon such as a lance or spear is a threat to him, considering the extra reach and power a lance offers over a sword.

Nature Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Signature Technique

  • Twin Running Blade - Manic holds a sword in each hand, and pumps both blades with a mixture of Chaos Energy and Natural energy, forming a green aura around each blade. Once the blades are fully charged, Manic shifts to a supersonic dash, repeatedly dashing past his opponent and slashing with both blades on each pass. Normally, he uses four dashes, before finishing with a X-shaped slash while stopping on the stunned target.

Forms & Fusions


Dark Knight Manic

Paladin Manic


Manic is a pretty relaxed young adult, with a free-spirited personality similar to his father. He is dedicated to the way of the blade that he has been living, a knight of both the Drakon Kingdom and the Acorn Kingdom. However, he is also extremely protective of his family and friends, often stepping in to help out or protect anyone whom he feels needs it. As wielder of three legendary blades, Manic is famed for his swords skill, although he remains humble towards anyone who comments. Even so, if someone challenges him for a blade, he is never afraid to use all of his skill against the opponent.