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Manhunter the Foxret is the second-in-command and rumored next leader of the Stellar Wind; a mercenary organization that specializes in inter-dimensional and interstellar missions. Highly skilled as a commander, and formerly as a pilot befitting his name, Manhunter is at his most comfortable in space.

Manhunter the Foxret

Biographical Information
  • Marcus the Foxret - birth name
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Fox-Ferret hybrid
  • Fur: Black, with white & grey fur on his belly, muzzle & ears
  • Eyes: Red-orange
  • Prosthetic right hand from mid-upper arm down
  • Silver-grey military watch cap
  • Silver-grey military-cut jacket
  • Black cape held in place with a silver starburst emblem on his right shoulder
  • Black belt
  • Black fingerless glove worn on left arm
  • Silver-grey military-cut slacks
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled commander
  • Highly skilled pilot (formerly)
  • Accomplished with three elemental powers; Water, Poison and Fire
  • Fairly practiced with close-quarters combat
  • Basic telekinetic strength
VehicleCommands the unique cruiser Shining Gust
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Despite his experiences in space; Manhunter still bears the youthful face of the boy his family called Marcus. Despite his glossy black fur, his smile is infectious and broad; his time in command and his war wounds not dampening his sense of humor or love of space. His muzzle fur is prematurely greying at the edges, though the fur on his belly and in his ears is still mostly white, while his tail is long and smooth-furred as befitting his ferret heritage.

Manhunter's eyes are a warm red-orange that seems to snap to focus in an instant, always keenly watching the environment around himself.

Aside for his smile; the most striking feature of Manhunter's appearance is his cybernetic arm. Unpainted and gunmetal grey in color; with white lights flickering across the back of his hand on occasion, his right hand moves somewhat sluggishly in most situations, with any attempts to fine-tune his fist typically failing.


After his injuries forced him out of the cockpit and onto the bridge of the Shining Gust; Manhunter put himself through a rather extensive wardrobe change to suit. Gone were the silver bodysuits and helmets that the fighter pilots of their forces wore; and in their place came an over-the-top stereotype of an officer's uniform. Based off of the uniform worn by a number of overly ostentatious members of G.U.N.'s Third Interstellar Fleet; Manhunter wears a highly tailored silver-grey jacket and slacks in a military style, with a watch cap of the same color perched atop his head between his ears. His organic hand bears a black fingerless glove, while a black cape is slung over his shoulders with the goal of "making me look fancy" in his own words, especially with the shining silver sunburst pin holding it in place over his right shoulder.

While being casual with his crew; Manhunter normally loses the jacket and cape, preferring the comfort of a simple loose white shirt and his normal slacks.



In the past ten years, Manhunter had worked up a reputation as a highly skilled fighter pilot and an effective warrior on foot; depending on what the missions required of him. Wielding a mixture of three elemental powers and possessing basic telekinesis, on top of quick reflexes and rapid tactical thought paths that let him anticipate his opponent, his reputation excelled as a hunter and fighter ace, earning him the new name of Manhunter from his commanding officer.

However, a year before the current point in time, Manhunter's luck finally ran dry while fighting in another world; with a hostile soldier managing to shoot him in the right arm repeatedly before collapsing to a fireball that the fox hybrid had launched at him. These wounds cost him his arm, and the prosthetic he was fitted with proved unable to move at the speeds his organic arm was capable of. To make up for this new drastic weakness, and the loss of his ability to pilot a fighter that came with it; he was promoted to serve as the captain of the mercenary group's largest warship; the Shining Gust. While he has a fairly flamboyant style, Manhunter has a good rapport with the crew, from the 250 active crewmen to the 100 gunners and the fighter pilots that rotate through. While he misses his old days as a fighter pilot; he enjoys his new role.

As far as his own personal combat skills are concerned since the loss of his arm, Manhunter has lost his edge in a few ways. Due to the slower movement of his right arm, his combat reflexes are toned down rather drastically, to the point where his main role in the case of hostile contact is to try to disable and defend until his allies reach him. His long tail does assist him in this respect, as he often will use it to bind targets while targeting them with poison or fire in ways to disable rather than actively push the harm forward. There is a small dagger blade inset into his cybernetic arm, but he rarely employs it.

Fire Abilities

Water Abilities

Poison Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities


The Shining Gust is a one-of-a-kind bulk cruiser; built by technicians aboard the Space Station ARK at the request of the previous leaders of the Stellar Wind mercenary group. Designed to function as both a flying base, supply depot and military flagship; the ship was built on the skeleton of an old Egg Whale; though extended and bulked up. Interestingly; rather than purchasing separate systems for long-range interstellar travel and inter-dimensional transitions, they chose to mount an experimental combined space/dimensional transport drive to the Shining Gust. This decision has been known to leave the ship stranded for weeks at a time after a jump; as it is noted to be rather unreliable.






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